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“Right guys so i m not here to break the ice with everyone watching this this video right now i guarantee every single person. That s watching this video. Either knows how to get black spindle or already knows that it exists. So i m not here to tell you guys how to get black spindle.

There s plenty of other videos to tell you how to get it okay. I m not here to do that i m gonna here to tell you how to get the catalyst specifically for the whisper of the worm as its called in destiny. Which is basically the black spindle. So this took us quite a long time to be able to figure it out so shout out to all of my guys and be bold for helping me figure this out you know be able to understand how to do everything.

All the steps in order to get this done so shout out to those guys. And let s get right to it so. All you have to do to obtain the catalyst itself is to do the heroic version of the whisper mission. Now you find it through public events on io.

I shouldn t have to tell you guys how to do that there s other videos for it go check those out. I ll actually link some in this video s description. If you want to figure out how to get the black spindle itself. But you just have to do that mission and then after you do that you re able to unlock the heroic version and it shows up on your map.

And you re able to select that and you re able to just do it again and you can do it anytime. You want doesn t matter..

You just have to complete that version and you will be able to get the catalyst itself. So just look at the catalyst itself simply. That s all you got to do and that s the easy part. But the harder part is actually putting progression towards your catalyst.

So as you re about to see right here you have to obtain stuff called blighted essence. And it can only be found in the heroic version of the whisper mission. So there s gonna be two different steps. I m going to show you guys on how to obtain blighted essence in the mission.

So for the first step you have to find five different chests that are hidden throughout the entirety of the map. Which does mean that you have to load it back up again after you ve already completed it for the first time so on screen right now should be some footage of each of the five chests locations. And where you can find them they re not very hard to get to they re just kind of off the beaten path of where you normally go you don t have to do really anything crazy to be able to get to them you just follow what i m doing and you ll be able to get them very easily. No there is an additional chest that is actually a little bit harder to to obtain because it involves completing a puzzle.

But i m not going to talk about that right here. If you want to hear me talk about that stuff. And you just want to know how to get the extra chest go to the time that you see on the screen right here just give to that if you want to hear me talk about the puzzle. And how to do it.

But if you just want to know where the five of regular chest locations are then just watch throughout the rest of this part of the video you ll be able to see each chest location pretty easily. And if you want to hear me talk about the cool puzzle thing and go skip to the time on screen..

You all right so this is where things just get a little bit more complicated and getting the extra blighted essence. So if you re whatever a destiny. One player and you played vault of glass. This should definitely be familiar to you these are oracle s and these will start spawning and making noises and like going around all over the place almost randomly.

It seems like after you step on the plate or the portals at once you get all five of these chests now each oracle has a number and we re gonna sign the numbers of each oracle in order from left to right looking away from the portal. So there s seven total so that means from left to right. There s going to be or oracle one two three four five six and seven now that we know which oracle is which one through seven. We have to wait for every single oracle to appear at the exact same time they ll all be stationary and they won t be making any noises once it gets to that point you want to shoot the oracles one three and five.

So you ll see in this clip. Right here five four six seven 31. All right for six 7 3. On all right next.

One is seven three one six four two five seven three one six four two five seven three one one six six four four two two five. Yeah how much our essence that they give to really yeah. It really did so not only did i get blighted essence from the oracle chest. Which counts towards two percent towards my catalyst progression.

But also gave me something called an enigmatic blueprint. Which is an exotic ship schematic and since it s called a ship schematic..

I assume that we get a ship once we re able to complete it and the only way to complete it is if you do the whisper on heroic once a week for the next three weeks so you have to do it for each modifier and the modifier rotates every week. So on this week. We have arc singe and after you get this schematic you have to go back and have to complete the whisper non heroic and so you can check off the box for arcs inch. And then you have to wait till next week till.

It s solo singe completed then and you have to wait till. The next week after to complete it and for void singe now i assume that the blighted essence that you re able to earn will reset each week. So and by the end of the arc since week. Once you ve done everything.

Which includes getting all the five chests getting the extra oracle chest and completing the heroic version folio. You should have a total of thirty six percent at the end of our extension week. However if you do all of that except get the oracle chest for solar week and void week you should be able to if i am doing my math correctly upgrade your catalyst to a total of a 100 percent. That is if you re able to relearn that blood essence that you get from the chest and from completion.

Which would mean that you get to finish your catalyst at the end of void week. So it kind of sucks that it s time gated. But there s really not much we can do right now as of what we know so far especially for completing the shed schematic or just gonna have to wait for the weeks to go by and make sure that we complete each week for each modifier. So we can get a schematic and i guarantee you that we ll probably be able to get reset on blighted essence for each week.

As well and that will count towards upgrading or catalysts. So i think that ll do it for me..

Please. If you have any questions put them in the comments. I read every single comment. I will be helping out anyone that might have any confusion.

I know the oracle thing might be a little confusing. So any questions. I will answer them i will gladly do that if you re new here. Please subscribe to this channel.

If you like pve tutorials and pve challenges. I do that kind of stuff as much as i can and if you re watching you might as well like the video as well it really helps me out a lot especially like the video. If you thought it was informative. It s great way greatest way to support the channel.

And i think that ll do for me. Thank you so much for watching. And i hope i ll see you another time peace out. ” .


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If you want to know simply how to get Whisper of the Worm, you kind find a tutorial video from my boy Datto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRewTTLRkYku0026t=0s

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