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“So here s your guide on how to farm brightest. It s very simple and and you re gonna get a decent amount every week nothing super crazy. But if want to buy anything in the store and it s all kind of expensive or bright dust i mean 3000. So you can burn a lot of brightness very quickly i don t really sit around 28000.

Shut up these but your best friends are gonna be steve allah jack s a and the drifter way down there so as you can see never done something this week. They get bright dust from these small bodies you only get about ten in another time don t get anything nothing. Then you get 200 from the weeklies..


Another 200 foot back weekly and then another 200 for that weekly doing it from that weekly sulfide eternal even i got about 800 right. There 830. And i haven t even done any of the bounties over 4 xiexie. So if i do those and they re not terrible to do they re pretty easy.

Especially if mayhem was up this would be super easy to do but those of all also give you another 200 so if you re doing the math. You can be able to farm own about 3600 per week. And then plus the 10 bright dust from those reputable bounties..


Which might add up to maybe another hundred. So i mean if i wrote about 3700 per week depending on how much you spend you can still buy like that ornament there or you buy a few different things you can buy some of the bumpin ornaments. Zimos are pretty expensive. So if you decide to stay with those.

But you can buy like the ships and stuff like that it s still kind of be ahead slightly. But that s basically the best way to farm. It if you really want to do a crap ton of the repeat volleys..


I get to you ten each i mean for the amount of time you re putting in it s probably worth it just to buy silver instead sadly. But that s how i ve been farming buried us. I ve been by the things that i ve wanted this season. Like i got charged came in order.

But that i wanted i got a few ornaments for the armor that i want so i ve been able to pick up some of these cuz. I haven t been offered well this will never will be with these ones up here. But i mean that s basically the best way to do it and man..


I m really liked on my world life s looking really kind of looks like it reminds me of darth maul kind of but that s the best way to farm bright dust currently and then if we have a new van to like crimson days. Which is coming up. You ll be able to get more brightness. There again 200 from of the two weekly bounties and then ten from the repeatable ones will probably be like that just like it was for the other event before this the dawning has what it was though that s pretty much it for this video.

And thank you guys for watching i ll see you the next video. ” ..

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This is the fastest way to farm bright dust to get those eververse items you want every season. It gets you a decent amount but we could use a better way to farm the bright dust.

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