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“Music welcome to 15 visual novels on a nintendo switch that we think a were were for look if you re into the genre. It can sometimes be questionable as how much gameplay is involved. But for us these are fantastic ways to relax and get into a novel on the nintendo switch. We love how these stories are brought to life and the awesome thing about the switch is being able to take these stories with you on the move or just lying in bed and enjoy in taking part in these adventures before we get into it just a heads up that most of the games mentioned in this list have physical releases.

Some western some as imports with english if you enjoy our content and want to purchase any of these games and consider supporting us at the same time by using the purchase links in the description and pin comment all right let s get on with it first up one of the best is clannad a visual novel that is very intriguing from the start ordinary school life. You may think cannot be that interesting. But here it turns into a complex tale of characters. Which are interesting based in a town in which they live.

It s the soundtrack. Though in the visuals. Which really take this visual novel to another level though along with it s very well written story you can play the game using the touchscreen. Which makes it perfect for on the move.

Play. And the text can either be in english or in japanese text can be skipped or rewound. If required. While the game is a tad expensive.

It s for me one of the best visual novels on the switch to date. While phoenix. Wright may not be a true visual novel earning slightly more in the point and click adventure style game. We think.

It s so top tier. That we must have it on this list one of capcom s best franchises has been around the block a few times to say the least but on the switch on the go in hd. It s a fantastic release in this trilogy you re looking at like 60 hours worth of investigations and courtroom drama. It s again that we constantly go back to over the years and we can t count how many times that we bought it it s available digitally in the west.

But japan received a nice physical edition. Which i had to pick up links are below. If you want to find it for yourself. Stein s gay is a fantastic visual novel for those that want something a little bit more adult.

The story sounds a bit out there as a group of tech. Savvy lab. Members find a way of changing the past using a modified microwave..


But it s written very well and gets you hooked as soon as you start things soon spiral out of control. And you can t wait to see how the story unfolds and transpires. What i really like about this is every choice you make as a consequence making those decisions mean something everything here from the visuals to the music to the animations is absolutely on point and is one that all of us here a switch. Watch recommend music music ever heard of a booze.

Em up well. Here. You are a bartender at valhalla in glitch city. A place to attract some interesting people and as long as you keep them lubricated.

Oh. What luke okay full disclosure. One wrote this not me lubricated come on man that sounds well dutch. Let s just say chopped up with bevvies that sounds a bit better.

But anyways as long as you keep the drinks flowing. You will learn a lot about the people there are decisions to be made. But interestingly it s through the drinks that you prepare for your clients. Once you get to know them preparing the right drink is going to be the key.

This is one of those games. I thoroughly recommend if only for the soundtrack alone. Which is awesome limited run games are doing a physical version of this for the west b. You can get a japanese physical copy.

Which has english well if you loved clannad then planetarium was made by the same studio called key on the switch. This has now been given the hd remaster treatment. If you love sci fi and want to experience. The tales of junker and a robot you need me then this is for you you nemi.

I don t know how you know. But anyway. The soundtrack is absolutely immense again and the artwork for me is stunning voice work is in japanese. Only with english.

Subtitles. What do you need me to be good at i m fictional one oddity in the gracia trilogy. There is a lot of content with three main titles five after stories and 29 short stories here the protagonist goes by the name of yuji kazami..


He decides to enroll in a school. Where the only students are five girls were lucky for him or is it well that s what you will need to find out in this fascinating story. It s worth noting that this is an adult orientated visual novel set so it may not be to everyone s tastes due to the content. It s rated 18 for a reason.

This released digitally in the west for a hefty price. I may add. But you can pick up a physical version of all three games from japan. Which luckily has english on the cartridge links are below music.

You know back in the 90s was daring. You know had a massive impact on the visual novels of today and even now still impresses more often than not it does get it right. And it s still a very well written piece. Which is complex with multiple roots.

