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“Summer ruined the premiere of rick and morty s fourth season. The show came back back with three different storylines. Just as the premiere. Told us.

There d be episodes much meaning and just for fun. Which this one seems to be so i m dave klein and let s get straight to breaking down all three storylines the beginning of the episodes. The only point where we see everyone together we re introduced to rick s new intern and only intern. So far glooty this being played by taika waititi director.

Thor ragnarok and director writer and actor of the recently released jojo rabbits as well as the voice of the mandalorians ig xi as jerry is so dumb rick has literally tattooed do not develop my app onto his head. Did you want to develop an app 50 50. Final. Offer.

Rick s storyline is completely self contained this episode and speaking of star wars. Rick heads off to go on a solo adventure. Which equips will not be directed by ron howard of course referencing star wars. A solo story.

Which was eventually directed by ron howard after phil lord and christopher miller were fired. While this is obviously a reference to the fact that rick is going to take a sheet. It also doubles as a fourth wall break that rick is getting his own storyline completely separate from the rest of the family. We then get the intro to the season 4 trailer.

It turns out the remote planet. Rick landed on is specifically a peaceful planet for him to poop in solitude. Honestly. I want it rick finds his poop planet of solitude has been invaded by someone else and enters.

A secret lab under the toilet. He uses to analyze his poops. Pulling up the odd a recent one out 12 02. 9.

This says him on a quest to find the being who dared poop on his throne with the first location being a frog food joint in the gorgon quadrants. Where a certain sandwich was ordered. We ve actually heard the gorgon referred to before in season three s the abcs of beth. When kiara runs into her ex.

Boyfriend tranter verax nest spread across 300 galaxies and you just happen to pick this planet to hunt..

That s dorgon s total gorgon of course and being that there s the mythological creatures of the gorgons with medusa being the best example is possible that they just took the term and inserted it in order to sound alien. Rick discovers. A delivery drone might know giving us a brief glimpse into a frog restaurant ironically run by giant mafioso flies and the robot wars being fought by robots and robo lizards. While this is kind of similar to croc you bought from season three s of indicators.

Wow. So your origin is what you fell into a vat of redundancy. They are different rick wears a funnel hat on his head with a qr code on it making the robots trust him if you actually scan this qr code. At least a shop dot rick and morty comm.

Where you can actually purchase the funnel hat. The delivery bot is to story. While telling. Rick.

Who ordered the sandwich in question. Causing rick to turn the ties of war in order to get the archived information and essentially win the war or at least battle for the robots. This leaves. Rick tony voiced by jeffrey wright of westworld fame and the alien responsible for pooping and rick s toilets amazingly rick decides to spare tony.

But does leave him a parting gift. I just want to know the aftermath of the other aliens coming into that conference room. This leads to a back and forth of rick trying to stop tony from pooping in his toilets. Who continues to do so at first rick celebrates deleting specimen number 1202 nine which i can only imagine as the data log of tony s poop while listening to my by a boogie with the hoodie tony manages to read through rick and has right back to poop on his toilet.

Causing rick to use eccolo both in on him. The chemical is global fem. It connects the whatever you want section of your brain to the whatever you have section for tony. This is a heaven filled with toilets.

And his wife being a okay with his recent love her strap on porn. Tony surmises. The people have been put here are those who rick refuses. The kill or let into his life.

Which makes me wonder who else are in these pouches and how they relate to rick well. There wasn t anyone here. I recognized let me know if there s anyone you spotted in the comments. In his final scheme.

Rick brings tony sugar free chocolates sugar free chocolates that could cause someone to become the opening of the beverly hillbillies you know what i m saying little bubbling crude texas tea black texas teeth so this is a trifecta here first there s the obvious beverly hillbillies reference from the opening..

I showed second this is clearly supposed to represent diarrhea. But why let me introduce you to sugar free haribo gummy bears and the reviews that followed what came out of me felt like someone tried the funnel niagara falls through a coffee straw. I swear my sphincters were screaming. It felt like my delicate starfish was a gaping maw projectile vomiting a torrential flood of toxic waste.

100. Liquid flammable liquid napalm. I also highly recommend you check out the review just don t unless. It s for someone you hate in full its comedy gold and saw all of the reviews for these gummy bears seriously look it up apparently.

This is due to sugar free alcohol. Often found in sugar free snacks and in the case of these gummy bears maltitol pence. I d assume rick s chocolates for tony are chock full of this sugar alcohol. Sally.

It turns out in an effort to enrich his life tony died with rick rejecting the idea of tony being his friend and sitting on the toilet. Revealing his giant frankie pulled on tony. If anything it really showcases. Rick s loneliness.

