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“Morning. Everybody welcome to episode 86 of my time at porsche with ulen let s s wake her up and get it started for the day. Just a quick note you like this video please subscribe to it and if you like what the content and would like to see more please please just subscribe to the channel. Let s have to say good morning to scraps good morning scripts should i make dog food.

There s a very good question. Although that reminds me always fireworks. I really bombed out with the meeting doctors you last episode oh no so no doubt when he sees me. He s gonna be quite upset with me why i ve never missed that particular dates or them.

I guess i guess i ll find out how that works kind of nervous actually if i have to admit it hmm use fertilizer to increase the yield of the crops in the planter boxes this gets to be really important when you re actually growing the cristela trees and you need a bunch of sapphires and crystals wow winter. I forgot it was winter is snowing. I ve been away for a week at a writers conference. So it s good great higgins.

Let s find out that higgins has to say about my stuff you ve wrapped hey rival. I made you a copy at the diagram feel free to reference it as much like yeah. It s a little extra for your trouble. And i a generous guy.

No you re a rat keep up the good work you know what i m gonna go beat him up later. We found something useful in the data disk you brought in yesterday. Oh god i hope. It s my furnace.

I m running out of time. Oh oh you know i haven t done. I haven t checked in that let s have a quick look around that and i have emily wants something and may would like something. This is where i need to put the pit stop as soon as i can get that ella minion made i m running out of time on that if we have a quick look vehicle pitstop okay so the south blog development is where i m running out of time on vehicle pitstop not so much.

But let s not hold them up too much longer carol needs aluminium for the sewing machine vehicle pitstop so as soon as i get those diagrams in from the research center. What i m going to do is make up three or four of those big furnaces and just get them running so nothing exciting going on in the map. Today. I did forget to check and see if i had a commission.

So we ll grab that no i don t have a commission. Yeah else i noticed i did yesterday. I was gonna go and get the waterproof cloth and i completely eating mostly fish can keep a slim body look at me. Yeah.

I m gonna get you some fish find out which ones you like that by yeah. So i got so excited about there being a commission that i hit reject and sort of accept and then i went you ve got some ostriches. Which were a different commission entirely so don t ask me what was going through my head at the time. And i think i was getting ready for my trip and one skin care is a basic right we need to use face cream.

Every day to have smooth skin. You know it s dead sticks to your face. When you use face cream thanks. It s really special you re really welcome.

It is i won t tell you how many birds i killed for that okay now three bombs okay. 102. Wrap and 11 28. That looks pretty good 100 rep.

16 for an advanced trap box. One cultivation fence. I m always tempted to do this one for doctors you because i messed up with um with meeting him. But i m actually going to go for the profit and the rep and hopefully not blow it so let s go find out what we need to make bombs for i m doing this at this point.


I would say don t pick a commission. Unless you know what you need to make it otherwise you might end up disappointing your customer and then you ll lose you ll lose points. But i m just going to drop down to my work table and see what s making a bomb. Requires and actually.

I also need to empty out my my backpack. Too. So we might do that shortly so let s just head over here. That s funny grind.

It s very cool small bomb. I need gunpowder alright. Figured i might so gunpowder and iron bars. So you can see to make myself some gunpowder because what self respecting builder has no gun pellet powder left in their stock right where did i hide the gunpowder.

I probably went right past it. But there it is okay so i m out of niter now nicer. I can get over in let s go this way. Nice.

I can get from the what am i running from the rops over in the collapsed. Wasteland. So. What i might do is just take a db.

Look let s go and dare. The devil birds for a bit shall we i might pick up some ginger while i m there because i really need some more spicy fish soup for arlo and i better make some more talismans for doctors you to see if i can make up for missing. His uh his special surprise. I feel so bad about that and i did forget to empty my backpack.

So let s just have a quick look and see how much space is in there. Oh. It s not too bad. That s fine.

We ll get through all right there are my birds drifting you know innocently on the wind. But what i would like is some rock so it s rock here and it s rock down at the point. Where you find scraps. This is usually a crystal somewhere in this space.

As well let s see if we can find it not today. It seems alright let s just toddle back this way oh. It s a chest. What s you know i wonder marble awesome jump up there okay something let me through there.

