Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines: Part 11: What's the password?

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“People and i m back this time with renewed spirit. Said well still monotone impossible impossible voice. This is your friendly. Let s player brinks of stup god that s retarded little name i d love to change it to act soon or something.

But i can t also because i m a fucking lazy asshole anyways. So what am i supposed to be doing let s see here jump in the bail. I have to go to that one apartment to the apartments. Okay get the timer.

We got to keep this under a certain limit of 30 minutes. Yeah so what r you last left off. I got killed by a fucking giant hand. But guess what i think i kept the giant hand.

Oh wait. No wasn t a giant hand that s legit of zelda. Oh please tell me the game didn t crash yay hi there apocalypse nectar. Yeah whatever apocalypse nectar is nope nothing i could think of that s dirty you have to do doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo oh i wonder if the money came in that s right i know the guy collected that money i got from bribing that one guy.

And i m quite surprised i even remembered that oh right oh 75. Thought i bribe got him to give me more oh right not enough intimidation. I think or maybe..


It was haggle. Who says he smelled it a mile away. The mystery creature is thought to be female 50. It has come to our attention that a vial of werewolf blood has come in to wait roz s lacroix before they speculate that it could be from a yet undiscovered yeah.

Well several dan at a beach house in santa monica. Tonight. That s me carry out bring a drug deal gone bad. Residents.

Yes community were shocked by the killings. Though. Neighbor suspected. The men in the house to be involved in drug distribution and had some minestrone vote on tonight.

Buying other mares in the bike through a victim of this al qaeda. Slasher has prompted the closing of the santa monica. So what have i been doing yeah. I m sorry for being quiet.

I d have this game this game. Doesn t really give me that much to really uh actually haven t watch the lips. An actual looks played a long time have i what was the lud s player usually do what do i recall from watching cloudy super 45..


Uh well this is all i can really remember oh god play a nice game of have a friend of mine. Who would go on they re not about some person named who what s your name source. Ah. How do i turn this off.

What i just did. What i just do oh that scared me i m just gonna save here cuz. Oh. I know this game auto saves.

But oh i actually thought something would go up that would have been horrible hey. There s like okay hey. I ve got about money. So why did you find out about money he skipped down to know he fled someplace.

Downtown yes it doesn t matter what you see then call in some bounty on us to help me find money and a couple of other jumpers. Thanks bro. Oh skip you can think of being american dollars. All right play i could so use those sunglasses and a csi miami parody serum and if you ever find yourself or a loved one locked up please go home.

We ve had some dry wit like the guy in csi miami. That way i could just make some cruel joke about how some guy died like can t think of anything sorry you died for honor and for my amusement ok so another quest am. I doing let s see here money..


My that oh let s go so get some werewolf blood 30 doo doo doo doo doo doo ah so happy oh and sapphire if you are actually even watching this i don t know why i m acting so happy today hey so much energy don t act so scared i m not acting scared it s just mullet tennis. Monotone monotone monotone monotone setting on ha shit run. I haven t played this game in a quite a while and i still remember this code optometry camera one and it s disabled i hope take a look looks disabled fuck ah. Crap.

My characters shot shit cs cabinet d. I k. Dick dick hahahaha. I don t know why i love to that that s that s that that was the password must be some new around here.

I mean see her cs. So how many how many how many is it t. 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 5.

Cs cabinet. The password is drugs pills. Subs tess..


Wait. No crap. There s got to be a key around here. I mean seriously there s got to be cis miami substances door the door is open i open it actually i know this quest doesn t take there s always an alternate way to do all the quests in this game game.

That s that s one of the main things not role playing and then in this sort of environment someone i mean computers. No doctors really good in yeah. I know the passwords written somewhere just. I don t really know where oh investigate a computer okey dokey let s investigate email email email and my fucking expelling the lakers how do i remember that okay received an interesting blood sample from some freak.

Told them it was werewolf blood can you believe that shit anyways. They play god haha. No. It s really not a big deal.

But from fred dingo. Oh yeah sorry page. ” ..


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How can I forget the password?!

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