Where to find ALL the Volga Upgrades in Metro Exodus – YouTube

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“We re going to get the compass upgrade. Which is located north of the train train inside of a crashed plane heading towards the front of the plane. You re find the upgrade lang just inside of the cockpit doorway once you equip. The compass at a workbench.

It will always point towards your current objectives the second upgrade. We re gonna go get is the gas mask filter upgrade. Which is found inside of a shipping container on the northern beach of the main island. Getting past.


The toxic fumes and all the cobwebs inside of the container. You re gonna find the upgrade in a box on the back desk equiping this upgrade will extend the time between changing out the filters on your gas mask heading down to the southeastern side of the map we re going to be grabbing the metal detector upgrade making your way over to a small shack passing train car as we head inside and find the upgrade laying on the desk. This upgrade can be used to find ammo and crafting materials around you going back up to the north close to where we found the filter upgrade. We head inside of a bandit field warehouse once everything is cleared out you ll find the upgrade on the shelf just to the right of the bottom floor entrance.

This armor upgrade will allow you to carry more ammo for all of your weapons. Heading a little further east we find the throwing whip and harness in a gas station occupied by more bandits take them out and head inside and find the upgrade on the bottom shelf in the back of the building. You probably already guessed it by now. But this upgrade is going to let you carry more throwable items next up.


We re heading over to the terminal on the far east side of the map to get the night. Vision goggles. Once you ve made it through the entire building. You ll find a room with a lot of coffins in it head over towards the wooden door and you ll find the night.

Vision goggles on a stand heading back west about halfway to the train. We acquire the helmet reinforcements in the ruined building filled with bandits on the ground floor. You ll find the upgrade in a room on the corner of the building pretty straightforward this upgrade increases. The protection of your head.


The battery charge controller is our last upgrade to grab so we head over to a small island. Where we have to solve a simple puzzle. Grabbing the gas cane and turning on the power. We explore the house and find the controller inside the corpse on the table.

This upgrade is gonna make your battery last. A lot longer for your flashlight and your new night vision goggles. So that s always a plus. I hope this guide helps you guys out a little bit as i m still making my way through the game.


I figured it would be a nice little guide to kind of throw up in case. You re having a little bit of trouble trying to find these items so look forward to more of these videos in the future as i mean i m really enjoying the game. So i m happy to make content on it. And yeah so thanks for watching and i ll see you guys in the next video.

” ..

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In this video I go over where to get all of the upgrades you can find in the Volga chapter of the game.

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