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“Guys before we kick this off. I just want to give a shout out to to joseph shoo preet. If i m pronouncing that correctly he managed to find the paypal link on my website. So joseph i want to thank you i appreciate it and let s kick off the collectible guide.

Here this is the first nygma. There s a hundred almost 3129 collectibles and this is in chapter. One after you breach the store. A little bit ways after you start the game.

And then after you break down this door go in the room to the right and you ll find this first to dig my file now just a quick note here. Some areas have commanders in there. And if you stealth kill them it ll reveal collectibles on the map. Not all of them.

However are going to be revealed on the map. So that s the first one and now here. I ve stealth killed. A commander.

So the collectibles are showing on the map. So the first gold is the gold medal is going to be back here and then you re going to climb through this little hole in the wall over here in the back left corner. And then just make your way in here. And there s going to be the gold medal.

Now. I m showing you all of the gold as well as the enigma and the letters that are in here those pertain to the trophies. The armor and health upgrades. Do not so i m not showing those in this and now the second and enigma here is going to be just up in this room.

Here. And you re going to pull these levers. It s going to be the left one the right one and then the center. One and that s going to reveal a secret hidden room and you can find the collectible in here as well as the pistol silencer upgrade so make sure you grab that as well and then moving on from here.

We re going to leave that area that room. And i m going to go up and around. And there s going to be a room with the first letter in this in the game. And it s going to be in you re sitting right on the bunk.

And then there s going to be a goblet and you can see it located on the map with the question mark this is after you disable. The second gun. There and you go in this room. And this is a tricky little bastard.

It s underneath this tarp. You can kind of see it right there just kind of lie down. Here. And then you can pick that up a lot of these collectibles are pretty well hidden especially some of the ones that are not located on the map.

But the second enigma here you got the big nazi dog thing and before grabbing your partner s hand go into the room back here and then collect that now this is after you get into the compound. Here. You re going to climb down that chain and then you re going to come out here and in this room straight in front of me..


I ve already cleared the enemies. There will be a commander in here around here. There s a chalice right there for you and then i m going to take it from this room. We re going to go straight across.

I kind of take a little detour. If you just went straight down that hall you would have ended up in the same place. But i don t know why i chose to go down here instead taking the long way here and then you re going to cross these planks here and then you want to drop down into this hole. And then here is going to be the another enigma code for you now once you get all the enigma files.

You can go into the extras. Menu and try to crack the enigma thing. I will have all videos for those as i crack them as well now a gold sword. This is just going to be a little further on you re going to come to this room.

Where you can either go behind the painting on the wall in front of me or up the stairs. There to the right instead kind of make your way back here. And this sword is a collectible for you now from the same room. I m going to go through that secret passage.

You know you can open that passage by triggering the statue just to the left of that opening. But you want to make your way through here this little secret tunnel and then you want to open up this this grate. Here. And there s a guy in the room.

So i m just going to go ahead and take care of them with my silenced pistol. Now these are all again. I m going to be on the map. If you stealth kill.

A commander. Again not all. The collectables and all the levels will allow you that luxury. But in this area you can get them all to pop up on the map.

Now after you ve gone around the outside of the and then kind of jumped through the window and come up into this area. And there s going to be a collectible in one of the crates here that you need to break open. It s right there and then there s going to be one more. This is kind of where you make the defense.

There with a gun and before you head out or before you engage in that encounter which i m doing here you want to come back to this corner here and through this little crack in the wall. You can get the niccola now. This is going to be in the final area. This is when you re trying to find the key card for the door you re going to find the enigma file right there so now we re in chapter.

2. This is the asylum and again you can get these to appear on the map as well if you stealth kill one of the commanders. But on the first floor here. If you make your way back towards where the stairs are and then kind of go up these these stairs are blocked.

But right here is going to be the collectible and then there s going to be a letter also down in this i m sorry. This is actually on the lower level and then if you go back here you see this little doorway here that says opens from the other side. So we re going to go to the other side here we shoot through the stairs and at the crouch and target..


The lock. There i don t know why i m actually using the iron sights. It s easier just a hipfire. But once you ve opened up that door you re going to find the letter back here.

And then there s going to be the last one in chapter. 2. Is going to be outside and it s going to be right in the front of this car. So you re gonna have to duck to get that and that ll be it for chapter 2.

And we re going to head into a new world and there s gonna be a gold watch these won t be on the map. But this is right at the very beginning where you have to interrogate the guy and write on the desk over here this little table just past them is going to be the watch. And then there s also going to be another one a letter and it s going to be in the drawer. Where you get the eye protection.

So you grab those and you re going to put them on and then you re going to your character is going to turn away from that drawer. You want to then turn back towards the drawer and look inside of there and you ll find roman s letter. Now we re going to head to the outside area and you can get these. Although popup on my map.

