Why character classes in RPGs are stupid

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“I m chad and i love role playing games. Rpgs pen and paper tabletop. So so dmd s. Scroll playing a very including dmd.

I don t play dendy much i play other stuff and anything else that s in which i take the role of a character so video games huge lover. More and one of the staples oh and things that you ll find very common in mini role playing games are character classes and now fuel character classes are absolutely stupid completely pointless unneeded and it creates restrictions in the game and play style and the number is now there are some arguments for character classes for instance. Having each person fulfill a specific kind of role you want to healer. You want to tank.

You want a dps damage and everything like that and so character classes help guide people fill the proper roles that need to be done. If you want to become successful at this game for instance healing is a very important thing and so if you don t have this kind of guidance saying look. There s ability to have lots of healing in this game. And if you don t have that guidance.

There s a good chance that not many healers might be played in the game. And therefore. Everyone will die. And that is one of the arguments for character classes for myself.

I still don t like character classes. Even though. There is some validity to the argument..


I ve just proposed and one of the reasons. Why i think that is that is because there are ways to get characters to fill certain roles in a game outside of making this very strict and you know stringent kind of pathway for them to follow. Which is what character classes often do i m not really complaining about the character classes that you find in demon souls of dark souls series. Because all that really does is change.

The beginning stats you have with the character and then you have freedom to modify them. However which way you want and that s fine and and really that s just kind of fake character classes. Because it s not really character classes. It s just helping you start you off in a certain play style now there the character classes that i really dislike are the ones that restrict certain weapon types like you re a wizard you re not allowed to use a sword.

But really like honestly think about that what is physically stopping this wizard from hang up a big sword is nothing in reality would do that so why can t they use a sword. It s just this is one of things that i just can t stand about character classes like this because it adds artificial stupid restrictions that honestly wouldn t exist in real life. Now it doesn t mean that you can t add restrictions in if you want to try and balance. Things like what one restriction could be larger like say armor.

Say magic is an energy that needs to leave a person s body to manifest itself in the real world and if you wear particularly thick restrictive clothing especially if it s made of metal or that blocks. The magic from coming out of the person s body wherever they are summoning it from that could be taken real. It s really wrong ways. It s coming from their heart.

Okay their heart nowhere. Else you don t mind out of the gods as you dirty people anyway. So there s some ways you could logically create levels of restrictions for certain play styles..


But for not being able to pick up a certain weapon like this wizard can t pick up a sword. Why because the magic says i know it s a bit stupid. What if my rogue wants to use a really big two handed sword. I reckon that could be pretty fun instead of like you can still do the sneaky sneaky thing.

But a sword is generally very effective at killing people especially if you wanted to pay play the thug like rogue that just threatens people to you know get their money. And even if you don t even need a big dinosaur. What about just um a long sword or a katana or something like that to play the vicious assassin type character i don t know. But these rogues are no they re only allowed to use daggers and crossbows like really restrictions like that a stupid that pointless they go and they just don t make sense ah.

But then there is multi classing. What have you got multi car. So you can just take a level in some other class that allows you to use that type of weapon. But but what if you like a person your ally what if they still want to practice their magic.

A little while so at the same time practical use a swords. A little do you see what i m saying again character classes leads to unrealistic artificial restrictions on you know play styles. And what weapons. An army are allowed to use now don t get me wrong.

I have played many rolling games that have a lot of freedom in crossing over using abilities. One class or the other and stuff like that and they work you know quite well to the point. Them that that the character classes don t really serve a purpose at all why don t you get rid of the character classes have all the abilities that are you know available to what those carry classes were and give the players the freedom to pick what they want as they level up that would work pretty good as well..


And what s great about that is then you have freedom you can mold the character to be the type of character you want now. I also get the argument of what about if you pick the wrong skill and stuff like that well that can happen if you have classes as well and the way they fix. I didn t say video games is allowing people to wreak on their skills and repack them. And that s actually done quite often in video games.

And that level of freedom adds. A lot of pleasure and joy. And if it s a a pen and paper role playing game. Well you can add story kind of elements that could explain things any number where you can do anything you want especially through the game master your god in that game you can really explain everything you want to say if character felt they made a mistake in picking one skill.

I mean. It s the type of game you want to play because in role playing games that isn t nearly as game. Breaking and ruining your character as that can be in video games. But even if you really wanted to change it well there s any number of ways you could explain in the narrative to help switch that skill over the next thing that annoys me about character classes is that they make a restriction on the type of characters that could exist at all so say we ll look at dungeons dragons.

You know the classic and them don t mean to bash on it s just that everyone is aware of the indie and so it s a good point of reference and so you have fighters you have you know wizards sorcerers rogues rangers barbarians okay but then what about the more obscure kind of caring classes you could want to play what if you wanna play assassin. What if you want to play a knight. Well fastened here. You just start by a rogue and a knight.

You just play a fighter or a paladin there you go so you know they claim that it s covered yet they have a thing called prestige classes and then they have they bring out other classes like look at diablo where they bring out multiple classes and the expansion packs and stuff like that if any type of rpg ever comes out with expansion characters character classes prestige house or anything like that something new you didn t have before it is a direct acknowledgement on their behalf that their original character classes were not versatile or encompassing enough to cover all the different playstyles that you want to play. And don t let you play the world carry world of characters that you could possibly create if you had the freedom to that means it s incomplete. It s restrictive and it sucks on the game..


I must suck. But the concept that carried the classes are falling apart in my mind at least. I prefer free them i prefer making whatever character i could possibly think of and i can think of some really you know unique and eccentric ones. And i want the freedom to be add and make them.

And so the games that work best are the ones. Where you can mold a character bit by bit gaining your skills in one training. Where you want and just doing anna and sometimes you will make a very iconic. You know character that fills the role that a character class would generally direct you towards.

But then you also have the option of not having to do that which is wonderful it creates such more immersion and fun in a game. And there are a lot of games that do it. But then there are other restrictions that they often put in as well sorry tell me what you think do you like character classes. Do you think.

There is a role for them in video games. And if you do and i look forward to reading your comments and reading or trying to understand the logic behind your opinions and if you agree with me. I d like to hear why you think so as well. I hope you ve enjoyed this little rant is just something that i just felt like you know ranting talking about and until next time farewell you ” .


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I don t like Character Classes in role playing games and in this video I ll tell you why.

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