XCOM (Honest Game Trailers)

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“Following trailer is rated h for honest in a world where killer aliens battled deadly deadly special forces one commander will rise to lead the humans to victory by constantly a save file shh. I will tell if you don t xcom when aliens invade the entire planet is counting on the xcom project. A strike force with crappy off the shelf. Technology.

Rookie soldiers with the aim of a hypothermic ray charles and such a tiny budget you have to beg for funding like the world s deadliest hobo. It is unfortunate that your recent efforts have failed hey that guy sounds pretty cool before you play the sequel that just assumes you got your ass handed to you in the last game. Relive the franchise. You ve sucked at for decades featuring the ones with all the micromanaging.


The ones you never played the one we re all just gonna pretend doesn t exist and the one that proved triple a strategy games aren t dead. There s room for like one of them at a time get creepily attached to your squad. As you customize your soldiers to look like your friends and family then weep manly tears as they re killed on the field of battle or customise your soldiers to look like your ex. Girlfriend.

Jessica then cheer as she eats a laser with her stupid face now place. Too many video games. Jessica me. It s still me do you cray post.


Pounding action and split second decision making play something else because xcom is all about taking your sweet ass. Time ai. N t your team across the map. Like heavily armed toddlers learning how to crawl then bow.

It all when you miss an almost guaranteed chance to hit or get a bad damage role or if you re playing the original xcom take a single step in any direction. But there s more to xcom than unfair turn based combat there s also base management which lets you fulfill your lifelong dream of being a construction foreman and an air game that technically exists wow didn t think you could make ufo versus jet fighter dogfights boring but they did so enjoy the sweet pain of losing at xcom until the random numbers break in your direction long enough to turn the tide. And you unleash a tabasco trench dick full of revenge on the alien menace torturing them murdering them and beating the game by more or less becoming them you see it where we yep even if you win the game you still lose the xcom that is so you starring hey lmao. The covenant here come the men in black zerg rush angry frisbees metal gear valhallen egg shed and a voice like melted butter.


All yeah commander x. Come on how did i miss that so when i sell these dead alien corpses to make my rent for the month who s buying them man that council spokesman voice was sexy. I ll let him take it from here. Only you can prevent popcorn spills.

You know i don t think whipped cream makes a very good shampoo. If your life had a face. I d punch. It honeycomb big.


Yeah. Yeah. I really appreciate everything that kanye west. Is doing for us man guys sounds so cool ” .


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In a world where killer aliens battle special forces, one commander will rise to lead the humans to victory – by constantly reloading a save file XCOM.

Honest Game Trailers: XCOM
Executive Producers: Matt Raub and Spencer Gilbert
Directed by: Max Song
Episode Written by: Andrew Bird, Spencer Gilbert, Matt Raub, Max Song
Edited by: Max Song

Voiceover Narration by Jon:

Title design by Robert Holtby

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