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“You want to learn more about the division well you re in luck because you you ve just doubled. Upon the definitive beginner s guide who decides. It s definitive don t know man i get to name my videos. Whatever the hell.

I want so there you go here today in this video. I m going to go over some of the basic fundamentals of this game. And give you guys some tips and hints from everything that i ve learned in these 60 or so hours that i played in the beta. So here we go let s just get started by making sure we re all on the same page of what is the division.

I assume if you re watching this video you at least know this much but yeah you know this is a third person cooperative shooter set in new york a group of terrible people did a really bad thing and we are tasked with taking back the city and also fending off against some rogue agents like myself who might try to get in your way. The world is divided into two main parts. There was the co operative pve shown in white and the dark zone pvp shown in red. Although it is worth noting that the dark zone also has plenty of pve stuff as well now when you re in the open world cooperative side of things you ll be doing a lot of different things main story missions side encounters and missions.

Collecting crafting resources and gear and all of this in the service of leveling up pve side of things you gain character experience pvp side of things you gain darkstone experience. And that separation is important for the most part with the exception of discovering new areas. You will not be leveling up your character s level in the dark zone. All character leveling will be done in the co operative white section of the map so once again you ll be doing main missions side missions story missions running into groups of enemies running into civilians.

Which when you see those in need of help help them whether they want a medkit. A can of soda or whatever. Giving it to them will reward you with experience gear and then the possibility of those ever elusive weapon skins. Which i guarantee you will be highly coveted.

The missions themselves are pretty straightforward you go to an area complete a thing you get experience as well as resources for the various wings of the base of operations. Which will be jumping in to in just one moment. The main story missions are a pretty big deal they re basically a funk like dungeons and a lot of other mmos..


You ve got your various sections and then an end boss. They also have multiple difficulties. Which if you can do them on the harder difficulties. It is suggested the enemies will be harder.

But as a result to be rewarded with more experience and loot the same go is for playing with additional people. The more people in your group. The more difficult it becomes. However.

There is also more enemies. Which ends up resulting in more experience for a run. So ideally if you can do these missions quickly on the hardest. Available difficulty with a full group of people that is going to allow you to maximize your experience.

And when you re doing this stuff with other people realize that all loot drops are personal with the exception of the dark zone. When you kill other players everything that you see drop on the ground is specifically for you now when you engage in pvp. If they drop stuff that they were carrying that is public loot that anyone can grab so if you want it make sure you re there first to scoop it up or if you want a way for someone else to take it and then you can take them out to take it from them plus. What they had you could do that as well i d like to now move on to some basic combat tips.

Now it s so utterly important to remember that not only this is a third person shooter. But this is a third person cover shooter. And that is a clear and important distinction because cover is so key until you get to the point. Where you re over geared for whatever situation.

You re in you are going to die pretty quickly outside of cover whether that be in pve or pvp. But specifically when you re doing the difficult pve things enemies will melt you like butter. Whenever you re out of cover..


So cover cover cover. While behind. There you can do things like blind fire to take a few shots of your enemies or if you re brave enough to peek up and go for those headshots or those critical strikes. Know what you re looking at and why we re talking about here is the damage types there are four different color indicators to signify what type of damage you re dealing to an enemy when you shoot them these will be displayed in blue for armor shots white for body shots red indicates.

Headshots and orange means you got a critical strike congratulations now while behind you re also able to revive any down allies. So if someone goes down because they weren t behind cover tell them to crawl over to you because you re the smart. One and you can revive them while still sitting behind cover when you do decide to peek up again make sure you realize about the stance toggling basically. If you re near around a corner of whatever cover you have you will automatically a lot of times defaults to the left or right side of that kind of poking out from the side.

You can then. Move your stick or your arrow key to poke out above that cover this is a very very important and beneficial ability to realize. There s a stance toggle essentially when you re behind cover. I like to next jump into the base of operations.

While we re still in the pve world side of things the base of operations is broken up into three sections. Medical tech and security now as you complete side missions and main story missions. You basically get resources to upgrade each of these wings wing progression unlocks new active skills passive talents and perks which basically give you these nice little bonuses with all of this you ll get to choose at any point two active skills as well as a signature skill signature skills doing cool things like healing or reviving all nearby allies increasing everyone s damage around you or decreasing. Incoming damage and increasing your speed and one major tip.

I want to let you guys know is we re just starting the game is the first security perk. Gives you bonus experience from all sources. So i suggest you do that security main story mission as soon as possible get that bonus experience. And this is going to let you hit level 30.

As quick as you possibly can now let s move on to gear. Gear is an interesting thing in this game. As it is a huge huge importance while this is a shooter..


It is very much so a loot shooter gear scales with vertical progression meaning. That there are levels and rarities. And as you get higher levels and higher rarities. That gear is a lot.

Better you have three weapons. Saut. E primary secondary and sidearm. And this is divided into a few different types of weapons your basic guns that you expect assault rifles smgs l.

Geez marksman rifles shotguns and then pistols to go along with your weapons. You of course are going to need some gear coming in the form of things like a chess piece and gloves this gear not only increases your defenses but gives you a combination of one of three stats firearms stamina and electronics firearms basically increases your weapon damage stamina your health and electronics the effectiveness of your skills and these stats are also tied to perks that come from weapons along with weapons and gear having higher level and rarity. They also sometimes have perks. Which will give you nice bonuses like increased stability or headshot damage and a whole wide array of things heck.

I ve even seen some perks that return health based on the damage that you do these perks are locked behind requirements of your stats. So they ll say in order to get this perk. You need a certain amount of firearms and stamina or stamina electronics or electronics and firearms different perks have different combination requirements and once we get to the end game. You ll be sort of building your character based on the weapons and the perks that you want to obtain so now you understand the basics of the game the combat.

The pve. The gearing now let s step into the dark zone. This is where a lot of the endgame for this particular game is going to come from besides doing challenge missions and the eventual addition of incursions and possibly raids in the future. The dark zone is a pve place where other agents will be present and at any point.

They can shoot you now a large focus for people in here is going to be to go into the dark zone find enemy npc s kill them for their loot and their currency and their experience. And then use that stuff to buy some really good gear from dark zone vendors. Yes..


Dark zone vendors are located throughout the map either at checkpoints or safe rooms. And they ve got some pretty good gear. There so what s going to essentially happen is you ll step into the dark zone. You will look for boss camps of enemies.

Which can be predominantly located at these landmarks. Which are indicated on the map by these blue areas you ll go there kill those boss camps. We collect the dark zone ariane s the dark zone credits and the dark zone keys dark zone keys are used to unlock dark zone chests which have more credits and gear in them now the gear that you find in the dark zone either dropped off enemies or from a chest has to be extracted before you can use it the only things that don t have to be extracted is purchased gear from those checkpoints and safe rooms. What you re going to have to do is go to an extraction point call in a helicopter wait for that extraction to come and put your loot on that line.

The problem is in this process. Everyone knows that you re calling in an extraction and as mentioned any players can come up and shoot you so mind your corners pay attention to your surroundings. And be prepared for the worst. And with that my friends we will be wrapping up this beginner s guide to the division.

Hope you guys. Enjoyed the video covering a lot of the fundamental basics of this game. But also giving you some tips hints and suggestions with everything that i ve learned so far. We re gonna be playing a crapload of this title this week streaming at a bunch and likely doing some more videos.

So if you guys liked it i guess hit that subscribe button or subscriber. So you know do whatever you want i don t know have a good afternoon. Guys thank you so much for watching and until next time i ll see you later ” ..


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An introduction to the game systems, along with some tips and hints. Caps Lock means you know its serious.

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