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“What s up everybody welcome back today we re going to go through my northern northern realms deck build i ve had a few questions on the channel about my build and i ve had a few requests to do deck build guides and i ve been holding off doing them just for the fact that generally i found in the past. What that when putting together videos like this it tends to just get like a bunch of gnashing of teeth in the channel about how that s not the right way to do things. And that s not the right way this and that s not and that s i really that i find that annoying this shit so i ve been holding off. But today one of a longtime subscriber.

Asked a question about the deck. And i felt it was worth putting up a video just to go through some of the basics of how i ve got my endgame deck built and some of the strategies around it i ll put the typical caveat in here that i do in some of my videos. Which is this is not the only way to build a northern realms deck this is not the only way to play in northern realms deck nor is the strategies i talked about the only strategies involved with playing a northern realms deck everything can be done to your own liking in customizing deck any way you want i just thought. It was helpful to put together a video show you how i have my deck set up and kind of give you the thinking behind why i set it up the way.

I did so let s jump into our gwent deck and get started commanders on the northern realm side for the commanders. I always run by default. The clear weather commander i find him to be the most powerful commander in my opinion because it allows me to play a clear weather anytime. I want and it lets me completely ignore any weather effects that get stacked on the board.

So i don t really have to worry about what someone else is playing against me. I know i always have this ace up my sleeve. That i can whip out and drop down and kind of reset the weather on the board. So i find it very useful.

It s also the reason that i don t run any clear weather cards myself so early early on the game you may wind up running this a lot and using your your impenetrable fog cards from your deck themselves to deal with any ranged lines that wind up getting stacked against you. But honestly once i got this commander this is the only commander i really play in my northern realms deck at all so i haven t really switched out i really haven t found a need to there are other decks that have other commanders which have better abilities. But since we re just talking about the northern realms deck this is the guy i run the other ones are this pretty much a commander s horn on your siege unit line and this which is if you re playing against an enemy. That is really siege heavy it s a good way to kind of like rape his siege line permanently.

So that is it on commanders nothing too special there once again this is my recommendation for who to run because i find it to be so useful getting into the deck. My deck is built around a strategy of spies medics and decoys and all of the unique mechanics that play into using those cards. So let s talk about what i ve got running here go down to the bottom and check them out. I m running thaler dijkstra prince dennis and the mysterious elf so i m running for spies.

The reason. I m running for spies is i enjoy playing the game in a way that will allow me to out draw my opponent. If i can out card. Them i will generally win the decks that you find this to be challenging against are definitely or the deck that you find this challenging against is definitely going to be the nilfgaardian empire deck.

Because they also have the capability of running so many spies. However. The reason that i run 3 decoys. All the time is because with the spy game you re generally unless you re playing against a monster deck the way it s going to go is you ll play a spy on their board.

And if they have the ability to they will decoy one or more of your spies off and play them back on your side so when you play the spy. Initially you get two cards out of it when they play it back on your side. If you have a decoy you can decoy it off and play again which instead of getting two cards out of a spy. You mind up getting four cards out of that spy.

Because you re able to play it twice..

Now if you are running the mysterious elf. You know that this is a great spy card to play against an opponent that you know has medics or decoys because they can t medic this out of their discard pile nor can they decoy it off the board. So it s a great way to permanently put a spy on their board that they really can t do anything about when it comes to medics. I m running the done banner medic and i m also running yennefer.

I m running them both because when you play yennefer. She s a one and done you can t decoy her off the board and you can t medic her out of your discard pile. However when you play the done banner medic you can play her take a card out of your discard. And then you can decoy her off play her back and take another card out of your discard.

If you play her and you re not able to decoy her off or you choose not to you can always if you have yennefer in your deck play yennefer to wind up medic in your medic out of your discard pile. So you wind up playing yennefer to get this card out of your discard. And then when she plays on the board. Automatically she gives you the ability to pull yet another card out of your discard pile so it s a good way to chain medics together and as i said the decoys really help especially with the done banner medic because it allows you to player and kind of you know cheat your way through taking her off the board.

Putting her back on the board taking her off the board putting her back on the board to pull cards out of your discard pile that i find to be incredibly useful for the standard cards that i run i run three blue stripes commandos three rivers dragon hunters and two catapults notice each one of them has the titebond ability as far as these cards go. These are my main point cards outside of heroes and these two sets are the ones. I stick with most often i don t use the catapult unless i have to so if i get these in an in an initial card draw. It s likely that i will discard them.

And if they come back in a spy draw or something along those lines that s okay. But i m really trying to get my three you know two or three rivers dragon hunters two or three blue blue stripes commandos when you re playing these cards make sure you are careful how early you play them and how many you play on the board at a given time. The reason being you ve always got to be cognizant of scorch. If you ve seen scorch come out you might be feel better about playing these guys again.