The family s kind of tossed him aside in a way at this point and like grown the balls to stand up to him morty literally killed him in the last consequence free episode. But still and rick himself always pushes people away. It also all ties into the title. The episode.

The old man in the seats a play on ernest hemingway s the old man in the sea which i m about to spoil. So that was your warning. The old man in the sea. Tells the story of an old fisherman in santiago.

And is struggled to catch a marlin as the two battled it out santiago gains a deep admiration and respect for the marlin. Only for the marlin to end up being killed by a shark and end similarly rick spent the entire episode struggling to catch him to rate. Tony gaining a growing appreciation for him only for tony to end up dying on the b sides of episode. Mortifies jerry.

Who s developed a dating app love finders with glue dee. There s already a love finders website up lung finders calm with the displaying the logo and a randomly generated quote from rick morty digging into the site source code there s 113 potential quotes from the show and more interestingly a cryptic comment only someone reading the html source can read coming maybe. But you may have to wait two or more friggin years to find out from my research. It looks like the domain name was created july 19.


So months before the release of the episode. Although the same exact day that the comic con sneak. Peek was released which happens to have a love finders circled in the clip. A day after the episode.

The site was updated with more and a message. This is just a fun site with no affiliation with any show. No breadcrumbs hidden content. No trail to follow nope.

Absolutely no code. So don t try figuring it out you know since there is nothing to figure out so. What do you think is this just a fan made joke or possibly something related to love finders like an app or rick and morty in general. That actually is being hinted at here this leads to the pre release rick and morty seem from 2019.

San diego comic con of morty and jerry attempting to get the app taken down glooty takes them to the mother trip of them naga tron s where it turns out they plan on stealing earth s water. While everyone is distracted by the love finders app. After a confrontation. They draw out a plan to escape the ship with part of the plan apparently being that they have no rick they re captured regardless and jerry is able to convince glooty to set them free and disable.

The app. Because they re both lonely souls and have zero soulmates. Although that look blue t gives when a perv eels. He has no soul mates that s what i thought blue d.

It s so sad dad i want to say something i started today disgusted and embarrassed to be your son. And then later. I thought we were gonna die. Because you re a loser.

There s no more let s go in a way it seems more days. Becoming a little more rick like as the series progresses between last episode in this with him a little crueler to his family around him not quite as awkward knowing how to handle sci fi equipment. And not batting an eye at killing while morty and jerry s adventures focused on stopping the app. We see some facts through summer and beth summer has downloaded the dating app meeting her first soul mate danny boob.

Let s he wears a jersey mike s a nationwide sandwich shop and this into a jam bam. Four old junkies aka fish. Who still performed today as best tries to interject in their meeting summer and danny run off while we find out the love finders app has been spreading like wildfire summer and danny end up at a motel chain blue ball motels which i don t think i have to explain here it turns out the app isn t quite perfect as we see some are already annoyed with a snoring and sleeping danny. However.

She s off to the next new and exciting thing as she runs out to find a new soul mate jeff and breaking up a wedding at the sistine chapel a play on the sistine chapel and dating mayhem ensues..

I can explain everything you don t have to can you just marry us instead monkey running bird. Let s get out of here. Priests. Witherspoon josiah.

Let s get the fuck out of here priest witherspoon of course being a fun play on a reese witherspoon. This pretty much continues. Until glue e s plan from the b story goes into effect. And an ad wall goes up.

Where users will receive as unless they pay for the app. Causing everyone to delete it except for beth. Who deletes. It only after having a heart to heart with jerry.

Where we discover her soul mate is ted danson of cheers. And more recently the good place for the stinger here you can spot the butter robot recreated in season 1 something rickett this way comes as well as the bully from the first episode of season 4. Missing on the back of a milk carton as morty sent them flying an air with sci fi gear. Where he very likely fell to his death.

Jerry hands up tryin rick s globe. A fin which as you may remember connects for whatever you want section of your brain to the whatever you have section thus causing jerry to see himself as a water delivery man. This is likely in part due to the previous scenario. Where jerry somewhat help stop the nagas trance from stealing earth s water.

Couple. This with jerry feeling unwanted discovering. He has no soul mate in seeking approval thus his dream is delivering water to people overly thankful of it and truly valuing him notably his dream brand is named milton sweat. Which sounds.

Oh so tasty that wraps up the old man in the seat. What did you think of this episode. And did you find anything that i missed let us know in the comments below and i ll see you guys next time peace. ” .


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