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“Ten or so years ago now back when i was eight years old. I got got a game called pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time it was the second game. A relatively new pokemon spin off series. And wow.

Did it absolutely blow. Me away not only was it one of the first games that made me actually care about the characters in it. But i d say it contributed heavily to why i care so much about rpgs today. Though of course like i said that was all 10 years ago.

Now and while the series impacted. My childhood tremendously. What s happened to it since then hello. Everyone this is the rpg monger and today.

Let s not only dive into the pretty sizeable history of pokemon mystery dungeon. But also how its ended up slowly. But surely fading away into obscurity due to numerous poor decisions. Though before we get to that it s time for a history lesson.

Because in actuality pokemon mystery. Dungeon goes back way farther than the first games in the series. In fact. The series has roots going back as far as 1993 since before pokemon was attached to the mystery dungeon franchise.

It actually cycled through quite a few other franchises with it all starting with dragon quest. You see the mystery dungeon games for the most part were made entirely by chin soft or spike chunsoft as they re known today. A company you probably already know about from the wide array of games. So they have developed though the special thing about mystery dungeon is at the time of its conception.

It was actually tuned softs. Very first original work with them mainly working with enix on the main series dragon quest games up until. Then and if you go back even farther. The entire core design of the mystery dungeon series is based on the dungeon crawling game robe.

An old game from the 80s that would end up being one of the founding figures of the roguelike genre. But back on mystery dungeon much like other games within the roguelike genre the games revolved around exploring randomly generated dungeons and defeating whatever foes may try to stop you in your path plus with the element of everything being turn based thrown in these games. Quickly became quite a strategic challenge. Even actions as my new test.

A step forward or using a certain item had to be thoroughly thought through so you wouldn t end up being prematurely. Defeated all in all the mystery dungeon series had a lot going for it with enough unique mechanics for the games to succeed in the ever growing market of rpg games in japan. But considering that the mystery dungeon games were an entirely new and original series from june soft to ensure the games. Wouldn t just be overlooked.

The first entry in the series would end up being tied with toon softs. Most popular work at the time dragon quest and well it worked accompanied by a pretty costly tv. Commercial horn. Echoes.

Great adventure was a pretty big. Success with the game..

More recently being voted number 76. And famiy sues top a hundred games of all time in fact alongside all the other mystery dungeon games that would come after it torn echoes great adventure in particular would end up spawning two sequels with the second one in the series even making it to america. Though what about the other mystery dungeon games well to make things easier for everyone we ll split them into five categories. The aforementioned dragon quest games of the completely original sheeran games of the chocobo games of the pokemon games.

And the one offs. Plus. So that we can get to the main reason. Any of you are watching this video.

I ll try to go through these fairly quickly after toon soft made torn. It was a great adventure. The mystery dungeon series was now known well enough for them to go even further to create a completely original entry to the series not relying on characters from other franchises for its success and as a result we get shiren the wanderer one of the more difficult mystery dungeon series. Where if you got defeated you d have to start again from the very beginning of the game then after making quite a few shiron games.

We got chocobos mystery. Dungeon. A new series of mystery dungeon games starring. The ever popular chocobo from final fantasy.

And unlike. All the previous mystery dungeon games up until this point. The chocobo games were actually developed by square as opposed to chunsoft and managed to be the first to sell over 1 million copies. So let s be real here.

They couldn t be great considering mog is just a measly sidekick in the second game. However aside from that moving past all those games. And the one offs since all they are are just the same mystery. Dungeon formula.

But with different franchises plugged into them. Let s get on to the main topic of this entire video. Pokemon mystery. Dungeon.

Developed by june. Soft and published by nintendo. This series would go on to absolutely eclipse. All the other mystery dungeon games with the first entry alone selling a whopping 38.

Million copies worldwide and speaking of that first entry. What better place to start talking about it. Then here. You see pokemon mystery.

Dungeon and blue and red rescue team was an interesting case like the main series pokemon games. They were split into two nearly identical versions with the only real in game. Differences being a couple pokemon you could only find in one version with them being absent in the other however. Unlike the main series pokemon games.

