Witcher 3 Combat Tips Tutorial

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“It s liam gaming and in this tutorial. I want to talk about combat and and help you survive. Various battles inside the witcher with a few tips and tricks help me hopefully they ll help you as well. So the first thing is before you go into combat make sure your health is nice and good so your vitality always want to try and keep at 100 you do that with eating food drink and also potions potions are really cool.

Because you can replenish them quite easily over time by meditating so long as there s some alcohol inside your inventory. So i just drink. A potion here you can see i ve now about three swallows left. If i meditate and i ll just meditate for like a half hour.

They will then get put back up so you can see now i ve got five of each that s a simple first thing to do another thing just to quickly point out before we battle is if you go into your options. You ve got your gameplay and in here. There s the difficulty level so if you are really struggling you can adjust this how i find blood and broken bones is a good challenge not too difficult. But you know a lot more challenge than the standard one of the main differences is that your health doesn t automatically replenish over time you have to meditate and heal.

And you sorry use meditate to get your potions back up to full and use those or use food and of course. It makes battling a little bit more difficult as well ok. So that s one thing you can do is adjust the difficulty next thing to point out is your level level is very important. So if i pause here top right you can see my level is 52.

So in theory. Any beasties around that level or below or slightly above. I should be able to deal with so when we look at a monster or something we re gonna battle with you can see that wild dog over there s level 45 and the level is gray. So it should mean i m alright to battle let s just start slightly quicker than i wanted and one thing you can use to protect yourself is quinn.

Which you get with the lb button. So if i release that on quinn and then activate it sorry. I didn t didn t do it there so i m just gonna dodge. It out the way just to show you this so the way.

I m dodging the minute is the b button. That s just keeping these guys. Under control now a pack of dogs is quite dangerous because they can come from any side so one way i can help protect myself before i go into bout was to activate quinn. Which is a sign that s kind of like a shield and will give you one protection.

If the dog bites you or something like that so that s one way so of course your saw fighting is one way to deal with these dogs he s run off. He ll come back come back right so you come so one thing you can do is protect yourself. By putting your sword guard up. Which is your left trigger on the xbox doge out the way which is the b button you can also roll.

Which is it hold down a or doubletap. A and it s quite good just to practice that to start avoiding suckers. It s there once you re stuck in here. Your health can go down.

Rather quickly. So getting used to moving like this and just keeping out the way of getting bitten or whatever is it a good thing to do okay. So. When you ve got a hang of that you can then think about different ways to battle this job.

Okay so if you hold down the l button as you as you progress over the game you ll open up your various signs and one of the most offensive is quinn so if we activate that that gives me she ll now allow me to take one hit like that i don t get hit when that s done. But then my stamina goes down. So i can t just keep using quinn. So what else have we got in our arsenal that can help us another really cool one is art.


Which is a telekinetic blast. So i hear that one know what the dog like that what s really cool about this if i walked up to him in here x. He s gone that quick so art is really powerful and a nice way of beating something very easily. And it can also be used for controlling lots of these guys at the same time so here.

I ve got another one come in let s get the other two in just so we thought a little bit of about going on and you can see if i hit if i power up art. I thinking it too at the same time take that one out really easy. So that s a real simple way of battling another one is of course to use your trusty sword. If i use the x.

There s a light attack. And there why is a heavy attack now you can see i ve taken a bit of a hit there and this night s come in to help me. It s nice so the things they have in your quick inventory. Which at if i just pour should go to not their inventory.

It s good to have in your consumables. Which are over here so quick access things to help heal you either food or potions or both potions are really cool. Because you can replenish them with alcohol over time when you meditate. But the food of course doesn t have that problem the downside of a potion is also is toxic seed can only take so many before geralt starts looking quite ill and can t take any more.

So you can see this one is 20 20 out of 100 toxicity server to take all of them all. 5. Then i m going to start looking pretty ill. We can see they give vitality regeneration shearing combat.

So they re had put two have in your inventory. Or if you re getting in real trouble. Another cool potion to have at hand is the rosette for this one here superior white rapid decoction now potions are something that you make throughout the game. With alchemy.

So it s well worth having a look at alchemy. If you re a bit confused on alchemy have a look at my other movies. Because i ve got one on alchemy and another one you can use is oils. Which are useful for battling certain foes they give you a perk on your sword against a particular type of monster or human or whatever and bombs is also used for one so how do you know what to use with what well another thing and you can see it s quite nice that we can pause in the menu as if we flick over to there s a beast tree.

