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“Fellow commanders today i am bringing you a guide on the mech troopers of xcom xcom enemy. Within with the new expansion comes. A new material called meld this allows to genetically or cybernetically alter your soldiers for that extra edge while g mods. Enhance your soldiers ability in combat turning your soldier into a mech trooper transforms them entirely adding new abilities equipment and customization options so first we will begin with the bonus abilities by squaty rank.

A standard soldier has a class assault sniper. Support. Or heavy. If you augment them into a mech trooper.

They will receive a bonus ability based on that class telling us immediately. The mech troopers can take up just about any role in combat. Just you know with bigger everything before removing a soldier s arms and legs and investing a lot of resources for them to become a mech trooper. It s a good idea to find out the pros and cons first let s begin with the positive side first would be survivability and stopping power at final rank and fully upgraded even in the early stages mech troopers have the potential to dish out a whole lot of damage in most cases against several enemies.

At a time second would be stat transferral when augmented the aim will and health of your soldier will transfer straight over i m not sure of the rate of increase after they are augmented. But my guess would be they would stay the same if someone can verify that would be great thirdly as more of a strategic hint mechs do not normally receive the ability to cloak. However if you have manufactured ghost grenades your mek troopers can be cloaked just like anything else without mimetic skin creating all kinds of new strategies. Now for a few downsides first it takes an incredible amount of resources and meld to fully upgrade your mech troopers.

Be sure you are ready to make that investment secondly. Your mech will not be able to utilize cover or suppress enemies. It has to do with the heat generation of their primary weapons. Thirdly.


And the most important is mech troopers cannot receive side training and psionic soldiers cannot become mixed with this mechs will be susceptible to mind control and sci attacks. Their only defenses will bonuses from squad mates and their own will. But the fact that you brought up this guy. It means you have some interest in what they can do so for the remainder of the guide.

Let me show you how awesome mechs can be now. You d expect a mechs weapons to be much larger than your standard soldiers in this case. You would be right my troopers start out with the minigun after researching heavy lasers. You can upgrade to the railgun.

And after researching heavy plasma. Technology. You will be able to manufacture the mechs final primary weapon. Appropriately named in every way the particle cannon mech troopers of course have ranks like any other soldier but if you decide to augment your colonel you will not have to level them again you ll just be choosing from a brand new set of abilities.

All of which i will cover now starting at squaddie rank you gain collateral damage. The mech trooper uses a large portion of their ammunition to destroy cover in a small area of effect enemies in that area of effect suffer. 34 of that weapons damage at the rank of corporal to overwatch abilities are opened up you can choose advanced fire control. Which gives you no aim penalty when firing from overwatch or you can take auto threat assessment.

Which gives you 15 extra defense. When an overwatch at sergeant rank. You choose more damage or extra protection vital point targeting. Gives you an extra damage to enemies.


You have autopsy. While damage control. Reduces damage by 2 for 2 turns. After taking a hit the rank of lieutenant is a make or break.

Ability you can either choose the jet boot module. Which allows your mech trooper to jump to inaccessible heights. Or one for all which turns. The mech trooper into a full cover object until it attacks.

The captain rank gives self repair or extra ammunition repair servos does exactly that your mech trooper repairs to health automatically if needed per turn up to a total of 6 health. Where as expanded storage increases. Primary weapon. Ammo by 50 and gives an extra use to restorative missed grenades and mines at the rank of major olmec troopers gain the ability to fire their primary weapon.

If stationary and have it not cost an action the final two abilities at the rank of colonel add more protection to your mech. Trooper. Or a free shot absorption field sets. A limitation on the damage taken from an enemy.

If the mech takes damage. That s higher than 1 3. Of its maximum health. It will take that amount instead the second ability is reactive targeting sensors giving them a free shot at the first enemy that attacks them per turn just like overwatch.


But free let s move into the process of building. A mech suit like an ability tree. When you choose to upgrade your mech you are given the chance to choose one of two pieces of equipment for each rank letting you take out enemies faster. Assist your squad or a little bit of both after creating your first mech suit.

It begins in the warden category. One of the equipment choices is the flamethrower. Though this does not affect mechanical enemies. It makes up for with its large arc.

A damage upgrade after illyrians researched and the chance to panic your enemy for the up close and personal approach. The kinetic strike module may be what you want instead after being upgraded to its full potential. The kinetic strike can become one of the hardest hitting attacks in the game like anything else this also provides a means for collateral damage depending. What you knock your enemy into the second category sentinel is unlocked after researching a ufo power source.

One of the choices. Available is restorative mist. This lets your mech trooper. Heal all nearby squad mates for the amount your standard med kits.

Heal of course. It works on other mechs. As well also in the sentinel category. Your mech can be fitted with a grenade launcher.


It utilizes standard frag grenades or alien grenades. If you have the upgrade. This does what you would expect as grenades from this mech trooper. Travel.

Much further than if they were thrown the mech. 3 category. Aptly. Named paladin.

Is given the option of the proximity mine. Launcher. Which lets the mech trooper fire. Proximity mine.

At medium range that detonates when an enemy moves within its area of effect for a sizable amount of damage the second piece of equipment you can choose is the electro pulse. What you can expect from this piece of equipment is a mediocre amount of damage in the area of effect and to disable mechanical enemies for that turn all these pieces of equipment have their uses. I highly recommend you choose wisely as your choices are permanent for each suit. It is my hope that you have a firm grasp on what it takes to make a mech trooper.

If there s anything i possibly missed be sure to put it in the comment section. Thanks. So much for watching and remember humanity s survival depends on you good luck commanders you ” ..


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Here is a straightforward guide (with commentary) on the MECs (Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuits) for XCOM: Enemy Within just for you! If there s any details I left out, be sure to put them in the comments section to help out your fellow commanders!

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