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“What s going on guys nights here bringing you a mort. How class guide video. Video. And the purpose of this video is not only to show you different builds layouts.

But i m hoping it ll help you guys open your eyes to new play styles. New class setups. And how to layout your your interface. So that s actually what i m going to touch on first and that is how to properly organize your mercenary interface list my main recommendation so if you show the defaults here see how their names are all kind of minimal and unique.

I don t think you can continue this i mean you can if you re gonna have you know less than less than 5 or 6 classes. But anything more than that it gets confusing and you start to lose track of what classes you like better. What classes are just for memes and things like that so i want you to quickly first see how i have it laid out. I always mentioned the armor structure on the right side.

The dominant perk. If there is one and whatever the main weapon is first off. I have half dozen or so bloodlust classes followed by my duelist classes followed by a couple of miscellaneous classes and then finally max on their build classes and some max armor hybrids and some archer classes so you guys can lay it out however you want. But i d recommend keeping it organized so whatever organization works best for you i recommend you stick by that and don t don t let it get messy that s all i can say so first off i m gonna dive into my one of my favorite classes.

Which is a longsword loss two three one build and some top players would disagree with me here and say that long swords damage output is not high enough to be feasible with bloodlust and i see what they mean by that because if you re playing frontline and you re fighting a guy and you re totally out playing him you hit him twice and he s about to die. Sometimes you wish you had a weapon that which is one shot him because next thing you know you have a four view one on your hands. And sometimes you ll win those four of you ones. And that s what s nice about the longsword is if you have good spinnable movements and get drags you can pull some cool things off definitely a very consistent class and you know the only thing.

I can say is try to avoid rushing into big hordes of people whereas like mall. Or something like that would be sort of an ideal place tile. Sometimes so be cautious of getting into more than one be one situations and definitely give this class a shot it s probably my number one go to class. So next.


I m gonna be kind of moving quicker here now that you understand the armor layout. 231 these were these first three or five point weapons. So next. I have the war axe now this is good for taiga or mountain peak kind of smaller maps.

Where you have a little less room to maneuver and and again this one this this one shots anyone wearing level one or no head armor. So it s just an insanely good weapon to use with blood loss. I think that s undeniable and again i ve structured the armor the same with closer range weapons. It s very important that you have at least a level to helm in most cases.

So that s that s another piece of advice. I can say is if you re gonna be getting close make sure you have level 2 or level. 3. Head armor next.

I have the messer. Another five point weapon and this is better for slashing super good weapon for bloodlust. It s definitely feasible and with this armor build it can be unstoppable at times. So definitely check it out you guys i highly recommend this to three one build with bloodlust and and your five point weapon next is a six point weapon.

I just sacrificed a leg armor so it s a little higher risk little higher reward. But it can definitely be a strong class as well next. I have the great sword two to zero. Again another this is actually a 7 point weapon.

I believe yeah seven point weapon. And yeah. I sacrificed a leg armor. I put your upper body s fairly solid still so yeah.


It s it s not necessarily an ideal weapon to be using with blood loss. But it can still you can pull some really cool things off with it and it s it s a good class to have in your inventory next. I have the mall. 2 to zero blood lust and the executioner 2 to zero blood lust.

And i think these are kind of your to mainstream mainstream builds that synergize are really well with with blood lust. So yeah. I definitely have a look into those classes next. I have the evening star as 8 point weapon.

It s a 1 to 0 build again very high risk. Very high reward you have really good footwork and can avoid getting hit in most circumstances. Then this is a really good class for you same with the is why hander zero one zero build light armor. But you have a really high damage output weapon so high risk high reward.

But you could still have some really high frag games. So i highly recommend checking those two out next. I have my dual classes sw stands for a second wind and dual a second one longsword three three threes just max armor second wind. If you don t know what it is it gives you 3x of stamina on each hit.

So this is one of the only perks that benefits actual duels aside from possibly. Acrobat or dodge feel free leave me any comments below. If you have anything else you d like to use during duels. But yeah.

It s one of the main perks. I recommend for dueling here s the same class. But i took one leg armor off and gave him a cleaver so in case i get out stamped. I have that backup weapon.


So it really depends on who you re going against if you re fighting good players. And you re getting out stamped consistently. I would recommend this class or if you re like popping on the dual lobby. Then you recommend this class next.

I have kind of miscellaneous classes. Here this is a second one foul on buckler three three two or three two i m sorry i recommend having a heavy armor on your helmet just because your your sword is shorter here so you re gonna have to be in a lot closer range at times. And you re gonna take some heavy hits to the head and some players might get frustrated about not being able to hit your torso. Because of the buckler so they re gonna go for your legs.

And your head. So that s why i ve kind of beefed up the leg and head armor in this in this scenario next. I have dodge buckler fashi on two to one and i believe he has a bandage as well so i m gonna add that into the title. But um.

This is a good class. I m not much of a dodge player. But i made this for all you dodge fanboys out there. So you don t get salty at me and comments saying.

Oh. My nice dodge is actually build well yeah. It s not bad. But it s just not necessarily my playstyle next.

I have the armors. Why all these armor classes are max armor for whatever weapon. That comes with it so. The 10 points.


Why comes with a 231 build again. I love this build love this layout solid solid build for just hi frag games halbert. 11 point weapon. So i took one point off the chest.

But again very well rounded class. Very well rounded build next the max armored great sword. Really good for beginners and learning the ropes of sword fighting next. I have the evening stars at 3 31.

With a bandage and armored battle axe. 3 or 3 with a bandage. So these guys are super good for frontline and surviving very long times and now taking your engagements. Very selectively next.

We have a archer hybrid. He s got a felon with a recurve and heavy armor in case. I get rolled up on next is a archer with fairly light armor and a longbow and an axe so there s other ways to layout armor billets. I mean the default huntsman class is fine.

But i m not much of an archer player. And finally. We have this this beautiful this beautiful man here and this is i used him for duel servers. If they re getting a little out of hand and people are being rowdy and not keeping things orderly he comes in steps in and breaks up the fights and make sure they re they re clean and and they re done correctly i recommend having two bandages on you it s very nice of you to be able to give whoever wins the duel their health back instantly and keep the fights going it keeps it interesting people appreciate you as being a referee more if you re giving them health.

So i really hope this video helped you guys out. I plan a lot more and more how content coming up here in the next few weeks and i hope to see you guys out on that battlefield peace music ” ..

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Hey guys super stoked to make this video. Hopefully it is useful. I am planning on making highlights and other tips and tricks videos. here is my steam link if you would like to play some time. Up and coming discord server for pubs/duels/comp looking for new members always! Don t be a stranger. Cheers!


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