So the good thing about porsche is you ll sometimes find out those birds are gonna give me grief. The good thing about porsche is your sometimes mine chests you missed. Thanks do you usually do so last. I recall i got some night out of the instructs.

I do failing that have a night a tree which won t grow before the commission is is you so i may have hit myself a little bit let s find out that sort openers and that s pretty good alright. Now will they leave me alone actually that s just totally in here. See. If i ve got any more rocks.

No all right. I am gonna have to brave. The budgies maybe. Yeah.

Nope o night..

It in that lot found very lucky. They won t see me this is not a good thing to pin your hopes on it s not fall down. There alright. I m gonna have to go this way so the other place.

I look for it oh there we go seriously you can t let a girl. Just you okay they get i can leave me win. Anyway. Let s go find my pipe.

Let s jump down onto the pipe. Yeah music h. How d leaves perhaps this evening. This toughest.

And say it all goes another chest. Nice the only little things. But actually do i have supposed to put that on i could pick the satchel on there is it now if you look at the such a little give you more hitpoints. So anyway.

Let s pop that on aha nope. That s rock salt. Oh rock. Salt is the other thing you ll get from this area.

It s a really rare drop. But it s worth looking for try not to dip your toes in the water. If you do you ll end up on the beach again because that s not goes. So.

What s that is that nice or rock salt. Ah nicer okay knighthood down by the lake. We need some of that through our gunpowder. So i m just gonna go and see if i can find some more it can be a pretty tricky drop to find so there s small rocks hopefully.

We won t attract the attention with our loud pick these guys in if we do i guess we ll go home with someone else no we didn t check their attention alrighty. We may have to fight them to get our nighter. Just half an eye out for them music. A fear.

Remember reading on the forums that you could find out about some of the rocks in the graveyard. I need to check that i do know you can find it down here what we like but it s like i said. It s quite a rare drop like the rock salt. Which you can use in couple you can ask the the kiddies in the civil war to go get you some stuff that does save you some time.

I can beat up the guys in blue. I just don t feel like it. Oh these sticks. They re not injured me a choice ow.

Hey leave off it s generally best not to stand in front of them when they re doing that oh really okay fine oh gosh there s miss pinky and she is in having a fit okay now that i ve picked a fight with all of the inhabitants of this group this one one is mounted ready is quite dangerous a few levels since the last time. I had to write her hair excuse you can hit them before they spit at you you re good now. It was my rock that i was trying to beat up before i was so rudely interrupted. I go to here okay.

Let s just go this way so we can see them coming. It might help with my mind. The rock up. There we go try again all righty nope.

So up here..

We get tin and copper it really is down close to the lake that you get the other stuff. That looks like a promising hall of rock. Let s see what we get from here make sure we have a blue bar oops sulfate. I didn t know you could get from here that s kind of cool to know okay let s look up there we go a bunch of stuff.

See if we really got a search for the rocks in this area to get to them if you look carefully you will get slippies and fluids down to this point. As well if you re looking for them. That s not a bad thing. But you re better off going up the top of them that howling is in here is issues slurpees and floaties.

I sometimes wondered what it would be like to be able to get into those little crevices and cracks that you see here. But the game doesn t let you so i m just gonna have to live with wanting to know i mean we re just looking for more rocks to crush that one s got nigerian sometimes your different shapes of rocks have different types of ores in them to it generally the bigger. The rock the more precious is stuffing get out of it there we go. There s 590 out of that big rock so when you if you re down by the lake looking for rocks.

It s got to be really big rocks that you get united of you ve also got don t i get some topaz actually this has been a really good run for topaz. I would never thought i could get them from here. So that s that s a bit of a lesson for me can be hard to see ups. Hello buddies all right it looks like they ve gone all the way around the lake.

I m not gonna be left in peace for much longer no bad poopy birds. I did say i want to get some the trick is not to stay in one spot for too long. I want to get some ginger. Why do these aren t bad either.

So. If you ve got that mission from out phyllis for healing stuff. You can get quite a few bamboo for pot heads from this area just keep an eye on your hip points. Because people being picked on by the birds can hurt you quite a bit now i m actually here for these things are really you know i m running out of soap.

