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“Evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the channel. Today. We re gonna do do something special as you guys probably seen in the thumbnail today. We re gonna at some cheats for total war medieval so i loaded up big game that i started a while ago and never finished we re gonna mess with this game and see what these cheats can do for us so first things first first you don t want to show you guys okay.

How do you use the cheats. Under your exit key next to your one. You press. That thing.

And this console will open first one toggle underscore full of war. If iw and there we go we can see the entire map now fog of war. We can see rebels all these are absolutely everything this is interesting. And if you guys didn t know on the far left side.

There is a hidden secret part of the game. Little a stick in part that you can go conquer kind of cool right see so that s the first one next year. We re gonna look at is what is the strategy game without them one err. Ad underscore why slice 40000.

So maximum you can give yourself what you can t do repeatedly like this stuff stinking. Rich cool take it safe to say with the richest empire in the land at the moment next one when you build those pesky buildings and take so damn long to finish like these for example. One turn four turns four turns let s add some more buildings now this is gonna take product. We need clusters unless you use this ski first this cq is a if the end that s the name of the town or settlement.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Dun dun dun.

Dun dun. All those buildings built in an instant. I ll just close out all these damn messages cool. She got that one next one.

We re gonna look at is caliphate let s just go down here down here..

We might need them so you just freakin. Oh. There s some mongolians mongolians are causing some shit down. Here.

There s a good thing. We might need some support let s see aleksandra is gonna be the place. We need some me mattress let s go rogen yes yeah we got some elephants for free isn t that amazing now if an elephant isn t good enough for you and you d like to step up your war game. You might want to go with this one rogen now.

I ve got elephant with you just freakin cannon on it isn t that amazing. But its cannons aren t your thing and you d like to take this to the next level you want to go vindaloo vi. In the al below. I think yes and now we ve got one with rockets elephant with rockets that have that this happened finally to complete our army.

We want to get some mercenary rockets. Why not use tim houston. We have a liftoff let s get a few more does and now we ve got an army you re not to be fucked with right there don t really join up that s fine that s fine. It s fine hell yeah.

Now you ve got the militia power. You ve got the economy. She s got the access to intel. You know exactly what everyone is and what they are doing now.

It might be time to get it those pesky generals of our some some skills like let them list this crappy you guys know what i mean you guys know so let s take this general fridges. What does this guy go. It s got a for command. One trader pretty and oil pretty pious.

But um maybe we can do better maybe we can make this guy the ultimate ultimate medieval general so what s the first trade we re gonna get we re gonna talk in give underscore rights to this the general because we have you selected very important you haven t selected. Oh. What are we gonna give him let s give him lowell loyal space sweet and now. It should have gotten did loyalty try to very loyal oh yeah.

Nice let s see what s the next one..

We re gonna get let s give him right. It s got a bright face. I believe oh brad doesn t work. Why doesn t it work.

Ah. It would help if i spell it correctly right beat rav in 3d. We go all the sudden he put added some stuff let s go back down very loyal and courageous. 3 to morale and this this guy s shaping up to be pretty good cleaner.

But we re not there yet. We re not there yet all the way we can do better. We can do that give try to this that s given intelligence. Three baby comes.

Addison intelligence is a genius apparently this guy s a freaking genius. Amazing. That s just what we want on our frontline shed. There s so much more we can do let s let s keep going boys let s keep going let s make the scribe.

Absolutely brilliant. Let s make him a good attacker good fucker little father and now is it a heroic attacker. Even got a message to this on five come on beautiful what up let s make him pay dude mmm right good defender five. There we go the defender.

What does this give us level five. Absolutely beautiful absolutely beautiful um. Let s see if we give him this one haven t tried this one it doesn t look all the cheats of fun on the web does not work energetic level three supposed to get more movement points. Now let s see obviously can t move but uh jeez max.

You see this see this very beautiful look it s not repeatable. I guess. It s just in general you can move further oh fuck now it s alone first point enemies. But i guess let s no it s not a problem oh we got mother s excuse um elephants war efforts rogen cannon elephants just fun if you don t want to go that far overboard you don t want it you re not completely rofl stopped the the competition this thing.

Else you can do let s find a settlement..

It s got some rooms this place is heavily stacked cuz. I m at war with egypt and the plan is to take over this whole region. Blah blah blah blah blah. So what we gonna do vienna.

Create. Underscore unit. Is it first a settlement. Yeah.

I think so yeah bracket floor. Five please. No it is how did i miss that a part of myself let s see they should that took a long ass time. I figured out now how you do it you want to open your chitti singing.

I m gonna type in create unit unit in the settlement name first alexandria their space astrix and the name of the unit. Then how many and one five with which experience said level five is fine armour three and weapon three there we go done and dusted sorted knights templar in the bag another one that s really nice is that s it dang as hell voice. Thank as hell. There we go now.

This is not really part of tutorial. This is more for my interests sake. I d love to see what these elephants can do so. Let s let s do this boys.

No no no the man i want to see you check out a couple of elements in the field against these people are illegals who the fuck they off the time we start the deployment immediately place. My rockets doesn t look like much compared to these beasts look at these things look at their ass its fat man that s a system. It s a fan only but did you guys they start battle there s the enemy forces are fucking you guys shoot probably not that far i will see they re coming in big time. That s cool.

Oh fuck. It s watch them get obliterated as they come in ooh devastation. The devastation is real boys you ve got cannons. You don t have anything so you guys should just stand about yes.


This is this is over boy. This is so freakin. I don t even have to do anything i just sit here first forward as i come in mow them down oh. It s painful to watch wavering.

I would have run off by now god damn boy. His shits on fire. I ve made it close to me shaken wavering. I can t imagine they re gonna hold out against this so the guys right in front of your voice.

I mean damn we lost seven men they lost 200 epic epic epic every let s be secure than that why not we ll be that guy yeah. So that s basically become a recovered money believe the map how to get these dank ass elephants on your side how to give some traits to your generals one last thing that we did not try i don t even know if it works him. But let s see the see frank fellow. He is good population nineteen thousand two hundred and fifty two people let s try and add their population then the settlements.

Frank. We want to give them did. He work 19200. Oh yes.

It worked beautiful. So i wonder what the max is yeah. Let s try ten thousand. But that s a thousand we need ten thousand to twenty one came up to 25k oh so sweet so sweet so sweet so sweet rockets.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it if you guys would like to see me do a campaign where we don t take any regions. We built one army and we try to destroy everybody with that one army let me know leave a comment in the comment section. Remember to like them sub see you guys next time. Thank you very much for watching peace.

” ..

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