If you stealth kill a commander. But before you even run into a commander you re going to if you go down this tunnel over here from where the truck was in the beginning right before the passage. There to the left or right after in this corner is the enigma now you can see i have uncovered all the collectables as well as the map location will also be uncovered. This one is going to be by the the tower here on the left side is going to be pinned up against this little shack.

Here. And then there s going to be a gold egg. And that s going to be right on the opposite side of that shack so from this location. And this is going to be i get to look down for this one it s very well hidden as well and then from that location.

We re going to go into the building over here. And now you can climb up this ladder. Here and now in this little room. The map is right in front of me.

Here you can see it on the wall. So we re going to go ahead and grab that but also the enigma is going to be right there so now we re just after you get in the truck and you moved up to this gate. Here. You re gonna have to go through this building.

Here. And there s gonna be a bunch of guys as well as a collectible. I ve cleared the guys obviously already but you just go over here and then at the spool and you can get that collectable. It s a little further on and you re going to come into this basement area this kind of lab area and then inside a locker.

Just to the left over here is going to be the egg nygma and then the next. One is going to be in the same area. And it s going to be actually in the location. Where the commander is and it s in the back right corner over there right by the car.

I ve already dispatched them use the silenced pistol on them then the passenger seat of this car is going to be the enigma and then no this is going to be in the very final section area. And there s this building the back left you can go through the front door or if you want to be a more stealthy approach. Here you can climb up this ladder and crawl through this hatch in the roof and then we re going to drop down..


And it s going to be just to our right when we drop down. And there s going to be one more in this area before we hop onto a train. And this one this one took me a little while to get i saw it on the map. I had no idea how to how to get this.

It s just it baffled me particularly the first time you run through here. You don t realize the thin metal plates can be cut open with a laser cutter. Well you can also cut them open with our blasted open rather with that you can see it there on the map. You can blast.

It open with this gun here. So what you got to do is you have to melt off the metal on this plate. Here. There used to be a crate and blocking authority destroyed that so you have to use that gun to access this area.

But once you re down in here. Medallion is going to be right here on the desk. Then we re going to go to the very final section of chapter three and this is when you re on the train. And you re taking the coffee to the back.

And if you go to this little area over here inside then this one took me forever to find. But inside this little closet you can barely see the gold doorknob now we re moving on to eisenwald prison. And this is going to be you re not going to have any this isn t going to rather appear on the map at all so right at the very beginning you re going to climb out the balcony and into this window. Here.

And that s the letter and then the gold plate. This is after you get the laser cutter. I m gonna have to get the battery first and then pick up the laser cutter. You re going to go back out to this hallway.

And there s going to be a little fence here you can use your cutter on to cut open an opening. You can see it there on the map. So once you ve cut open a hole for you to go in there and pick up that gold plate. And then if you need to charge the battery.

It s in that next room and speaking in the next room. That s where you can cut up it cut up in another fence and then you can get the gold frame. So none of those are actually ever going to appear on the map. But these are these ones here we ll this is the area you climb out the window and then back into another window.

And there s the map and then if you come over here you can pick up this document and that s not the collectible. But if you put it in this filing cabinet. It ll reveal a secret hidden passage now once you go down. Here you can get the the enigma file.

Here and the 8th enigma code. 8. 8. Is just a little bit further.

Where you do have the commander. And if you take them out stealthily look just to your left on the desk. And you ll find the enigma and you see right there on the map..


So i m going to go ahead and pick that up and then this is after you climb into this little opening here and you re going to have the little the dog come chase. Yeah. And you re going to have to slide a breeze coming at it and you re the slide underneath here and then use your gold cutter to open that chain and you re going to drop down into this area and as soon as you drop down. There s going to be these fences here that you can cut open.

These are this is a very tricky hard to find one as well because it doesn t look like there s anything behind here. But once you break this open you can drop down. And then this hallway is going to be the enigma code. Once i get my bearings here and pick up some armor and overcharge.

So there s the code. There s the there s location on the map. Now this is just a little bit further you got the sleeping dog there into the room to the right. There was a pass code key you have to get.

But if you continue forward here inside this room just to our left and go in that door if you want but i m going to go in this one here and there s a sleeping guard in the chair sleeping commander. Rather you should get fired as the once you take him out it s going to be in the briefcase on the desk in front of them at this point. Now you ll have enough enigma codes to unlock and crack the the first enigma code. If you want but we re going to move on after this and go into the cold room.

And the cold room is the next area. And there s going to be a gold nugget. It s going to be on top of a whole coal pile in the opposite side of this room on the my main level. So we re just going to kind of go down to the first level here and then this gold nugget is going to be right here and a hard to see and then we got another enigma code.

This is after the prison section. You re going to go in through this opening. Here. There s going to be a bunch of guys here and a whole bunch of weapon cache.

