Voice actor Trolls Apex Legends players as Mirage Part 3 – YouTube

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“Burn off uh. No i don t think so maybe somebody mentioned. It. At some some point.

What oh you really like trolling videos. Oh yeah. No no i m involved in those. No.

It s been an entire month since i m posted on this channel. It has been a hot minute at least in my head. I apologize for that there are legitimate reasons for that short story short. I got a trojan virus.

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Good luck. And i ll see you out there. Oh yeah. King s canyons not here yet what epson.

We re gonna no wait talk again wait what you sounded like mirages for a sac law..

Yeah. Iii. Don t hear it i feel like some. People.

Tell me that. But the i don t hear uselessly sound like mirages law. That i m down for whatever. Either one wait.

What oh getting shot at no stop on lighting. Steady mag over here yep. No problem. Yeah.

See i don t hear it i don t know what you re talking about i m what no i m not i m never i would never fuck with you guys oh getting shot at holy shit whoa. Okay. Well yeah. I don t like this at all uh.

I m gone let s go that way okay you can fuck right off with that one what what dude do one now gotta go fast. I must proceed at a fast velocity. Wait what well iii don t know this person. I guess.

But what s his name maybe i know him never heard of him i mean that s a good thing. I guess we have yeah. It s positive. I ll take that oh yeah.

I know this sucks. I really hate what s going on right now. But you know good vibes. Italy.

He s oh that s right oh by the way i m not the actor. But i was totally messing with you that whole time. I am a chair just get another chair bitch. All right got one down alright up here up here hahaha nice job.

What hi. I don t know what you mean i don t hear it you seem quite serious about it. Oh god all right well i ll take your word for that wait voice actor. What do you mean i m asked my name i don t recall being voice acted.

But alright this pathfinders down. I m so mad music that s another one oh. I m a that was actually a lot of fun dude gg s yeah. I m not the voice actor.

Though that s another thing. I was just fuckin with you yeah well i i m telling you here we go. It s all yeah you could easily get that done are you dirty. But they sound just like my homage uh.

No i don t think so. Maybe. So. Many mention.

What oh you mean like trolling videos..

Oh yeah. No no i m not involved in those. I mean. They re really funny.

I enjoyed oh you re dying okay one moment. That s one down got. It great shit. Don t worry buddy.

I got you oh. He s better. Than me i get knocked his shield off project. Craig smith.

Yeah. Roger craig s wait what you sound like roger watch now i mean i ve heard the name before. But no it s not me i don t even think he plays all right guys good game. Okay uh.

Any suggestions i want to go mark it again. But i cuz. I haven t been there a long time but uh up to you let s go mark. It then i told them to stop nice one down and not today.

Motherfucker. Somebody throw. A grenade in the corner. That might be.

Smart. Oh oh oh. All right idiot are you here. Footsteps over.

Here. And i m bad daughter. That s a lot of good players. That s another one wait what she sounds like marah.

I really like the username by the way. Real gas. Daddy. Yeah.

Yeah. You yeah. Yeah. I m.

The character. Yes. That is me. Yeah.

We had that oh thank you i worked really hard on my genetics. Oh. There s definitely a squad by me if you don t help me i m gonna die oh i can t be handled with a dog spot of responsibilities coming in pathfinder down. She s down i have three bullets to my name.

But you have shit okay gasps daddy..

Let s uh yes. We d being literal here or not no okay okay. I m scared for a second. But you re gonna have to t be taught the bathroom rules again computers broken uh huh don t worry about it you re not gonna fix the computer dammit kostik.

I okay i ll admit i broke it i broke it i threw a grenade. I got mad and everything just kind of fried and it s all my fault don t you shake your head at me like that next know your place. Oh okay i ll go this way. Then no entry.

You don t belong in the club. They re not say. If you re so much better. Than me.

Say the password then oh shit yeah. You got it nice all right look. This always happening. I got one down over here bad finder karate in the shaft.

Right now. All this is a disaster. Oh. It s a 2 b.

3. B. 1. 2.

2. P. 1. Yeah.

Matt yep. Yep that one. Thank you okay. Um.

Bangalore. Knows karate. They re rezzing. I music feel about this new game ugh.

What about now. I mean that s just a peck. So like what do you do kind of always has been why d you stop my what i don t know what you re talking about it. I don t hear it what let s go there wait what dude let s not talk about this right now.

I don t hear it personally. But let me do my headshot thing. I got things to do one moment. I ve never mind a bed.

Oh did you break off. I mean i kind of just went to this building. It s kind of what i don t worry about who s mom with them mexican mom. They re doing the nasties.

They re not they re not oh sorry are you saying..

That it s all really bad. Maybe. A challenge. Yeah.

Yeah. Like if you look in the corner. Yes. Oh shit.

Okay. As long as i get that one done. I m not gonna be upset. I ve done the two of them i need to be in the top five for ten matches one more time and i get that one at the bottom.

I need to be in the top five either way i don t feel like obligated to because it kids are that good yeah i feel obligated. You said that what is emily you did whatever made you actually see someone so that fucking wire. You oh you re welcome no problem alright that s one down octane that s two down. Easy.

What are you as soon as i don t i don t understand what you mean ow like sure i sound like myself. But that s pretty natural is it not oh thank you okay i want better loot. But probably already taken are you are you offering me a piece or a peacekeeper. Keith keith is it this difference look if you re talking about a piece.

We won t be talking about the glock in the back of your pocket. But that s not a good thing tell him to go away do i want this probably now i m gonna take though i m fairly certain that s what another squad went so yeah i see them right there pathfinder it looks small well don t be a sheep. Oh. What the be your own person.

And that s gonna be the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed it thank you so much for watching till the end like not many. People. Do that wait what do other youtubers.

Do. Oh. Yeah. Oh yeah.

Like button hit that belt. Yeah. I ve never even asked for that before go go eat the bail notification. I don t know oh and another thing go check me out on twitter on tv slash the razor hale or a live stream four days a week.

We play a lot of apex. But we also play some fun games such as this game hey not like this please or in jesus. And we don t always play games like that but when we do it s a lot of fun and a lot of lovely people in the chat. I d love to see your guys names there as well and a special thanks goes to these two individuals green holly and dark wings with that fat mvp role supporting me like absolute mad men.

I cannot believe they actually give me this amount of money per month to do what i do but man alive. It is incredibly supportive and i i appreciate them a lot. I appreciate everyone who actually takes part in the page please consider supporting me on patreon. It would be very much appreciated.

And it would have proved absolutely everything about the youtube channel my content and just everything encompassing but with that i m gonna sign off for the rest of the day or night see you guys on the next one ” ..

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After an entire month, I m back with another voice trolling video! Forgive the quality in audio and video at times, the moments I was capturing were fraught with technical issues due to OBS problems, and loss of footage. This video is the beginning of me making an effort to put more content out to this channel, not just Apex Mirage videos. I am full time content creation now, but right as I made this decision, I got a Trojan Virus and my entire PC was wiped along with my bank account. It s all sorted now, but it was a rough time nonetheless.

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Description of Content: This video series is meant to be a combination of my exploration of my voice through character impressions, and a blend of game play from video games. The game used as a backdrop to my voice acting is a game centered around killing enemy opponents with violence not suitable you audiences under the age of 13. This video also contains language not suitable to a younger audience.

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