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“Moon the casual series with heavy emphasis on farming. The theories holds a very special special place in many of our hearts. And that is why we are huge fans them but in this video. We re going to be looking at the top five harvest moon games of all time so here.

We go harvest moon back to nature came out in december 16. 1999. In japan. But in north america.

Came out in november 22nd of 2000. Almost a year later because this kim came out after harvest moon 64. It is well known that this game used identical character models to harvest moon 64. However the reason why this game is really well love is for numerous reasons for one it fits well in the norm of what people expect of harvest moon game to be because compared to many of them you were harvest moon games.

This one is more simplistic get the game play skill fairly there for example. It s very basic in terms of growing crops. Raising animals. And also befriending people as well as getting married.

But the game is also known for having a very very fast paced nature. Which really makes it well loved. The basis of the story is as follows at the young board. The main character went to his grandfather s farm for the summer.

His grandfather was too busy taking care of the farm to spend much time with him. So. The boy explored the town and countryside on his own 10 years. Later.

However years after his grandfather s death. The blowing ala going man returns to the town to take over the flan and thus. The character takes control another really well of aspect of a game. If the facts are numerous festivals and a really really high month of social life.

For example. The player can participate in any number of activities such as betting on horse races dating and taking part in festivals. Through time you will befriend people and you will eventually get married. One thing.

That is really well known is that this game is only playable as a boy. However eventually for the psp. A girl version was released which we call harvest moon boleyn girl and overall the game was really well one you harvest moon magical melody came out in november 10th. 2005.

For japan..

However in north america. It came out in march 28th. 2006. About half a year later the game.

Did eventually get released for the wii. Years later in august 25th of 2009. However this exact version the game gods allowed to mix tribute for several reasons for when the controls are a bit odd. But the second thing was respect that they completely removed the option to play as a girl now placing it of number 4 of all time completely dismisses.

The fact that it came out for the week. Even though ironically the games let you see on screen eight for the week. But it s the gamecube version that got the praise after all overall magical melody is really well known for having so much to do in the game. So.

Much for one. There are 100 notes you must collect even though you only need 52. Technically. It s a game a 100 note completion is the 100 completion equivalent of this game.

Getting all 100 notes does require a significant month time. But that s the fun of the game. Because there s so much to do the goal of the game is just like most harvest moons girl crops raised animals befriend town spoke and eventually get married and have family however while you re doing that it s also important to be collecting all 100 notes. Because the more notes you get the more progression get towards the story.

The story is rather simple the harvest goddess has been turned to stone because people don t love anymore. However. While collecting notes you will eventually be able to free the harvest goddess. Now you are competing with jamie.

The rival of the town overall. It s not difficult to defeat jamie in terms of rivalry. But it is difficult to obtain all know the game is also well known for being one of the first games in the history of the series two intruders move in as well as move out basically once we meet certain criteria specific people are able to move into the town. However by neglecting them.

They will be able to move out of the town which you don t want to do in terms of gameplay and the game is known for being a little bit sluggish compared to previous games. But at the same time it does feel a little bit more realistic this fight. De character is looking like bobblehead. But overall the games are still very fun.

Which is why it s really well loved that s magical melody. A really well loved tentacle harvest moon game you music harvest moon friends of mineral town was released in april 18. 2003. In japan and north america accumulated november 17th of the same year.

So not much..

Later. Overall. The game is known for being an enhanced remake of harvest moon back to nature also put the quotations on enhance because when going from playstation in advance is it really enhanced or not either way. Though.

It is a remake of harvest moon back to nature because it s a remake of harvesting back to nature. The story is identical to the creator s game in which the character visited the farm as a kid. But eventually ten years later the kid. Which is now a little bit more grown up returns to the farm and now takes over the farm just like back to nature.

The gameplay is very quote typical of a harvest moon game in which you grow crops raise animals and also befriended town and well get married eventually. However when pointing out the differences between back tomato and this one. Well you can say that this game is a little bit more fast paid. Usually speaking more fast paced or balloon games are more well loved.

Which is the biggest reason why harvest moon 64. Is also well love which we ll get to in a bit later. But as you can also see the graphics also add very cute like it s interesting when going online and seeing what is the most cute like harvest moon game. Many people actually vote mineral town to be the most cute like harvest moon game because of the way it looks.

The scheme is also well known for offering connectivity with the nintendo gamecube game called harvest moon. A wonderful life which i ll get to in just a little bit. But overall. This can was really well loved because of the reasons.

I mentioned before the very very fun and fast paced gameplay the cute music the cute graphics and a very high amount of socialite. So this game will be one for the ages music. You harvest moon. A wonderful life is still known to this day.

