Warframe: Top 5 BEST ENDGAME FRAMES TO USE IN 2020 Based on Community Votes

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“Hello. Everyone s people digger. Oh. I hope you re all doing wonderful today.

Just just as a reminder. I m giving away the entire ivar prime access. So if want to hear more information on that then stick around on to the end of this video. Today.

We re going to be discussing the top five best and game frames of 2020. But before i start i have two disclaimers first this is 100 not my own list. I know that i might not always have the best opinions or ideas. So i made a poll for the community to vote on let me know which frames.

You think the best are for end game. So again this is not my list. But as the title says. It s based on the community s votes secondly.

I know i m not fighting against level 402 knob in this video as it will take very long to do so with five different frames taking hours upon hours which unfortunately is time i do not have so i m hoping all of you can still be understanding in that regard and with all that said here are the top five best and game frames. According to the warframe community at number 5. We have ash the assassin frame for abilities as first ability shuriken kills. And deal slash damage to enemies over time.

The second ability smokescreen stuns. Any nearby enemies was also making himself invisible his third ability teleport allows him to teleport in different locations also opening enemies for finishers and his fourth ability bladestorm spawns..

A clone that kills multiple highlight the enemies in an instant you can also join in by teleporting all of the highlighted enemies ashe is really good because he is able to remain unseen dealing high amounts of damage to several enemies at once due to his kit. He is open to several unique builds such as fatal teleport which can one shot enemies with the correct melee build and seeking shuriken. Which can instantly remove enemy armor allow you to kill those heavily armored enemies at a much faster rate at number 4. We have inaros who s depicted as somewhat of a god in the warframe universe.

And he stays true to his title. He has the highest health over every single frame of the. Game allowing him to reach over 8000. Plus.

Health for booties his first ability desiccation allows him to stun enemies. Also opening them to finishers. Which regains 25 of his health back his second ability devour when castle an enemy pulls them towards himself. Literally eating them switch.

Any health at the same time if an aris eats. The enemy removes all their health. They will then become a san minion aiding him his third ability sandstorm turns him into a tornado. Pulling end and during enemies acting as a cc.

A pussy and finally his fourth ability scarab storm drains his health into armor a scarab storm is at a hunt. You can disperse it trapping enemies near you and sun draining their health. But you will lose the armor buff finally a narcissus passive ability allows him to turn into a tomb when killed and leeching the life out of the enemies. He s enya successfully draining an enemy will grant an instant revive norris is just one of those frames.

That have built correctly literally can t die. The ideal way people usually play him is by having a lot of health and armor based..

Mods. Using the arcades grace and guardian and finally the fourth ability for the huge armor buff. And his first ability with a covert lethality dagger for finishers to get large portions of health back with the setup. Having an incredible amount of armor health with extremely fast regeneration inaros will most certainly never die and number three we have octavia a one and only music frame for abilities her first ability allows her to literally drop a beat that goes so hard that any enemy who wants to become a hater and shoots at it dies.

Keep in mind her first ability also stores damage to the more and we shoot at it or hit it the more damage. It will output per second ability mallet moves her first ability around rather than leaving it in one place her third ability metronym gives her various buffs. If she matches. The beat if she jumps on the beach.

She gets a speed buff shooting on the beat gets a damage buff and crouching on the beat. Makes. Her go. Invisible.

Finally. Her fourth ability amp. Buffs. Her abilities range and damage.

Octavia is a frame that s quite interactive. Because you can create the zone that she plays as well as being able to redirect other enemies damage on themselves. Allowing her to not have to put in so much work as other frames must at number 2. We have saren the toxic queen.

She s an extremely powerful frame who is able to wipe out entire rooms of enemies regardless of their level within seconds her first ability spores spreads of course spores around a room of enemies if you hit the spore you first casted on enemy dealing corrosive damage her second ability mode spawns a decoy distracting enemies also giving her his peep of usability can even be further increase when adding the regenerative mo augment. Which gives her a decent amount of self healing..

The third ability toxic lash allows you to add more toxic damage to your weapon. And also proc her spores in one hit and finally her fourth ability miasma releases. An instant wave of viral damage. Some people say sands are basically a nuke frame.

They are certainly not lying. I will say i was surprised to see saren voted so high on this list even though she s still getting a nerf. But she isn t nerfed just yet so at the moment. She s still very good depending on when all of you are watching this video finally at the number one spot is night s.

The infest king not just like an heiress as an only health frame. Who s really good because he scales based on how many stocks he has reaching up to a max of 100 stocks and naturally self heals his first ability by ruins ruptures. The ground hitting enemies giving you stocks as well as giving your energy back for each enemy that you hit the second ability larvae brings the enemies together in one infested pod. His third ability parasitic link costing one stack.

When cast on a teammate allows the two to increase their power strength when cast on an enemy nidus would take less damage and have it redirected to the enemy. It was cast on furthermore your target will additionally cast another virulence out of itself every time you do. Which is targeted to the point knight as as a me. Yet finally his fourth ability ravenous cost him three stacks spawns infested grass.

That he was you very rapidly as well as spawning maggots that attack and explode on enemies giving you more stacks finally if you happen to lose all of your health. But still have 15 stacks or more you ll lose those 15 stacks and being vulnerable for 5 seconds. Restoring 50 of your health. A common but very efficient way to play him is by casting your second bility to bring more enemies into one spot and casting your first ability on that area to gain stacks much faster and killing enemies.

A lot more quickly once you get more stacks you can cache your fourth ability. Then your third ability on an enemy to regen your health..

Extremely fast. I was hardly taking any damage. 9. S of use right is pretty much a walking tank he scales extremely fast can dish out absurd amounts of damage and never die due to his healing factor as well as his undying passive and those are the top 5 best in game frames.

According to the wharf in communities votes. Do you agree with this list or do you feel the community was wrong and should have picked differ frames let me know what you think in the comment section down below. If you want to see the results of this poll to see the hierarchy of the votes. I will leave a link in the description down below to that i will also be doing a top 5 tps forums video for 2020 as well so if you want to vote on who you think would be the best frames are in that category.

I ll leaving a link to the poll in the description down below for that as well as i said the beginning of this video. I m doing a giveaway for the entire. I ve our prime access pack for those of you who aren t aware this would include of course the frame. I ve our prime the weapons balls a primer neck samadhi poem.

The new latest prime accessories a 90 day credit and affinity booster and finally 3000. I generated platinum keep in mind this will be available to all gaming platforms that being pc xbox. One playstation. 4.

And the switch to make this really easy. I made it so all you have to do to enter the giveaway is subscribe to the channel. If you haven t done so already and click the gleam to i o link in the description down below finally before i go i have a discord server with a lovely community growing pretty steadily. So it d be a pleasure to have all you there to game with and chat with so feel free to join the link to my discord server is in the description down below that s all for me everyone thanks for watching my name is vol 2 hero signing off in this video god bless and peace music you ” .


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Warframe: Top 5 BEST ENDGAME FRAMES TO USE IN 2020 Based on Community Votes

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