We can have a look at what things are vulnerable against the dogs which we re battling here. Which is a beast vulnerable against a beast oil so if we go back to our inventory. I could say right i m struggling here. I m not really but just to give you give you the example.

I could say right i need a bit of help so let s go and grab an oil and i m gonna use beast oil. We re not gonna find the favorite thing. There it is i apply it to my blade and then that blade. If we now look at it says.

It s 50 attack power versus beasts because it s superior beast oil for 60 years. So that s gonna kick the beast bucks that s one thing we can use another thing. If we really want to power up our attack is thunderbolt. So you can see that at least.

We 35 percent attack power and 100 percent critical hit chance during storms. So i really want to kick this guy s butt. I can apply both for those and this all it s giving me a big bonus against them. So let s just go and excuse me exactly s guys.


That s just a light so they can see i m in a bit of trouble with my health here. This is where i said that big potion is really handy so if i go inventory and i go and i could have a sinner the quickest lot i really should do that but i don t know why heaven and it s this one yeah. There we go so i could assume that look at my vitality back up to 15000. So i m now no longer in trouble so i attack.

No problem got the dog. There and we ve wiped out those so let s go into another battle another thing. That s important just before these guys come and attack. Me is to think about your protection.

So like oh shows you quickly quinn can protect you from a hit. But armor is also very important so have a look at your armor. Seeing yourself added some armor here and you always want to keep this around about your level or there abouts and shit and always keep an eye out for future levels of course. If i looked at something like say this 209 armor is only level 36.

I can compare it to mine with l trigger. Lt. And you can see my armor lock. I m currently using is level 45.

So it s worth 260 armor against the 209 heavy armor over there so keeping your arm is good because it s going to help you from getting bashed. Too much. And there s different types of armor this heavy medium and light the heavier the armor the more it ll protect you. But the less stamina you have so you can t do so many actions as quickly or move around as quite as swiftly as you can without us here jimmy are not bothered which ones.

I go with i think i d only go with medium or light. Another thing you can do with armor. If it s got the little dots next to it you can power these up with various different various different glyphs is the word. I m looking for i ve not actually powered this armor up at the minute.

I m just leaving it so i m looking for some more powerful glyphs. But you can do that if they re magic armor same with your sword as well. But yeah we ve added that oil to this one here and let s just have a look at some of the other signs. We ve got because that s not the only ones that we can use so we ve got quite a few guys here to attack.

So i ll have a little look at uni. So there s another thing you can use against dogs. I ve set that one off fire. So he s gonna go away woofing away gonna pick up sitting on fire.

And then these ones will just try and control a little bit. So you can see that different things will work better with different things you can see where i ve got a peck. If i hit this that didn t hear that very well nice night trying to help me a good guy so i m in trouble there again the entry so handle offline. That s a quick slurry should do that so we re gonna put that in there.

So i ve got access to all the time one of those so i access it by holding down. And there we go straight back up to full strength that s a good thing of getting yourself out of trouble. What s now that dog got he s run off over here there is. But yeah.

The art is so cool for knocking someone over and giving you a bit of breathing space or just walk up to it and go bye bye bye bye less known you know it was quite a funny animation there um so there s some of the main things one thing. We didn t cover there was the bombs so bombs are sometimes useful against characters sorry characters or monsters or whatever and let s just see if we can find something for you to use a bomb against i ll go up here. See what we can find right so not these hate art support right. I think everybody hates our sport.


I ve never found anyone who does like right so art sports. How do i know it s an art sport so first we like a near one flame. Anything there you go second see. It s an art sport.

And if i go to that glossary again find out what it was various arts sport testicle. One cursed oil art and pick me so if i go to my inventory. And this time. I want to use a different oil.

So it was cursed wasn t it so apply that cursed oil that s gonna help me and then that s bad all these guys so. I said evening and also art right so let s try our first ah i like it in my dad. Did it haha. So i could just use art and give it a good whipping.

I could also add in thunderbolt to increase my power attack powers well i need to add a swallow potion. There just to get a bit of energy back you also got these things you want to shrink. It or them out the way as well so you see i m still struggling to get my health back up so needs to keep an eye on that if you need freedom in space. Remember you can go to your inventory.

