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“We are the team from three de munck currently developing the hive. The hive is is a round based first person luta shooter inspired by games like stalker and hunt. The game takes place in a world. Where legends and folklore are part of reality organizations clans and other entities are trying to take over the economy.

And you as a player have to survive. Progress and fight for resources. The hive sets a strong emphasis on character progression and customization as well as immersion and strategic gameplay each round has to be approached differently due to the always changing conditions your goal is to gather items weapons and armor before extracting with it in order to obtain gear for your character and unlock new areas with better loot stronger enemies and unique objectives. The high features an in depth.

Customisation system allowing you to modify armor and weapon components swap out weapon bodies stocks barrels shoulder pads armed guards and many more separate pieces each one of them impacting your gun and gameplay a huge amount of variety of the multiple allow this we have therefore gotten in contact with virtuous a large 3d art contractor in order to tackle the asset development on a triple a level besides that we are starting the development of a custom map..

Creation. Workflow. Leveraging. Houdini s procedural tools.

As well. As qixels mega. Scans library. Which will allow us to release new high quality and immersive maps.

Every season..

And during certain areas and maps can be very dangerous if you re not well enough prepared folk laws as well as restricted zones have to be researched and overcome by you if conquered you are rewarded with very rare items or burdened with the loss of the entire gear you brought with you but keep in mind you re not the only looter around so plan accordingly our skill system will add an additional layer of customization. Allowing you to take up certain roles heading out with your squad specializations. Such as engineering. Scouting and paramedic will impact your skill set and enable the usage of special gear.

Such as heavy machine guns. Or juggernaut armor sets. As well as steerable drones or enhanced medical equipment. Different wear levels.

Will dictate..

The condition and effectiveness of your weapon factory. New firearms are very rare compared to the used ones and are therefore highly sought after on the marketplace. Money is a crucial factor in the game having a lot of it can allow you to influence the underground market. Where firearms valuables such as minerals electronics or jewelry.

As well as armor pieces and sets are being sold it s up to you to decide whether you ll flip items for profit or gear yourself up and head out to find these items and bring them back people might occasionally approach you to retrieve a certain item from a dangerous area for them another option is to gain reputation with certain organizations in order to receive access to their shops items armor and weapon mods during the week you ll be busy gearing up your character making money and enhancing your skills use this progress to dominate during our unique weekend. Only event the unique game mode. We developed will guarantee you a breath of fresh air competitive environment and a lot of action being a weekend. Only mode.

You will have to plan ahead and lock in your previously gathered or acquired set of gear..

You want to use during the event prior to the weekend event. Exclusive items are rewarded for performing well thank you for checking out our project. We d be thrilled if you choose two backers. It doesn t even have to be money spreading the word about our game is already enough to support us every little bit of exposure and interaction helps us tremendously in growing the community and getting one step closer to our goal cheers you ” .


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This is THE HIVE Kickstarter announcement. THE HIVE is a round based looter shooter, that combines competitive FPS and RPG elements to deliver a unique and thrilling game experience.

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