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“Let s get to it music music music music music you ah what should i i do now i m gonna hang out here for a bit longer but in t know what to do like there s anything for me to do at home anyway. Oh i got it i ll go up to the roof. Or something. I m gonna be behind school building.

You know just because most of the girls are already gone. Okay and all these guys are obsessed with chocolate they want candy so much while they just bias on themselves are you serious. This is the one day you shouldn t be buying chocolate for yourself. Yeah man you re clueless whatever.

I know i m getting some for sure today music. I ll let that pathetic come on man. I can get quite a lot from part time workers at jeunesse. The important thing is that i have any at all right ji sun.

You could go son. I. See you ve got some big bags. With you today wow.

Desperation or anything. Yeah. I do have some yukiko. Why don t you hand yours out first no you first qi.

I can t not here. Why you know i like candy kanji take the hint we re both out of the picture now oh are you guys handing out chocolate. Great timing. Hey coach esm pie for always being so hard working.

Why me because today s for giving out chocolate to the people you like right. It s a great day to say thank you to all those people in your life. Not just your romantic partner. Wow.

Putting a new spin on things. She s so thoughtful must be all those years in showbiz. Hey. What about him.

I ll give him his chocolate later. I ve got some stuff to take care of right now. But i ll call you soon does that mean i feel like everyone s super. Curious about who i m going to hand my special chocolate to if i do it now it ll be embarrassing.

So see you later well. I have some other people to give chocolate to bye. Oh. Hey.

Nell coon..

What s up oh well then you say that you re not the kind of person who gives chocolate to just anybody sorry that was a little mean. But i m serious too and i m not gonna lose music senpai senpai. I have to talk to you later so i ll see you then what was all that oh well kanji. Guess we re spending time with each other today.

Sure why not attention everyone i have chocolates here with everyone s names on them please take your candy and go home. Okay. If you can t find yours come. See.

Me later. That s it dismissed any questions come on what are you doing you ve got to make a decision right now we need to i ve got candy for everybody. But you so i ll see you later the hell man what kind of crazy voodoo are you doing to be such a chick magnet. How can one guy be so popular with the ladies.

What simba is popular wow. That s impressive. What s impressive is how clueless you are you music sorry for being such a spaz just now in front of everybody music here this is yours. It s a little different from everyone else s music you um.

Do you have something else to do today. I m not doing anything so. Maybe i ll go with you music. Oh just kidding.

I won t do that no don t worry i won t ask anything about today or if you have someone else i believe in you. But it s still a little sad. What am i saying i m asking too much i ll call you later you music. I didn t mean to have that come out like that but i couldn t go back um.

This is for you it s a bit large actually. I was thinking that we could go somewhere together after this and share. It just the two of us. But that s just me i m kidding myself ah where are you going after this what are you gonna do music you re not telling your girlfriend.

What you re doing on valentine s day. I i am your girlfriend right oh i m sorry i just get worried sometimes i m crazy aren t i it s not that i don t have any trust in you i guess i m not that confident about who i am and i think of you as someone that i can t have all to myself. It s strange music you for a moment. I was thinking that maybe you wouldn t even come.

Here. This is yours. It s special just for you well now. Where are you going who are you going to see.

It s a girl isn t it music ah that was mean i didn t want to say that. But you re the one who s making me turn so mean i m your girlfriend and i can t even go on a date with you on valentine s day. I guess that if whatever it is is a big deal to you i can t complain. But i m not just gonna take it lying down.

This isn t fun and games..

I m serious about you i hate this i always feel like a mess when it comes to dealing with you sorry i don t want to trouble you i m sorry music you music you music oh music mmm. I m sorry i don t know what i want to say to you myself you re going to see someone else. Today aren t you music that s not a good answer. But never mind i don t want to know the real answer well this is a first there is a mystery and i know the answer yet i want to look away from it when i try to logically analyze the situation.

Another part of me tries to stop it it tells me you ll only get hurt and now i m following that voice. I m a failure for someone who claims to be after the truth music you you yosuke. Why do you look so hopeful hopeful. What are you talking about music excuse me yes.

Where s a trash can the trash can give it up yosuke. It s over you re only gonna get yourself hurt you ll see shut up don t you you ll see me can you understand the true strength of a man s heart. I know i don t have anything waiting for me. But i can t give up my hope it s my only weapon against the valentine s monster.

I m pathetic hey that s so rude. I know you got chocolate from gh on and some other girls. I know that and it was a hundred percent friendzone chocolate and you ate it all anyway. It was so good that was bargain price chocolate from jeunesse i put the sale stickers on them myself i know hey since you ate all my chocolate.

When white day rolls around it s your responsibility to make it up to me. Oh don t you worry all the ladies will get teddy s love ah. Don t say stuff like that yukiko will sew your mouth shut. Oh.

Never mind then i ll give them my winning. Top sickle sticks. They re a teddy family bear loom. Oh.

God dude. Don t give girls something that you ve licked all over anyway. What are you doing here don t you have a bunch of dates huh to rejoice in male friendship or to be angry that you re not as desperate as us. That is the question.