But know that there s this dragon card that is in the game as well. He s a 7 point card that has the scorch ability on it that can come from a someone else s deck. So there can be multiple scorches that happen. But to bait out a scorch i might play you know two blue stripes commandos or to reverse dragon hunter and the reason i would do that is because if i have the right setup in my deck like a medic and a decoy if i play them and it does successfully bait out a scorch.

I can always either that round or the next round play my medic draw a card out of my discard pile play my decoy and play the medic again and draw the other card out of my discard pile so if i lost two rivers dragon hunters. I could bring them out of discard put them right back in the board. No problem and if that baits out another scorch well you know kind of is what it is but you want you made them burn to scorches and now you re clear to maybe play your blue stripes commando and hope that they re not running the dragon as well i have never got scorch three times in a game. It just hasn t happened that it s i m sure it s statistically possible but i m telling you it s never fucking happen to me so that s the strategy.

I kind of employ with those cards and that s why once again catapults they re useful because they have titebond. But i don t go too hard after them if i don t get them i really don t care if i do see them in my initial draw. I usually discard them in hopes of pulling a spy or pulling one of these guards or my medic. Because everything is kind of built around the spy medic decoy titebond collection of cards.

So as far as heroes go. I do run. All the northern realms heroes. So philippa esther.


Alice and vernon roche. I also run all the neutral heroes. So tris yennefer. Cirilla and geralt as well as the mysterious elf.

Obviously the one off type that end the difference between what a neutral hero. Is and a northern realms hero. Is you can see that banner on the left hand side of the card that distinguishes an actual deck specific hero from a neutral hero. So if it was an oaf guardian hero.

It would have like a black banner. This is northern realm. So it s got a blue banner. The other card that i run is the seven point dragon with the score ability.

This is a novelty card for me i like it because it s got points and because it has scorch. It s not something that makes or breaks my deck. If i get it that s great if i don t i don t care if i was low on spies in my initial card draw with my discard ability. It s likely.

I would discard this if i wasn t sitting on you know something like catapult or something along those lines in order to try to get a spy. So if coming up here and looking at the special ability cards that i run. I run three decoys. We talked about that i always run three decoys asterisks will talk about the asterisks there in a second and i almost always run to commander s horns as well.

So the reason. I don t run three is because i feel like running three cuts down on my ability to draw other cards that i want more the commander s horn is a great ability when i utilize it with my rivers dragon hunter or my blue stripes commandos however outside of that if i didn t get it it would suck but it wouldn t be a game changer the way i play so i feel like i have the ability if i can get my spies out that i have the ability to draw enough cards that it will pull me down and allow me to win a game triss is another hero car that i may wind up discarding in my initial card draw just because she s a 7 point value hero. I like heroes. The guy like cards that can t get scorched.

But if i was missing spies or if i hadn t been 8 wasn t able to build a decent set of these 2. I might have to sacrifice her to try to get one of those in a card draw so that s the basic setup of my deck let s talk about what i don t run and why we talked about the commander s horn scorch scorch is an amazing card if you ve watched my videos you know i fucking hate playing against scorch it s something i m always looking for because it can really screw you with the deck that i m running and the setup. I have if you go too deep on your blue stripes commandos or too deep on your reavers dragon hunters you can get yourself in a bad spot. Really quick it just doesn t work into my strategy that s all it comes down to it s not a bad card.

I m not saying not use it don t use it rather it just doesn t work for me we were talking about the decoys. I said i always run decoys asterisk. But that what that meant was if i m playing against a monster deck monster ducks don t have the ability to medic spies out of their discard pile so based on that alone. I don t run my decoys when i m playing against a monster deck just for the fact that i know i m not going to wind up seeing every one of my spies that i play back on my side of the board again every single time.

It s not something you can guarantee and i try to build this this generic deck setup around things that i can guarantee to see in just about every game the other thing i haven t seen monster decks do is decoy. I don t remember it i m old so my memory could be faded and addled and that s why i m not thinking of it at the time. But i just don t remember playing hey. I just don t remember playing a monster deck that was rockin decoys and was decoy spies off and playing them back on it may happen to you.

But it s once again it s just not something that s happened enough for me to build a deck around it so generally why i m going against the monster deck..

I will completely ditch my decoys and maybe drop another commander s horn in here. Maybe a biting frost or two so that brings us to biting frost. The reason. I don t generally run biting frost is the fact that biting frost torrential rain impenetrable fog they re all weather cards and my decks commander ability is to clear.