As one of the most unique harvest moon games of all time for numerous reasons first of all the game came out of nintendo gamecube in september 12. 2003 in japan and in march 16. 2004 in north america. Now this game did have two additional versions later release.

The first one being another wonderful life. Which is a sense with a girl version. But it s also the game key the second version. It s harvest moon.

A wonderful life special edition for the playstation. 2. Keep in mind that this number 2. Placing its specifically only for a wonderful eye for the gamecube.

So like i was saying a wonderful life is one of the most unique of the kingdoms of all time the biggest reason..

Why is because this game. Does not follow a typical partisan gameplay now i know what you re going to say aren t you contradicting yourself. Because the skin is not a typical harvest moon gameplay well this comes. The exception due to a couple reasons for one it has a really big following people actually really love the game as well as online.

You can see many many threads detailing information about why this game is still genuinely loved there is a lot of differences. But here s a couple suffer. 1 cows will only give milk for approximately 40 days after giving birth and once they start to be milled. You actually have to get the cow pregnant again by purchasing a bowl or having a bowl from another farm in permanent account.

In other words. It s to track real life whereas pretty much any other harvest moon game houston is milled infinitely once they grow up. Which is very quote fake. If this game crops can only be planted watered and harvested one square at a time as far as time goes well one really big thing.

The harvest moon is known for as you re having time stopped. When you are inside a building. A wonderful life defeats that norm instead. When you re inside a building time continues to pass second by second on screen and that second by second on screen applies in general and does keep passing second by second and it does not pass too fast unlike most other harbison games.

Another thing you know when you sleep in a harbor. Communion how you always wake. Up at 6 00 am not in this game not in this game. Unless you get an alarm clock.

Which is actually very hard to obtain once you have an alarm time you can then set the time to whatever you want. But in general you will not be able to always automatically wake up at 6 00 am. That s another different a platform. All of a uniqueness of this game that was really well praised the game also runs very very smoothly in its game engine now compared to the ps2 version this game is a lot smoother as far as animals go well you can get a horse you can get cows you can get your dog your cat sheep goat chickens and ducks really nice right for us crops go there s a lot and it s awesome fruit tree this game was one of the first that introduced fruit trees or just fruits in general being harvesting.

So overall. The game was well one music punishment for committin february 5th. Of 1999 in japan and in december. 22nd.

1999 in north. America overall. The scheme was a huge step up compared to other cleavage uprooting overall hartigan. 5000 is only the third harvest moon game relief after harvest moon for the super nintendo and harvest moon game bowling tour.

The dwell in boy as you can see this can have identical character models to hover tuned back to major but because this game to not be forced practically back to major use the same length at 54. Not the other way around harvest moon. 64. Is very well known for being super fast paced and let me tell you it is super fast paced first of all time passes incredibly fast detector moves.

Very fast people move fast..

Everything is very very fast paced and just by playing it for about 10 minutes. Will kind of get you an idea of how fast paced game is because of the fast pace. It s also well known for being one of the hardest products moon games to well 100. 100 means that you have to get the perfect ending after three years the game requires you to complete specific searching criteria like certain time which is almost impossible it involves a lot of resetting a lot of this in that but overall people didn t enjoyed the game for its perfection.

Too many completionist they enjoyed it for its rich and fast paced nature. The biggest reason why it was loved is because well you just feel like there s always something to do in other harvest moon games after a while you realize hmm. What s next what to do next. And how 1564 do never feel that way because there s always something to do but overall.

The game was well known for revolutionising. The farm simulator genre. Which by mentioning it really wasn t that many so this game was a huge milestone for the genre. But overall.

If you look at the reception of all harvest minions you locate a harvest moon. 64. Is one of the highest is not the highest rated game. But that s it have public music before like i said.

I kind of gained revolutionising game. And yes pretty amazing so that was the top 5 harvest moon games of all time. Hopefully you enjoyed the video and keep in mind that that was all them all the way back from the super nintendo harvest moon all the way until story of seasons trio of towns the most recent game release. There were plenty of games that i almost wish that could make into the list.

But unfortunately. Dudes is not enough space so anyway. Tell me what you think is your dream. Do you disagree.

If your favorite. How are you getting on here. If it s nods leave a comment and let me know. Which one should i make other similar videos in the future maybe the top 5.

Most hated harvest moon games or top 5 worst harvest moon games you know i don t know leave a comment. Leave a suggestion so hopefully you enjoyed the video and like i said before if you did please like comment and do not forget to subscribe. So i will see you all in my next video a bye. Everyone have a great day music.

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