XCOM 2 Cheats Console Commands

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“Everyone i m slain nightly today. I m going to walk you through how to to enable cheats and console commands for xcom in addition. I m going to walk through some of the more useful console commands among these will be how to give yourself more resources of each of the different types how to enable god mode during combat how to increase your movements. So you have unlimited movement for your soldiers during comment.

How to increase the number of levels. Your soldiers can get giving them free levels and how to reduce the avatar progress the doom counter clock during the game. But before we get to that you first need to enable the console in xcom in order to enter the cheats. Fortunately.

It s a very simple process to enable this through steam. So let s cover that now so you re going to want to open steam and then right click on the game of xcom to click on properties. Then once you do that it will open up the general screen there next you re going to want to click on set launch options. And you re going to put allow console or allow console.

No space. This is what will allow you to bring up the console in game. And what you re done just click ok close this dialog box. And then you can launch the game.

I m going to start with telling you how to increase your resources. So as you can see i have four hundred and twenty six supplies at the moment to open the console. You re going to want to hit the tilde key and that will open the console. Once the console is open you just start typing in a command.


You want here in the list thankfully xcom. 2. Has an autocomplete feature that shows you the console command that you re typing. So if you want to autocomplete the text for you simply hit tab in this case.

I m going to type give resource space. Supplies and then the number i want and then hit the tilde key again to close the window. Now if you look at my supply counter. You ll see it looks exactly the same it hasn t changed to the 826.

However the console command did work. It just didn t refresh and update. The text if i refresh the screen here you ll see. 9.

Now have 826 resources so let s go through a few more of the resource commands. So once again you hit the tilde key to open the console and type and give resource in this case. I will use a lyrium dust and again type in the number. And if you re using a console command.

That s similar to the previous one you can hit the up key. The up arrow key and it will copy the previous console command that you entered so in this case i ll add alien alloy. I can also add in gel using the same exact command so that s how you can add additional resources to your game. You will need to know the name of the resource or trying to get more of and the way.


It s described in the console command unfortunately it won t tell you if you try to add a resource. That is invalid as you can see everything looks exactly the same as if i had added a resource successfully instead the console. Only tells you if you give a command that is invalid such as if you type something sides give resource. So in the description below this video.

I will include a number of the different console commands that you can use as well as the different resource names. Now. I m going to go over a few of the console commands that you can use during the tactical combat. Part of the game.

So once again you open. It a console with the tilde key and then type in which command. You want if you use powerup this basically turns on god mode. Where your characters won t take any damage and your characters also don t have to reload their weapons.

Another fancy command that you can use is whose turn is it anyway and this will give your characters unlimited movement it won t update until the after your current turn ends. Though so let s see how an example of that works got it so as you can see i can keep on moving over and over again getting multiple turn. So i can just keep on shooting. As often as i wanted.

But in this case. Let s go ahead and let them shoot at us. And if you don t know you can hit the backspace to end your current turn backspace key as you see he just fired a bunch of rockets and they did exactly no damage to any of my troops. Now you can still take status effects.


Such as pings. Stunned here as you can see even in god mode. So that is something to keep in mind. So that covers the important commands for the tactical combat.

Part of the game once again its power up with no spaces in order to enable god mode and not having to reload and whose turn is it anyway for unlimited movement. Another useful console command is to level up all of your soldiers. So. If you look at my armory and cpus soldiers see.

None of them have a level up. Which i expand the console. And say level up barracks and then the number is how many levels. I want each of my soldiers to level up and then if i again back out and refresh.

The list. See all of my soldiers. Now have two levels worth of upgrades that they can get so as you can imagine that s an extremely useful console command final console command. I m going to go over here today is removing progress from the avatar project.

So once again open up your console. If you type in remove fortress doom. And then how many levels you want to drop in this case. I will do two and right now it s still showing four.


But you ll see it s going to drop here by two so if you find your doom counter getting too high. You can always use this console command in order to remove. It which can be extremely helpful. That s all i m going to go over here in this video.

Hopefully you found this all useful if you enjoyed this video or found it useful please consider liking the video or subscribing either way i appreciate you spending your time with me thanks for watching. how complete your character s build is the finisher mods are gonna feel either lackluster or incredibly potent. I ve been getting a lot of mileage out of special finisher because running two special weapons is very fun. But i m starting to branch out into one too finisher explosive finisher and even safe finisher for the overshield.

They re very potent and the implications to your build in your play style are very exciting so with all of that said. We re gonna wrap things up here. But don t worry there s plenty more destiny 2 content coming in the future and next week. We ve got final fantasy 14 content as well so stay tuned for that as always if you enjoyed this video.

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And i ll see you next time ” ..

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This guide walks you through enabling console commands in XCOM 2 and cheat codes such as godmode, free resources, and setting back the avatar project.

If you have trouble with the giveresource command try additem .

Covered Commands:
giveresource supplies #
giveresource EleriumDust #
giveresource Alienalloy #
giveresource intel #
PowerUp = godmode
WhoseTurnIsItAnyway = Unlimited movement.
LevelUpBarracks # = Level up soldiers

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