UPDATED Huntress Character Guide (Risk of Rain 2)

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“Everybody and welcome to my updated hunters character guide the opening to the old guide guide was a joke about sticky bombs and hunters being a girl. But i decided exclude such nonsense from my videos in the present day and rather move forward in a strictly professional manner. I hope you all can understand alright. So we ll begin the video covering things such a wait hold on you re gonna call hold on my apologies.

Let s see who it is here. Oh what s this hello alright. But seriously the info. I provided in my original hunter s guide is a little outdated because as most of you should know by now our lord and savior your stinky bomb has since fallen from grace and is no longer.

The king right now guillotine is taking the throne. But will also be soon overthrown when it is changed to a green in the next update. Anyway. Old guide said stack sticky bombs and win.

Which is no longer. The case. So let s get into how you now get some solid runs in on the hunters. We ll start with the general overview of her skills and playstyle followed up by some great items synergies with her kit.

If you new to the game. Or just haven t played hunters. Very much yet the one thing you should know right off the bat is that she is extremely mobile. Her m1 can be used while sprinting.

Which means the only time you are not moving as fast as possible is when you re casting either m2 or r. Her shift is also the best mobility skill in the game and is essentially a short range teleport that happens after a tiny delay. The delay is very short meaning. The blink is practically instant and is a valuable tool for escaping threats or simply traversing.

The map. While you can and should be firing m1. Pretty much all the time your m2 is where most of your overall damage comes from every time it hits an enemy. The glaive will bounce to a new target up to six times total and every bounce deals increased damage meaning.

So long as you are fighting at least two enemies. The glaive will deal a massive amount of damage overall her r requires you to place a circular target in an area that is then bombarded with arrows for a few seconds each tick of the skill has a chance albe it low chance to proc your own hits with a point to prot coefficient couple. It s proc coefficient with the low damage numbers per hit and the overall damage of rr isn t too high especially when compared to into the general combat rotation for hunters is throw em to use your r hold in one and use shift..


Whenever you need to dodge something that s pretty much it your m2 is where the majority of your damage comes from so. Think of your m1 and r. As tertiary and only use them. When m2 isn t up as soon as it s off cooldown.

Though make sure you get that bad boy out as soon as possible speaking to her mobility. Her r will push you up in the air by an amount when first activated and you will continue to hover in the air until you have confirmed where its area will be so you can use it to traverse vertical heights. That you otherwise couldn t reach. It s also a useful tool to dodge things such as golem beams.

And it overloads at the last second another good thing to know is that this also completely stops your downward momentum so if you re about to take fall damage use either r or m2. At the last second and obviously shift as well. And that will kill your momentum and cause no fall damage do note. However that doing this trick with m2 requires an enemy to be in range for your clay to be thrown.

So it s not a guaranteed method. The others are however all in all make sure that you are always moving in even more importantly sprinting with the huntress because aside from the small cast times with r. And m2. There is nothing that cancels your sprint.

It s free mobility and in turn is free survivability use your shift to dodge threats and or get around the map quickly use m2 and r to stall your momentum if needed and otherwise just throw out your skills whenever possible and hold m1 for the rest of the time. Let s talk about some great items synergies with her if you haven t caught on by now hunters is pretty fast. So things that make it go even faster are pretty good goat. Hooves and energy drinks are your go to mobility items.

And in most cases. The energy drinks bonus should be up always due to sprinting so i actually value the drink higher than the hoof. The biggest downside to the huntress is that she has the lowest hp out of all of the survivors sitting at a measly 90 hp at level one and gets a whopping twenty seven additional hp per level. Yeah.

That s kind of low so get any things that offset the low hp such as bears to block damage and infusions to just have more hp in general are a great idea. However. The plus side to having low hp means recovering the hp to various means such as harvester sites and crits is a lot easier the less hp you need to get up to one shot protection the better rose buckler is also a very good tool for the hunters. Because again you re always sprinting and the armor provides is definitely going to save you but more times than not for offense.

Your primary focus is gathering backup mags and as many on hits as possible. There s not much of a difference in choosing. Which one has to get on huntress versus other characters meaning 80 g..


s ukuleles and double bands are your priority and the main difference is with the backup mags. Her m2 is just that powerful for your overall damage. The more charges you have of it the better so if given a choice of a syringe or a mag early on for example take the mag for sure also hunters his skill set means her problem area is with single target and not area of effect. Unlike other survivors.

So ukulele is still amazing on her. But not as in gordon is getting a fire band or atg early on you want things that blow through single targets early on and let your m2 and ars damage carry you through the first loop. Then you should start looking for ukuleles in other areas now there are a ton more items. I can talk about such as hard light afterburners.

