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“Guys if you re like me. And you really like the new shooter. Legendary pokemon pokemon and you want to use one in your playthrough. A pokemon sword and shield might want to watch this video.

Because 3p is very it s very difficult to find it s only in one location in the game. It s in the wild area. And it s in a really specific part of the wild area and another thing about the wild area is that is really specific or some pokemon spawns are really specific to the type of weather that is going on so for example drippy and drakh a look. Which is this guy here.

I ve not even seen a gp on this copy of the game. 3p is the little guy on top of his head. But yeah. I ve never seen a gp in this game.

Because 3p is so hard to find it s kind of cool reminds me of big on a bit from pokemon emerald. But yeah how do you get droopy you need to have at least 7 gym badges and i personally i ve already beat the game. But you need at least 7. Gym badges and the reason for that is once you have the seventh gym badge you are able to catch pokemon over the level or know up to the level 55 and 3 peep spawns between level 50 and 52.

So until then i don t think you re able to catch 3b at all because i m i m pretty sure the level cut before that is 45. I could be wrong. But still at least seven gym badges anyway because you need the ability to go on water to get to this location because you don t get the ability to surf or i guess rotom bike on water until you have well until you re on your way to the same with dream town..


So yeah i just recommend seven gym badges and that is when you can get yourself a three p. What you re gonna want to do is you re gonna want to come to the lake of outrage in the wild area. It s quite easy to access if you just go to the town map you can just fly over here to hammerlock hills. And you re gonna want to just cycle.

All the way down here. It s the hard to miss and like i said specific pokemon have specific weather types 3p and rock a lock. Which is droopys evolution are overcast thunderstorm and heavy fog and as you can see right now. It is thunderstorm in the is a two percent chance of droopy and dracolich showing up when it s thunderstorm.

I think it s a two percent chance when it s heavy and a 1 chance. When it s overcast now the thing about droopy and drac a lock is drac a lock can show up in the overworld 3p. Cannot so droopy is one of those random encounters. Where you know the ones are a little exclamation points in the grass and you have to run into them.

So droopy is a lot harder to find that drac a lock is drac a lock you can just cycle around and eventually one will spawn in the overworld that s how you see in my pokedex. I already have one call. I ve never seen droopy before though because there are a lot raber the pokemon here i m gonna show you where i am right now i m currently in the lake of outrage. Which is actually a really good area for some pokemon.

There s our row. Tom s here. There s dedos here really good for a rare pokemon..


But look all these spawns look all these spawn potentials. So many conventions man and there s a doe in there too so yeah basically um. I recommend personally get yourself a drac a lock now draca lock spawns between level 55 and 58. I m pretty sure until you beat the pokemon league.

I don t exactly know how it works because my draca locks are spawning at level 60. Now. I think all the pokemon in the wild area spawn at level 60. Once you beat the game that could be misinformation.

But i m pretty sure that s how it works so once you beat the 7cm you can catch pokemon up to level 55 drac lock spawns at level 55 to level 58. So if you re gonna be looking for drac. A lock you might end up getting ones are too high leveled. And he s not exactly common.

So my recommendation here beat. The atrium tfgm is i mean storyline wise not that far away from the seventh gym. So get your eighth gym badge and the eighth gym badge allows you to catch pokemon of any level and then come to the lake of outrage and attempt to catch a dragon lock now because gp. I want you to know right here i spent two hours searching for a gp and i could not find one i found other 2 encounters.

I found multiple haku mo s but i did not find it creepy and i i don t know well say if you need three p for the pokedex breed. One iii bred one and go over the pokedex that way i don t think 3p is worth the hunt because you re just it s just gonna evolve in one level anyway. But yeah..


That s essentially how you go ahead and get yourselves a droopy and or drac a lock. I want to title this video probably had to get a droopy because i think that s the one people will be looking to get yeah. The best way to get it is just to get the evolved form thanks for watching. I hope this helps you and make sure you like comment and subscribe.

get to take actions and attack you in those circumstances. There are things you can do to control the situation for example you can throw a mimic beacon and that will force any alien that can see it to attack. The beacon instead of one of your soldiers a ranger with the untouchable ability. If you can get him a kill and get him in close to one of the enemies.

Especially where it can flank him then it is very likely to use up its turn shooting at one of your squad that it can t hurt in the slightest. If you have a specialist with haywire protocol. You can shut down or even take over a robot. If you re using the alien hunters dlc you ll have access to a frost bomb and the list goes on the point is don t just accept the fact that there are aliens alive and they get to do whatever they want to do you want to try and control the situation yourself manipulate their tendencies because each alien type will follow a specific pattern and if you pay attention to that and take advantage of it it will help keep your squad safe.

Maybe. The most important lesson to take from xcom 2 s battlefield is that flexibility in key you do not want to lock into a set pattern first of all if you ve come from xcom enemy. Unknown realize that this combat is different and if you use the exact same tactics you are going to get roughed up. But let s say that you haven t come from there and your whole experience is in xcom 2.

I m still going to say that what works well early does not necessarily work well in the mid or late game. And vice versa in the late game. You have so many more abilities that open up options to you and you can take advantage of it it s very possible that you ll be finishing one campaign and feeling really good about where you re at and then when you have to start over you struggle again and that s because stripped of all those abilities you have to find different ways to excel..


I m not going to get much more specific than that but i m telling you that if you try a thing like a particular build for one of your soldiers that you re happy with and so you say i like that that works well just realize. The fact that one thing worked well doesn t mean it works best. And it definitely doesn t mean. It works best in all circumstances try different things keep an open mind literally at times.

When i m playing i ll realize hey i ve never tried this before. I will go out of my way to do that thing at that point pretty much all i have to do is have that thought i highly recommend this you d be amazed at some of the weird stuff you ll come up with but in that moment in that unique situation. It s exactly what you needed all right. If you ve made it this far.

Then hopefully you found this video. Helpful. If so please give it a like so other people can find it too. And if you want to see more on the channel in the future.

Then by all means subscribe that s all for now thanks for watching. I hope we see you next time ” ..

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