So you have the patience to put the time into this you ll discover a boatload of content. Here and one that you know it s still very enjoyable to this day. Needling will you become music nice kid amelia music. If you like horror.

Then raging loop. Maybe for you it s psychological and the scene is set in a secluded village in japan ancient gods are hunting villages down one by one there is a complex branching story with plenty of characters to me. And there are motivations to discover here you die over and over in a raging loop. But with each death you will come back discovering more knowledge from your previous one it s certainly a very interesting tale and one that s very compelling ai.

The somnium files this visual novel intrigued me from the very beginning one rainy night. A woman s body is found in an abandoned theme park as a detective arrives he find that he knows the woman and at the scene. He finds a young girl with an icepick in her hands. This one has house of horror.

And some gory murders can it really be that easy to solve that first murder though well here you need to hone your detective skills in a 30 hour campaign. This has multiple endings. I love the visuals love the music here and is one that i found very enjoyable from beginning to end well worth the money and if you can find a physical edition. Of this one well worth picking up as well as one that i can fully recommend very very enjoyable search for leads inside.

The subjects dream world end syndrome. Mixes romance with murders and the living dead. It s a gripping story that will make you shiver..


But ask for more you ve arrived in a beautiful seaside town and join the local schools clubs before a dead body drifts onto the shores of the river and it s up to you and your friends to figure out if the legend of the yummy beto is true and what it means for the town. I don t know. This is a romantic horror story. Where you get to spend your summer days.

Interacting with the locals and investigating some local legends while the town looks stunning. There is something lurking in its underbelly and all is not what it seems in this intriguing. Game death. Mark here in tokyo.

A mysterious birthmark has been seen appearing on certain individuals. And it looks grotesque anyone who gets a mark will die in horrifying circumstances as a protagonist here you have been deprived of your memories and arrived at a mansion. Which is said to protect the bearers of the mark as you begin the countdown to your death. Has already begun.

This is tense keeps the tension up all the way through to the point. Where you ll need to give a break from it there is mystery horror and the best thing. I can say about this is it kept me absolutely glued. Until the very end a fantastic visual novel game in route letter last answer you follow in the footsteps of iya fumino a school pen friend who allegedly was involved in a tragic murder 15 years ago as adults now you have to uncover clues in the letters written to each other to track down childhood friend for questioning.

This is an interesting take on the visual novels run our duties use of real live pictures of environments and people it may get overly whacky at times compared to the murder premise and trade the lines of what is actually funny or awkward. But i really enjoyed it personally elisa villanueva and has a three year absence after this time she resurfaces working as a proxy for a virtual counseling. App. Called elisa her job now is to read a script provided by an ai finding out what s going on here is certainly something which took my interest instantly.

This was made by an indie team. And they have done a great job. Telling. The story in a visual novel format.

The art style is lovely in all hand painted which brings a story to life and the musical score is absolutely excellent. I suggest you give this one a try if you ve not done. So already my tattoo pure station. Is a visual novel that s only just releasing on the switch.

It holds the title of perhaps. The weirdest premise of the lot. A humanoid rail operator has lost their train..


And you have to help them find it we could talk about the plot more. But we have to be honest you d probably think that we re making the up if we did it does feature nice artwork and a worrying amount of fanservice. But that s usually a plus point for many people who love the genre definitely want to keep an eye on 2064 read. Only memories is an intriguing cyberpunk thriller.

And the switch version has some exclusive included content here. I love the pixel art. The catchy electronic soundtrack. And it s a classic style adventure game.

Here you get to explore the modern day issues of individuality freedom and identity. There s loads of characters here as well. And you even get a 55 page digital art book. A fantastic little addition to anyone s collection for sure ladies and gentlemen thank you for watching this video.

We really do appreciate it here at switch watch if you want to purchase any of these games as physical versions that will pop some links in the pinned comment and in the description. If you are new here. Don t forget to subscribe hit that bell notification. That s really important so we can let you know when our next video goes live.

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