Weather abilities off the board. So i don t want to put myself in a situation. Where i have a card in my hand that i ve played and then the opposing player winds up playing something that s a weather card of their own that i really want to clear off and then i do that and i wind up clearing off my own weather card. So it s pretty much it was like a wasted card play for me i don t like to be in that situation so generally i don t run weather cards.

I say generally because early on in the game and even later when i m ditching these decoys against a monster deck. I will often replace them with biting frost. Because monster decks run a heavy heavy close combat line. And they have a shit ton of mustard drawers that you see and you can really give a monster deck player a bad day by dropping a biting frost on their close combat line and making their muster.

Pretty much worthless. So that s the situation which i would run this card. So before we close out early on in the game as you re building your deck. You re obviously not going to have all these cards you are capable of picking up some of these special cards very early on you re going to have a spy early on and you re going to be able to pick up this additional spy dekes row.

You re going to pick that up from playing the baron or really early on as well so you ll have yourself two spies. Very early on these guys can be obtained very early on so however some of the hero cards not so much you re going to have to play some more gwent quests to get into so to kind of fill out your deck. Without them. I would stick with your your siege cards because their high point values be careful playing siege cards that are of all sixes and your opponent doesn t have like a six on the board.

Because you can wind up getting into these escort situations. Where you get yourself screwed. So don t do that but just pay attention to that when you re playing them i like them because once again i can play them. And i don t have to worry about like a torrential rain being put on them and then it completely invalidating that siege line.

I can always just clear weather and you know go for the win along with these guys i definitely if you re going to apply that strategy by playing a lot of siege cards. I definitely recommend that you employ your your kid. Twenty siege experts to help with increasing the value of your siege cards. It only increases them by one.

But it s a one point one point especially if you have three or four siege cards down. There it can add up especially. If you wind up with like two kaedwen tcg experts that you drop on us each line. So that really helps early on i was running a lot of for fucking infantry guys and the reason for that was i like point management and card management out of my deck.

I don t like to play a five point card. If i can play a 1 point card. And accomplish the same task so a lot of times like when you get into it you ve passed the first round and lost and then you get yourself into a situation. Where your opponent comes out the second round and drops like a six on the board.

And then you play like a five point value card and then they pass you need to be able to beat them otherwise is going to lose the game..

And it s nice to be able to just drop a sorry if they played a six and you play two six you re going to need to be able to beat them. And it s nice to be able to just drop a one point card on the board versus having to drop like a five six or seven point cardboard a point card on the board in order to get the win. It s about deck management and point management your deck that s why you can see i run so few cards in my deck and they re all they all have a special purpose. So that s why i ran them early and also if you draw a couple of them together.

They re good opening cards they re good way to bait cards out of your opponent s deck. So if you can play a one point value card and your strategy that first rounds. I m going to play my one point value card. I ll play some spies and i m going to give up the round if in so doing you can bait out you know a four point value card or a five or a ten or something along those lines with your one it s in your favor.

Because it s likely not to show up in the following round unless you get yourself into a like a medic situation. Where there medic in cards out of their discard pile. So that s why i would run these guys these two cards. I never ran ever they ve never been in my deck and then early on obviously i stacked my deck pretty heavy with some of these random cards that were of the higher point value ignored and aligned.

But just because i needed additional cards in my deck. And there was nothing else to put in there that s about it i mean. There s nothing much you can do early on other than to run. Some of these basic cards and just use them for what they are which is the point value just make sure that you re managing.

What cards you have in your deck along with like your commanders horns. So if you re running a bunch of ranged cards make sure you if that s your strategy make sure you put all of the ranged cards in your deck versus like doing one ranged card and like one close combat and then a siege or something because that plays into using the commander s horn. When you get those cards available to a drop on a line. You can maximize the line by having more of that specific type on the line.

When you play it so that s about it. And the reason. I don t run the n line is because i just i just don t care about the end of line. I d rather have the commander s horn car.

But i can play anywhere. I want versus having to only be able to play it on my close combat line which would affect my blue stripes commandos so that s why i don t run him i just run one of these instead so that is it for the northern realms deck build strategy i hope this has helped explain how i have my deck setup. Please check the video description i ve got links all of the other gwent videos that i have on the channel. And if you re interested in seeing how some games play out there s a tutorial on there where i go through quite a few games in the tutorial and then all the gwent quest videos.

All have the full gameplay from all the gwent games that you have to play in witcher. 3. So you can see how your opponent s decks are built what cards they run. What strategies they employ and how i beat them with with this deck.

So i hope that helps thanks for watching ticker. ” ..

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An overview of my Northern Realms Gwent deck, the build along with the strategy and thoughts behind how I set it up and why.

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