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“What s going on guys welcome back to the channel in this video. I want want to go over how to get the obsidian crystal in destiny. 2. As part.

The is a nagas burden quest to get one of those you need to have a rare bounty. It is one of the more common questions. I get how to get a rare bounty from a to one the only way to get one of these is by turning in your daily and your weekly bounties. So make sure you grab every single one of these most of these batteries are pretty easy some dis involved getting sword kills or completing strikes the weekly want to take a bit more time.


But these will all give you a chance at getting a rare bounty now truth be told. It is a pretty rare drop. So i may turn in all my bounties here and not get one. But rest assured.

This is the only way of getting a rare bounty. So i ll go ahead and turn these in now if you re watching this video on your they re having trouble getting done your rare bounty or if you re on the step. Where it s doing the pyramidion strike or you shattered throne. Make sure you guys pop into a help livestream.


I do right here on youtube. I ve helped a ton of people get those done i d love to see you guys in there. So make sure you guys are subscribed notifications that way you know exactly one a live stream is going on so i m gonna turn these in i don t have every bounty done yet. I didn t do the weekly bounty here for dailies and i didn t do this one.

But i will turn these five bounties in and with any luck. I ll get a rare bounty. Breaking out breaking out hate to see it breaking out last. But not least we got a ballistics log in a helmet.


So you can tell about the bounties here. The rare bounties are pretty rare drops now some of those are a bit easier to do some involved doing things like simply throwing batteries at a forge. Others are a bit more difficult like doing a shadow thrown or a raid. So hopefully get one it s not too difficult.

But if it is pop into a live stream like you can see right here these are pretty rare drops. So don t be surprised if you complete all your bounties and you don t get one. If that happens hopefully have another character you can jump over to that character and do that. But this is the only way of getting a rare bounty.


Let me know what you guys think i would wish that this was a bit easier to do it be nice if. 8 01. Had a milestone that would give you a rare bounty each week. But unfortunately.

This is the only way of getting it let me know if it s helpful guys hit that like but it was hopefully you guys are able one better than i did but i would love to see you guys get one and let me know in the comments your thoughts below. I will see you guys later and best of all get one too ” ..

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Destiny 2 – RARE BOUNTY GUIDE – ADA-1 Bounty for Obsidian Crystal / Izanagi s Burden Quest

The rare bounty can only be obtained by doing daily / weekly bounties from ADA-1. As you can tell, it s a rare drop, and it may take you a few days to get one.

If you re having trouble with the Shattered Throne or Pyramidion steps for Izanagi s Burden, subscribe and hop into a help live stream! We can get it done together!

Thanks for watching.

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