What Happens If You Get Inside Of Francis Sinclair's Time Traveling House In Red Dead Redemption 2?

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“How s it going guys. Mr. Boss for the win here and in today s s red dead redemption tube video. We re gonna be finding out what happens if get inside frances sinclair.

The time traveller s house outside of the mission geology for beginners. So in case. You guys have no idea. What i m talking about on who frances sinclair is we re talking about time travel.

We should probably take a look at this this is the opening sequence to the mission geology for beginners. Where you meet frances sinclair for the first time. See emma hey can i ask you a strange question. I mean it sounds ridiculous.

But i m on the level. I don t have a clue what you just said well i m sorry sport huh there s these funny rock carvings. They look a bit like this okay. Yeah.

The thing is i sort of like really badly have to find all of them now. It s sort of a puzzle thing of me i know it sounds ridiculous. But i m on the up and up and it s really important little. Carl yeah.

Exactly little rock carvings well you want to do it. Well. It s sort of very complicated and you ll think i m jazzed if i tell you what drunk are you know huh. I wish no i m uh lost.

It s a long story can you find the carvings. I ve no idea well i sort of need them hey listen if you find them i ll pay you handsomely semi details. If you can here s my card. If i can t well i m sure you can sport.

I m sure you can t frances sinclair arthur morgan. I don t understand why do you need these things well i told you if i told you you think i was on the hooch. What i m gonna have a lie down. I don t feel very well and neither would you with yeah.

But hey what harm could it do okay. So that was a little bit weird right so essentially long story. Short..


Frances sinclair. Is a mysterious man. He s got orange hair a birthmark near his right eye. And he speaks in a very strange dialect using slang that arthur does not really understand.

And he wants you to find these rock carvings and he s not really clear why he needs to find the rock carvings and he brings up a couple of different things. That indicates that time travel is involved like for example. When arthur asked to explain why he needs these rock carvings francis said. You wouldn t understand do you think he s crazy and obviously thinking someone can time travel is crazy.

He also says that he feels sick or drunk. Now. I ve watched enough movies and tv shows that involve time travel that that s one of the side effects. When you travel through time a lot of people are woozy or sick or a little bit delusional.

So it seems as if that s what s happened to francis sinclair. Now a couple of other interesting things before we move on he has a strong transatlantic accent. Which was common in american culture in the 1920s and 30s and he shares the same last name with another stranger hamish sinclair. Although there is no connection.

I m sure you guys might be wondering that so that is the first time you hear from francis and you won t hear from him again until you find all 10 rock. Carvings. And if you return to him. This.

Cutscene. Will happen music. Hello. Hello.

Mr. Sinclair. Oh. Hello.

Can i help. You. Oh. I m sorry.

For intruding. Mrs. Sinclair..


Yes. How did you know i m looking for your husband. My husband. Yeah.

He s dead. He s been dead since just before francis was born one year ago. Your husband. Francis is dead.

No this is francis. My husband. Tom is dead. I m a little confused yes.

I think you are what was your name. That s not important excuse. Me okay. So that was pretty weird.

Right. Francis sinclair. Is now no longer a grown man. But instead basically like a one year old or less baby.

So that s kind of odd. If they re the same person. Does that mean that francis sinclair travelled back in time before he was even old enough to you know speak talk do all the normal things that adults do that s kind of weird you see his mom right there. Mrs.

Sinclair and his father is tom sinclair. Who we actually do not see in game. After that encounter arthur is forced to leave the cabin now you can return to the cabin. But a lot of people fail to do this so we re going to be finding out what happens if you get inside this cabin outside of the mission strand.

So to do this we re going to be utilizing. The same glitch that we ve been doing over the past couple of days using the lantern and pistol combination. This is super easy to do so. All you have to do is go up to the house go up to the front door and then perform the exact same glitch and just sort of wiggle your way on the inside.

Now this is actually very useful if you re looking to acquire the old brass compass. Which is one of the items you get for completing this quest line. However you can usually only get it at the end so..


This is actually a way in which you can create that talisman really without having to go through that quest line now if you re wondering what the old brass compass allows you to craft it allows you to craft to the ravenclaw talisman. Which slows all weapon degradation by 20. So that is literally useful for every person who plays this game. Because everyone s gonna be using weapons and they all naturally degrade whether you re going in water or whether you re going in mud or dirty environments.