So i m thinking. These birds have had a day where are they music okay just occasionally. You do get sick of being proved on constantly okay. We gots a bird fat that s pretty good.

I just have forgotten. Which way i need to run up right okay towards the dd stop and given that it s only twenty one thirty nine or nine thirty nine or 42. We can just go home it s in the dd. I get out gunpowder made so we ll just push down here actually i should check my relationships and see what happened when i missed my date and afters you okay first things.

First let s go get a commission hi man how you doing photo album alrighty. I don t know if i haven t you re my inventory so let me check hey bye. Let me check do i have a photo album not a jewelry box. And she loves those alright let s go find her a photo album okay craft our bomb.

Don t craft out gunpowder. Nice. It s only used to make gunpowder. So i m just gonna max that out then we re going to go down here and find small bombs and we re gonna make three of them.

I forget how many we actually need three that s pretty handy and now we re going to fulfill mays desire. We re going to go for a photo album yeah. Just go make the one because fiber cloth is expensive. And so.

It is with we are going to need a ton of this stuff for a shopping. So refuel. I need to make some quality leather. Those going on out of pigments all right before we go too much further on that boat we re gonna head back into town we ll find may and we ll find our commission so yeah i have a feeling that i m not going to be able to deliver it because i think that that person is actually in bed.

But um let s go find out yep music..

So yeah. I would soon ha okay. Something else i didn t know it just in case. You re wondering that s the front daughter albert s house alright.

I can t deliver my commission hey i m doing you work hard. I never give up you ll be well off in no time at all nice you know i ve got for you speaking of being well off. I happen to know you like these. And i don t normally have a lot thanks for the gift you re welcome alright.

So tomorrow morning. We ll deliver our bomb to albert don t worry. It s a bomb that he asked for not not one that you know he doesn t want and well tonight you re gonna head over here see if we can find okay no man is going to bed. I suspect let s check that in our map.

You can t get into the yeah. Okay so we can t get to may either. Because she is in this. Happy apartments and they have a curfew so that s fine.

So i guess that leaves us just to have a look and see what else we need to do let s say hi to toby. That s trouble. I know you see up there on the horizon is a great place to fish all right now speaking of fish. We may actually go and do some of that because toady likes bubble fish and i know over there not over chira likes he likes salmon that ll give you a plus four in your relationship to him.

I just haven t found his favorite fish. So we re going to experiment with over the same way we experiment with pinky. We re going to try and find out what air was favorite fish is so bubble fishes. I think about it for well that s fatima.

But for tody. It s a 10 who s that that lua. I could say hello from a delivery trip to vegas. I ve the people there are awfully excited about the prospect of connecting with sand rock through porsche.

It s awesome now that s that s really huge because i haven t seen that particular dialogue before maybe i should talk to willow an orphan. It s a shell and some sand stuff over here now we re going to equip our fishing mode before the machine yells at us do a spot of fishing silly 2 o clock. Though so i m probably or i m probably not gonna get a lot done with this one that s right let s see if we can just fall asleep in the snow box. I ve got a new perk.

It lets me identify fish and you know if i actually press the left mouse button instead of talking it might catch some of them alright this is an emperor golden semin. What i want to do is catch a normal golden salmon an emperor golden salmon and a king dog salmons good because we need to make more creamy fish soup and i think the emperor salmon helps us making one of their most favourite dishes as well. I would panic and run for home. But there s no way.

I m gonna make it i may not even make the bus stop so i might just fall asleep in the snow. Here. And that will be the end of today s episode. Oh okay.

One bubble fish. Oh. There we go alright. Thanks for sticking with me today guys.

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Having missed her event with Dr. Xu, Yelen picks up a commission for Albert and goes looking for nitre in the Collapsed Wasteland, where she also collects sulfur, blue leather and rock salt. On returning to the city, Yelen completes her commission and sets about fulfilling one of Mei s wishes.

This is a full playthrough of the Portia main storyline with Yelen, a young builder seeking a new life away from the confines of Barnarock. Can she cut it as a builder in the frontier town of Portia – and what adventures await?

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