Wolfenstein: The New Order – Enigma Codes Solutions! – BONUS MODES

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” s guides hey guys mack here wolfenstein these are all the enigma code solutions also also known as cracks within the game. Now. What you re going to need to is go to the extras. Menu and then go into the enigmas code.

Option in there. And to actually be able to put in a code you will have to collect the enigma codes that are available and scattered throughout the game. If you need a collectible guide. I definitely have one on my channel check it out for code.

One that s what you re gonna need to put in on for both rows and then once you unlock it you get the 999 mode. Which gives you 999 health 999 ammo uber..

Difficulty and all of that now code 2. Is here as you see on screen and that will unlock another game mode the game mode. This will unlock is the walk in the park game mode that takes off your hood and you play on the hardest difficulty. So it definitely makes it harder now code number 3 looks like this if people are wondering how you get these codes.

It s like a mathematical quick equation you can do and i ll kind of explain it near the end of the video. If you want to stick around afterwards. If you put in that code you plan hardcore mode. And there s no health or armored pickups in the game.

And you re gonna be playing on uber difficulty. Which is the second hardest in the game code number..

4. That s what you re gonna need to put in you can obviously see a little bit of a pattern in the numbers as you can tell the last number is always a nine but anyways that will unlock the iron man diff bonus mode. Which you only get one life and as soon as you die the game is over and you play on uber difficulty. That s for achievements or trophies worth.

120. Gamerscore and i believe for bronze or for silver trophies. I ll show them here and as for those wondering where you get those codes. And how those numbers are made up it s a quick mathematical calculation.

Using the numbers in the code. So for enigma code 1 2..

For example you re gonna multiply the 1 in the 2 to get 2. And that s gonna be the number that goes in that slot. If the numbers multiply to something greater than 9. For example.

If you have a 4 and another 4 that multiplies to 16. Then you re gonna add the 1 and the 6 in the number 16 together to get 7. So four and four would be seven. And if they add up to a number greater than nine again so if you have for example.

Let s do some quick math. Here..

If you have something like eight seven. Though that multiplies 256 five plus six equals. Eleven eleven can t fit in the slots up to nine. So you re gonna add one plus one and that s gonna be two so the eight seven slot would be the number two anyways.

I hope that makes sense to those wondering and those curious thanks for watching guys hopefully. I did help you get the achievements make sure to like comment and subscribe. If you stuck around this long in the video thanks for watching i ll see you next time guys peace. ” .


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Wolfenstein: The New Order – Enigma Codes Solutions Cracked! – BONUS MODES

Code 1:
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01 09

Code 2:
02 04 06 08 01 03 05 07 09
07 05 03 01 08 06 04 02 09

Code 3:
03 06 09 03 06 09 03 06 09
06 03 09 06 03 09 06 03 09

Code 4:
04 08 03 07 02 06 01 05 09
05 01 06 02 07 03 08 04 09

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