And do stuff from there or if you prefer i could just use the quick access. There you can see much of assisity is very high now so in this case. I will go to my inventory. Because another potion.

I can take which can help is white honey will clear all toxicity. I could also use bombs. So we didn t see bombs let s just show you a bomb. See where there s anything interesting fire damage that sounds cool.

So i m gonna find out the bombs section. There dragons dream. Okay so when you ve got the bombs act. If you highlight over them here and select them.

And then you can just quickly throw them by hitting the rb button. And they all i guess. It s white. There we go so you didn t like that did they were gonna attack him brah and then the last thing that we didn t really show you was the i want to show you one more thing in battle.

And that is the crossbow crossbow. I m really used to be fair they just have a big benefit when you re underwater in that it s the only thing you can fire to get rid of certain things. Like um brianna s attacking you from there are just all when things fine in the air as well actually it s quite good for bringing them down. But i really use it in battle because it s not that powerful dogs again so if i want to use that i go here select.

It and yeah. Let s see it s of no use whatsoever with oh. God they re all coming at me. Now right there take my little white ref.

It s i m gonna use hard right. But yeah. You really want to get used to dodging. See i ve got an awful lot.


So you can see there i ve used quite a lot potions. If i know meditate. I ll get those potions back it says. I ve used wolven spirit to mix them to meet plenty from alchemy items.

Which is tall with me that s fine and then i can use my swallow again just to heal myself. I ll go into the next battle and all i wanted to see i just wanted to show you the crossbow which i suppose i can just fire without anything here so crossbows. They re lightweight ranged weapon. And it will slow down time slightly and you can pair it up over time but you just hold our button with it selected and then you can aim it and fire it like i said.

It s particularly good for stuff in the air. So you can fire stuff like that if we have a quick look in inventory. I ll just think about some other stuff to help you with combat. It s always worth keeping an eye on your sword and other new ones that you pick up or that you find and because obviously that s going to increase your attack power.

So if you el t on any sword. That you highlighted it ll compare it to your current equip sword. So you can see my current equip sword is better than this sword here so it s not worth really changing. And you can see the glyphs that i ve added there s a on the right they re great at shriek laughs.

Des vana and stri borg are adding some extra perks to my sword. I ve also added an oil. Which has given me an extra attack power versus beasts. I ve got they 7 260.

Left of that and i can also see the same with the it s gonna have a little look at it or is it there we go the same with my silver sword similar sort of stuff. There. So that s quite cool you can add different bolts here for your crossbow. So you can see these standard ones given four to six piercing damage.

I could have other ones here like this 13 to 15 damage. So apply those we ve talked about potions. We ve talked about bombs. The only other thing was armor so armor like i say keep that as good as you can over time and that s about it really if you re weak on your potions like i say have a look at the alchemy tutorial that i ve got of oils or bombs on how to power those up because they you build them up over time as well there s standard and you can build them up to superior level.

And then you get bigger perks over time the one last thing that we ll talk about very quickly just before we finish is the character screen. This is worth spending some time on because you can up the power of your combat by options or your signs or your alchemy general. I ve got a movie on this but basically you want to be as you as you level up. Applying your points in here to increase you know what other things you want this no right or wrong way to use this you can use it however.

You wish you invest more in combat or signs or whatever you can see i ve invested quite heavily an egg nice in my knee is very powerful just because i like fire. I think it s a good fun that effect you can switch between combat and magic or the signs. If you wish and you ll find certain certain beasties. Etc are more what s the word more damaged by certain things.

So some will be it more damage by igni than hidden or so hidden. It s very useful against neck night race for example igni is you know good against things that like to be set on fire. And that sort of stuff. I hopefully.

That s given you a bit of an idea with character with combat. I hope so anyway and if it was give us a thumbs up that s always much appreciate it and have a look at the rest of the channel for more with your tutorials thanks very much for watching. ” ..


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In this Witcher 3 Combat Tips Tutorial I give you some ideas for battling in the game. In this movie, I m playing on Xbox One, but the tips are easy to use on other platforms.

Combat options in the game are extensive and you can fight in many different styles. Personally, I like a mix of sword fighting, dodging and signs, but there s no right or wrong way. Just have fun! Hopefully, my Witcher 3 Combat Tips Tutorial will give you some ideas on how to improve your combat whilst playing the game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by CD Projekt Red is in my opinion the best RPG ever made. You can find out more about it at: https://thewitcher.com/en/witcher3

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