Hey yo skank your younger brother kanji coon is acting weirder than normal. What why are you calling him my brother all of a sudden. Your brother s in nobody s arms family. That s lonely together is bromley together did you shut up don t call us that don t even mention it again.

Anyway. You have been quiet this whole time. What s going on with you man are you disappointed that now don t know i wasn t expecting anything from her and i don t think of her like that anyway stop acting so tough then what is it well yeah. If i want you to have this music.

Wow. So now it s time for guys to give chocolate to each other that s not the person you re supposed to give that to wait unless. No it sounds like that i i owe senpai so much and i ve never been able to pay him back. But it s gonna go away soon.

So i thought i d do this at the very least yeah..

That s right this is a present from kanji and me it mean a lot to us if you take it hey what now you found me out it s a present from me to you surprise it s a cuddly wuddly choco teddy hug pillow hold on to it on those lonely nights for sweet nicholas dreams music hey. Don t jump on my bandwagon besides if you hold on to it it s gonna melt wait you have non chocolate teddy hug pillows you music you re late i don t get it what do you know why i m here you really are an oddball music. I have chocolate you can have it music that room doesn t have any electrical outlets. I do the best i could but i don t know if it turned out any good sorry huh.

It s okay. It s fine hmm. What do you mean incredible you ve need it if you don t hurry it ll melt. If it melts it ll run away when you eat it i want you to tell me whether it was good or not now music you wait it all that s incredible are you stupid well it makes my work worth it music valentine s day isn t an actual ritual huh.

I looked it up i thought it was some big event you know a turning point of your life. I m so lame. I was fooled i feel stupid. But it s not like that i didn t make that chocolate just because i thought it was something i was supposed to know that makes it sound like i m serious oh well i am serious but and you can just shut your stupid jerk face.

I m telling the truth look just close your eyes shut up and close them. Thank you well i don t really get it. But it looks like i don t just like you i want to be with you forever and ever. I love you i love you so much music you you you big bro do you know what day.

It is today how did you know i bought it in secret. This is my favorite chocolate music. It s sweet and yummy today. My teacher.

Said valentine s day isn t just a day to give out chocolate it s a day to say thank you to the people you care about teacher. Gave us off chocolate everybody even me and when she gave it to me. She said. It s been tough for you but you ve done very well everyone tells me i m strong for pulling through that s why.

I said thank you back. And i said that my big bro and my dad are rooting for me. And that s why i can be happy again really and then my teacher was so happy and then she said when someone s cheering you on even when you re in trouble you feel energized do you feel like that would i cheer you on music. Me too when you root for me i get so happy we re the same me my dad and your friends are all on your side.

Even if you go back soon. I hope you re happy music. I had one more chocolate they made it myself music. But fake girls taught me how to make homemade chocolate creations.

That s why i made one for you music. Yes. That i should mix an iced coffee to add flavor. Oh and bacon since everyone likes bacon.

Luckily. There was some bacon and iced coffee in the fridge. Please. Say tom said.

That the chocolate should assert itself..

So it needs to be either really sweet or really spicy. You re a grown up big bro. So i thought you d appreciate a bitter taste. So i put bell peppers and wheatgrass juice in it i think that sour chocolate sounds really assertive.

So i added vinegar and ponzu sauce. Too yukiko said that my chocolate would have depth. If i added fish so i added some fish sausage and some of dad s fermented squid and now toad told me she d let me borrow a recipe book and when i told her i was already done. She told.

Me that you d enjoy anything that i made for you music big bro. Thank you i love you music big bro. What s wrong big bro you music right today s valentine s day. I wonder there were so many guys bringing girls in here don t you have anything exciting happening.

I mean you ve been here nearly a whole year you know when i was young boy yeah you alone too yeah don t remind me come on in it ll be my treat today hey take over for me. Enjoy. I don t want to be a part of this losers meeting have anywhere else to go. Here.

Let s sit first christmas now valentine s day. Why i get in any chocolates. I called yusuke before heading over here and even he got something i mean the dudes a freak. And i don t besides why is it mishima here too don t tell me he did he betray us seriously.

I m never gonna talk to him at school again music. What are you thinking dude. I know oh. But i was buying something at the convenience store and the shopkeeper later gave me this here.

You can have it oh dude hell. No hey think about it our own girls kind of cold. I mean we were on the same team they should at least got us some kind of teammate chocolate or something seriously you re right. Guess heroes.

Ai. N t always popular with the chicks huh music. Wonderful get a girlfriend before i graduate high school music music. Hey music music don t be ridiculous music.

How do you mean music music music. Why are you trying to do hey music are you serious music and here. I came all this way for you take it take my chocolate please before i crash. It was for you here is your chocolate.

There s no need to be modest just take the chocolate you can eat this right. It s chocolate here take your chocolate here. It s chocolate got it. What it is unforgivable terrible forget it stop messing around music fine jeez you you ll never see it music applause music applause music applause music ” .


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The supposed “Harem Route” where our “Male” Protagonists decide to take the role of a womanizer and date both their teammates and any other girls they can get their mitts on. Frankly, I find the Harem Route hilarious, but just like in real life, messing with a girl s heart has….consequences.

(Except in Yuki s case)

Happy Harem-tines Day Everyone!

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