What really set these two versions apart is they were released on completely different consoles since with red rescue team coming out on the nearly dead game boy advance and blue rescue team coming out on the nintendo ds. While it did make the game more accessible for people who hadn t bought a gs yet it would end up holding the game back..

Quite a bit essentially. The problem was on one hand. You had a blue rescue team a game that really didn t look any different compared to its game boy advance. Counterpart and besides the use of the dual screens.

Didn t really take advantage of the dss capabilities like other games that were out at the time then on the other hand you had red rescue team a game that fit right in with the other games on the console with the only real core difference between blue rescue team and red rescue team being the sound cards within the actual consoles themselves making the game song sound slightly more clean and blue rescue team as opposed to red. But hardware issues aside. When you look at the game s story and gameplay alone at least in my eyes. They re both still really enjoyable experiences plus on top of that these games aren t a walk in the park.

Either there are some sections especially in the late game and after story that seriously challenging and if you don t pack the right items or use the right moves you ll find yourself being defeated a lot though moving on from those two we have the next and quite possibly best entry in the entire mystery dungeon franchise. The explorers games tied in with the recently released sinnoh games pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time dark and sky took just about every flaw found in its predecessor and improved on it tremendously. The soundtrack was incredible more challenging elements were added to the gameplay and the story. Oh man the story.

I know part of me is talking from nostalgia here. But i have to say with me replaying all the games recently it is still just as emotionally impactful as it was back then because i know i m not alone. When i say these games are one of the few that i ve actually managed to bring me to tears especially in that one certain special episode in explorers of sky. Though before we get to talking about sky.

Let s first get to explorers of time and darkness. Now much like red and blue rescue team. If the only real difference between these two are again a couple recruitable pokemon that are only accessible in one game and not in the other and while i don t want to get too deep into talking about the story as this is definitely a game you want to experience for yourself. I do want to take a moment to address.

Everyone s favorite source of plagiarism and shit reviews ign now on their own and the explorers games ended up earning a massive 59. Million sales worldwide against all the odds because let me tell you reviewers like ign did not do these games. Any favors like just take the review ign somehow still has the gall to keep on their website. The review of explorers of time and darkness.

Where and i m not making this shit up the reviewer. Only played up until the part of the game that you go to apple woods. Which for those who don t know isn t even a third of the way into the story and you know it s not even the fact that the reviewer clearly doesn t care at all about making actual decent reviews that earns me it s the fact that i m sure there have been quite a few people now who ve never played the games. Taken one look at this garbage review and just taken it all as fact i mean of course.

If the game isn t perfect. It has its flaws believe me. But my god really like a six for the sound man and the music and youth games are great. But anyways that little rant aside thankfully.

It seems like trash reviews like those didn t hinder the game. Too. Much with it definitely getting the recognition it deserved hell at the height of its popularity. These games were even getting their own manga and anime specials.

Though now let s talk about the best version out of the three pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky to make things a bit simpler think of explorers of sky like a director s cut of sorts to the previous two explorers games with certain elements being fine tuned to completely new elements being added an even more story in the form of six special episodes that truly made the game worth playing more than ever before not to mention. Whereas. The game already had a massive postgame section in explorers of sky. They added even more on to that and what pray tell did i generate it well.

I guess. It s not even that surprising at this point all in all if you haven t played the explorers games..

You ve got to give sky a chance i guarantee you won t regret it. However. It s time to move past the glory days of pokemon mystery. Dungeon and enter the fall from grace known as gates to infinity.

You see when they were making gates to infinity. I imagine it went something like this alright team it s been three full years since our last pokemon mystery dungeon game. And we ve got to put out a new one any ideas well how about we expand on our previous titles. With even more engaging gameplay and plot elements that way we not only get new fans of the series.

But we don t alienate our older ones as well all right sounds great reynold. What do you think edward what if you could take pictures of circles. What edward have i ever told you how much of a fucking genius you are music applause music of course. I am exaggerating a bit here.

But seriously when one of the major selling points of your game is a half baked augmented reality feature that gets old within days of owning the game. You definitely have a problem like honestly. I think the game would have been a whole lot more successful. If it actually had more going for it beside to that but in reality aside from the process of developing your pok mon paradise throughout the game.