As well and some dog food apparently so on this table here is going to be the enigma. There s going to be a gold helmet. And i m going to take you from that location and we re going to go up the stairs. And it s going to be in a room right here just to the right and it s going to be in the locker.

It s going to be the gold helmet kind of looks like an armor upgrade. So be careful. It s actually little collectible. There so i m going to take you from this location to the final collectible in chapter.

4. And it s going to be down a hall and you re going to find some stairs to the left. And you re going to go up and take that to a room and you ll find the final enigma code on the table. So that s going to do it for the first four chapters.

I do hope you join me for the next part which will cover chapters 5 through 9. ” ..

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. Wolfenstein: The New Order – All Gold, Enigma Codes and Letter Collectibles Locations for Chapter 1 – .Deathshead s Compound
Chapter 2 – Asylum
Chapter 3 – A New Home
Chapter 4 – Eisenwald Prison

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Chapter 1
0:17 Engima 1:1
0:45 Gold Medal
1:13 Enigma 1:2
1:42 Oskar s Letter
1:58 Gold Goblet
2:19 Enigma 1:3
2:32 Gold Chalice
2:48 Enigma 1:4
3:18 Gold Sword
3:40 Enigma 1:5
4:13 Gold Floorball
4:34 Enigma 1:6
4:52 Enigma 1:7

Chapter 2
5:02 Enigma 1:8
5:24 Izabela s Letter
5:56 Gold Ornament

Chapter 3
6:09 Gold Watch
6:27 Roman s Letter
6:47 Enigma 1:9
7:08 Enigma 8:1
7:23 Gold Egg
7:38 Enigma 8:2
8:01 Enigma 8:3
8:17 Enigma 8:4
8:32 Enigma 8:5
8:53 Enigma 8:6
9:21 Gold Medallion
10:02 Gold Door Knob

Chapter 4
10:21 Erdmann s Letter
10;40 Gold Plate
11:03 Gold Frame
11:23 Enigma 8:7
11:53 Enigma 8:8
12:13 Enigma 2:1
13:05 Enigma 8:9
13:43 Gold Nugget
14:05 Enigma 2:2
14:22 Gold Helmet
14:49 Enigma 2:3

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Wolfenstein: The New Order has the following trophies
Wolfenstein master (Platinum)
Collect all trophies

Liberation (Gold)
Complete game on any difficulty

Super hero (Silver)
Complete game on I AM DEATH INCARNATE! (or BER)

ber hero (Silver)
Complete game on BER

All that glitters (Bronze)
Collect 25 gold items

Heart of gold (Silver)
Collect all gold items

The lives of others (Bronze)
Collect all letters

Secrets revealed I (Silver)
Solve the first Enigma code

Secrets revealed II (Silver)
Solve the second Enigma code

Secrets revealed III (Silver)
Solve the third Enigma code

Secrets revealed IV (Silver)
Solve the fourth Enigma code

Scout I (Bronze)
Unlock stealth perk 1

Knife throwing (Bronze)
Unlock stealth perk 2

Knife sheath + (Bronze)
Unlock stealth perk 3

Knife sheath ++ (Bronze)
Unlock stealth perk 4

Silent shot (Bronze)
Unlock stealth perk 5

Vampire (Bronze)
Unlock stealth perk 6

Scout II (Bronze)
Unlock stealth perk 7

Assassin (Silver)
Unlock stealth perk 8

Deadeye (Bronze)
Unlock tactical perk 1

Quick draw (Bronze)
Unlock tactical perk 2

Quick regeneration (Bronze)
Unlock tactical perk 3

Gun magazine + (Bronze)
Unlock tactical perk 4

Shotgun magazine + (Bronze)
Unlock tactical perk 5

AR magazine + (Bronze)
Unlock tactical perk 6

Marksman magazine + (Bronze)
Unlock tactical perk 7

Quick reload (Silver)
Unlock tactical perk 8

Double reload (Bronze)
Unlock assault perk 1

Endurance I (Bronze)
Unlock assault perk 2

Scavenger (Bronze)
Unlock assault perk 3

Bullet feeder (Bronze)
Unlock assault perk 4

Endurance II (Bronze)
Unlock assault perk 5

Autopanzer (Bronze)
Unlock assault perk 6

LKW battery + (Bronze)
Unlock assault perk 7

Dual-wield expert (Silver)
Unlock assault perk 8

Throwback (Bronze)
Unlock demolition perk 1

Grenade pouch + (Bronze)
Unlock demolition perk 2

Grenade pouch ++ (Bronze)
Unlock demolition perk 3

Bullseye (Bronze)
Unlock demolition perk 4

Rocket magazine + (Bronze)
Unlock demolition perk 5

Vaporize (Bronze)
Unlock demolition perk 6

Sentinel (Bronze)
Unlock demolition perk 7

Hardened (Silver)
Unlock demolition perk 8

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