It s just an awesome talisman to have so that s the first thing you need to grab the next thing that i noticed here and that you re probably going to notice is the sort of sticky notes or post. It board wall of all the time traveling artifacts and rock carvings that you found so the reason. We can assume. He s a time traveler is because the drawings themselves seem to indicate that we have francis sinclair that looks like he s jumping through a portal.

And then we see a bunch of things that haven t existed for a long time or haven t existed yet like for example on the far left you can see skyscrapers and blimps. And you can also see what looks to be an atomic bomb going off because there s a mushroom cloud and the bottom right you can see the great pyramids of giza. Which again were a long time ago when those were constructed you can also see like statues of sphinxes and whatnot in the top right hand corner you can sort of see i guess modern times at least in 1899 cattle and someone riding on a stagecoach and then above him. You sort of seen him and sort of like this god plex like fashion with like rays of light coming behind him.

So i don t think i ve been able to make out what the actual drawings on that wall mean. But it definitely indicates that he s a time traveler. Because it looks like he s seen things that don t exist yet. And he s been able to see things that you know haven t been around for a while now outside of that his room is kind of interesting.

He s got a couple of different things scattered all over the place that you can check out you know you can take the pistol cartridges and the rifle cartridges that are scattered throughout his little facility. Which is kind of cool now the next thing. I did is i opened up every single possible drawer in this little cabin to see if i could find something unique about this place. And unfortunately.

I couldn t find anything there was no letter. There was no nothing that revealed any more information on frances sinclair. And he is obviously not here. His father is not here.

Because he s dead and mrs. Sinclair is not here either so unfortunately. I wasn t able to gather a ton more information from my journey here. But it was really cool just to go inside and ultimately check out the next thing.

I sort of found interesting was a globe that was sort of sitting in this stand. And i wondered if this was significant in any way maybe. I was looking at the globe to see if there were places on the map that might have showed us where frances had gone in his time traveling journeys. But i didn t notice anything particularly interesting and the only other thing i noticed after that is there was a bed.

But it s just like any of the other normal you acquire in game you can sleep in it you can rest it doesn t really do anything another thing. I looked for was to see if there was anything hidden underneath the floorboard very similarly to what we saw in the aberdeen pig farm see if i could gather any more details from that unfortunately wasn t able to find anything there and the next thing. I wanted to test..


And this is kind of strange is just how fire resistant this cabin is for being all made of you know wood and wool. It seems to not catch on fire really that easily at all so i was kind of shocked at that when i started shooting. All the lanterns that nothing ended up really burning away so again kind of interesting stuff now after that it s super easy to go back outside. And you can of course check out the rest of the cabin and if you are not in the mission.

He is not there so it kind of begs. The question where does francis sinclair run off to like is there a portal. That he has on the inside of his cabin that allows him to time travel and basically go to other worlds. And other dimensions and getting back to the reason.

He might have needed those rock carvings is maybe that s what gave him the ability to time travel and obviously. He didn t want to be in the same world in which he was still an infant. So that s the only thing. I can imagine francis sinclair was trying to do he was trying to get all the rock carvings.

So that he could get out of there in return maybe back to his adult sort of timeline that s really the best theory. I have if you guys have a better theory. Maybe you can let us know in the comments down below last. But not least the only other thing.

I thought was significant was his business card. Which if we needed any more evidence that he was a time traveler. It says mr. Francis sinclair collector and his logo is an hourglass.

Which of course is an instrument used to tell time with two sort of bird wings on each side. So i don t think that the idea that he s not a time traveler is in question. I just think. It s why hal.

And what exactly is going on here so as always i d love to hear from you guys in the comments down below let me know what you think about this mystery. And more down. There. If you did gone to enjoy this video.

Though a like rating would of course be awesome and to subscribe. It to my youtube channel. If new or you like daily red dead redemption to videos like this without the way guys like i said thanks so much for watching take care and i ll see you guys in the next video. ” .


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What Happens If You Get Inside Of Francis Sinclair s Time Traveling House In Red Dead Redemption 2?
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In today s Red Dead Redemption 2 video – we re going to find out what happens if you get inside of the Francis Sinclair s cabin where he is believed to time travel across different worlds and dimensions!

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