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“Right hey guys. It s me. James um. And i we see well today actually.

Actually. I had a request off some guy who wants me to with my sound right here we go who wants me to meet kim are you giving a hunting the birds right dragon so it s gonna be really short because it is really easy bay see how i got it was armed. Oh bollocks sorry about that i went to the card shop..


And here you can get pretty much any card um. You go up to him and you buy pretty much and it just has a load of cards. But if he doesn t have two cod. You re looking for you can walk up to my password seen here machine here and you ll see that there s an eight digit password and if you have if you own a you yo card.

And you pick up there will be a little area on the card where there s an eight digit code arm figures just underneath name i m not too sure if not i might be in the bottom corner. I really can t remember but if you type in the eight digit code arm and you press okay you get a cut you get four card put into his thing. So if you type in the blue eyes right dragon code..


You ll get the blow by dragging in a shop. Um. If you can t find out the code. They will have all four codes on the internet.

So if you just go to google and you type in you go for sacred cards codes it will give you card codes so then you can go up to him by and the card will be here. If it isn t here then it doesn t exist. It isn t in the game..


Okay all you ve typed in the code room because i m fortunate with this game. It doesn t actually tell you if you ve typed in the correct code um. I m by the waited the killers had done earlier it was just around and code. I made of my head.

It was actually code for a card. But if you type in the right code you should be able to get arm the card. But you will still have to buy it you won t just have the card you still have to buy it okay so that s how you can get any card in the game..


And obviously you will still need the right jewel just and etc. But um that is basically how you get any cards. So this is a quick detour. I made i hope it helps and if it doesn t just leave a comment in the box below and i will try and answer it thank you very much ” .


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Basically, this is how you can get any card in the game, pretty much, there are a few exceptions.

Card Code List: http://www.gamefaqs.com/gba/915450-yu-gi-oh-the-sacred-cards/cheats

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