It was a really weak installment in the franchise. Plus. It doesn t help that the core gameplay of the series. You know actually exploring dungeons was dumbed down tremendously with almost all strategy present in the previous games being stripped away entirely.

Though to be fair towards the end of the games main story. I will say things improve a bit. But holy shit. If all the hand holding and tedium up until that point just doesn t make it worth the journey at all.

I guess what they were trying to do is appeal to a younger audience. But in the end all they ended up doing was alienating just about everyone who d enjoyed the games up until then it s crazy. Some of the things that they removed were just flat out unnecessary like at the introductory personality test for example a staple of the series that made it feel like the pokemon chosen for you were actually meant for you as silly as it sounds. But thankfully after making gates to infinity and barely receiving any sales compared to the previous games.

Toon soft or rather spike toon soft. Now knew they had to get their shit. Together. So as a result.

We got pokemon super mystery dungeon a game that truly shows that if it ain t broke don t fix. It as instead of going out of its way to pump the series with tons of new garbage all the while abandoning features that people loved super mystery dungeon did the sensible thing and improved on the main thing you re doing for over half the game. The gameplay because in all honesty having played all the mystery dungeon games up until now i may even go as far to say that super mystery dungeon has probably the best dungeon mechanics out of them all sure the game. Does unfortunately do quite a bit of hand holding like its predecessor.

Did only making it more ironic that the entire first half of the story is spent in a literal school. So let me tell you this game can get seriously hard. But hey on that note how is the story in this game. Did they actually make it engaging this time.

Well yeah. It does drag a bit especially early on but from the second half of the game onward it seriously picks up it s funny you can clearly tell spike to soften you they fucked up bad as references and callbacks to the previous games are everywhere in super mystery..

Dungeon fell through the new system of getting rescue missions and such which i personally came to like quite a bit actually you can even straight up recruit major characters from other games. It s anything besides the hand. Holding one of my more major albeit personal gripes with the game is the fact that you can only recruit one of each pokemon including their evolved forms kind of making evolution a bit pointless in this game. Though unfortunately even though spike chunsoft made a pretty huge effort to regain the thousands of fans.

Lost through gates to infinity super mystery dungeon would end up still not coming close to the success of the first two games. Leaving the franchise in the sort of limbo. We see it in today thankfully the game did at least break over a million sales eclipsing gates to infinity. But compared to explorers and rescue team the audience just wasn t there like before so well now.

We re here. It s been three years now. Since super mystery dungeon came out and considering that they ve broken the pattern of releasing a new game every time. A new generation of pokemon is made there s really no telling what the future of this series is i mean.

It s definitely not an issue with the mystery dungeon series as a whole because of right now as of this recording. They ve already announced a new entry in the chocobo games slated for 2019 on the switch. Plus considering the fates of pokemons and many other beloved spinoff series maybe. It s just time for the mystery dungeon games to come to a close like just looking at how the game is advertised on the back of the box super mystery dungeon is the supposed definitive entry in the series meaning.

If we. Even i believe it ll be quite some time before we get another pokemon mystery dungeon game. Though regardless even if those four entries are all we ll ever get. I still firmly believe that the explorers games are some of the best out there.

And if you ve never played them or touched to the mystery dungeon series at all then believe me my friend you re definitely missing out and hey throughout all the games released at least. There was one certain constant that would never be removed music. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more like it do subscribe and today s cool thing of the day is homestuck now as i m sure you all know right now. I m working on the special fandom files episode for a homestuck and in doing.

So. I recently read all of homestuck in 9 days and well i m not gonna lie. I absolutely loved it not only were the story and characters pretty great. But the music interspersed throughout the webcomic made the experience.

A million times. Better with the grand majority of what i ve been listening to for a solid two weeks. Now solely being homestuck music like no wonder homestuck had such a massive and widespread fandom. The source material was absolute gold though i ll stop myself.

There. If you haven t read homestuck or maybe dropped off at some point. I highly recommend you give it a chance so that being said. I m.

The rpg monger and don t forget that each and every one of you are fantastic you ” ..

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