But you can pretty much make an argument for any item on any character. So i d rather keep the list more concise and directly relevant to what we discussed in the video rather than just go on with item after item after i ve basically look for anything to do with mobility. Except for you redwood and damage with an emphasis on single target damage early on alright and that pretty much covers everything i wanted to talk about with the updated huntress guy. I m gonna switch things up here at the end though the final section is usually some uncut gameplay of a god run with some clips of how the run got started beforehand.

But this time. I figured i d show you what an average run looks like the run you ll see definitely had the potential to get up and going. But ended prematurely due to well mistake you ll see what that mistake was but the point is the footage will show you what it s like to play the hunters and a majority of runs rather than the small percentage that turned into amazing runs also the footage just taken off my live stream over at twitchtv slash wooly gaming. So if you re interested in watching me plate real time and especially asking me any questions come by and check out the stream sometime.

If you d like notifications when i go live and or upload a new video here on youtube. You should join our discord server. Where i always announce these things ahead of time so come hang out on my stream and in our discord server. The links to both are below thank you for watching and enjoy the game that s a good question.

That s a good question question of the century. Right there. You can ask kayla that one. I m not allowed to answer twice the price you can hear me chat.

It s a prank. It s just a prank twitch at every twitch mind. It s just the prank dude. Just prank hey.

What does he get so much class. So you have one health. I m pretty sure the game to straight up breaks at that point pretty sure it just breaks up breaks straight up at that point techs..


Eat look at that see this is what this is how the cookie crumbles sexy. You dare you dare try and take me hostage sexy boom and then he yields anyway he yields anyway. Thank you very much for the two months on a road tech seat with the twitch prime subscription. Thank you very much my man take you thing you think easy easy twits prive.

It s as easy as that good money. I m just kidding. I think guitar whiz tv also with the twitch prime this time for three months in a row guitar waste. Thank you very much for the resub as well my man thank you thank you thank you and keep enjoying you bought you boy book tech.

Seat guitar woods you boys both keep enjoying the best emotes. You ve ever seen in your life. Easily. The best emotes on all of twitch tv.

Fully one test and wooly one wide are the top two easy easy and the tech see into the magic. Said since you won t stream. The seventh you re getting it now let s go dude. And the guitar with says thanks for the great content.

Thank you thank you for saying. Thank you for the great content. And thank you for the twitch pac and i m glad you guys are doing the content seriously thank. All rights go up.

Here. Let s go find. The blue portal. Operation.

Blue portal is it go over. Hopefully is right here corpse will double. Yeah. We re not picking that up we are not picking that up go for the hundreds god run yep nolan brain munchers right now and i saw it is right there boom.

You bet to see the god run man. I have seven coins cuz. I open that lunar pod that was probably a mistake in fact that was definitely a mistake to open that lunar pod feels a badman i only play her she s pretty fun huntress is a pretty fun he missed the corpse boom..


Oh you re right dude. I forgot i have to go back for now or maybe. It was by design maybe i missed the corpse mom on purpose. Some might say it s the worst item in the game malachite beetle queen.

Oh. I hope not okay that was a last second house not fair that s my crit chance right now i have a 40 right 41 no 31. I can t do math. I have 31 crit and we have blazing stone tight another box fight that s not fun okay he s a loser.

How is he you can still hitting me. What the heck how we did that what they didn t attack. It that s crazy music all right spy. It s gonna take quite a while guys this fight is going to take a little bit of time kinda wish.

I had a pray on or something just one shot everything that s right that s our we ll get it done we ll get it done and there s two greater wits right above my head. So i think nope not today no no no no uh uh uh uh. Not today not today tyler coming out with the two month resub. Which which probably says branch.

It up boys hey. If you guys already know tyler s ranching it up oh come on man. All that now i got to stay over here. More oh tyler s trying to get me killed as always he hosts me right when i m trying to kill stuff.

And i almost died and then he subs right when i m killing stuff and i m about to die. That s his plan. All you guys don t think he s trying to kill me. He s definitely coming music and we thank you for the two months.

Tyler keep it joined the best emotes on although he says ranch it up what you got a ranch a moat all right what am i doing here i m gonna die that s a regular titan it s not even the world titan or the the box bond or titan. All right i got to go for it i have to go for here. I kind of want to kill the blazing guy first alright is it at 90 percent yet 99 oh i was stoked i was stealth. But okay game i was stealth.

But okay okay game i see how it is i see how it is why did i ” ..

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