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“Everyone welcome back to you scoop of the krispy. We are continuing on with a a legend of zelda laid between worlds. We are off to the graveyard after graveyard off to the graveyard. Let s go now boy i up that guy i saved your queen.

Why are you attacking me hold on a sec. Okay let s go defeat you oh no look at the poor little guy. I got him oh. I save you there you go good job get away from me.

So right now. I have all the weapons. I own upgraded out seriously. Okay.

Let s okay. Let s take a look. Here. No don t there you go yeah.

I mean. I heard that no yeah crap i let it go free. I ll take that i heard i heard something squeaking or a little animal. I don t take that why not no dead bones bones.

Oh seriously you guys come on. I swear. I heard sure ping. Yeah.

Right. There. See i knew it yeah. Let s go to the sanctuary.

Hey. What s up what did you say you saw much saris. I see then my daughter lives and i have faith. I will see her again i can only imagine how i came to find her you have my deepest thanks linc.

All right well i m off here. We go teleport okay we need to get torch. We need to get fire rata let s try that out nice dude. Awesome and it lights that oh light how long has it been since i knew such comfort three years or an eternity.

The world outside has long darkened with the menace of the masked. Ah. What s the little light against the rising dark. No one honors.

The gods anymore so beware child the end is at hand you don t need the torch. Anymore. I can just destroy everything my good left fire. Rod.


Yeah. Hmm hey. What s that what something really cool is up there welcome back to logan kingdom link. Where you stand now was once a holy place now it cannot be further away from such a thing.

However nearby sleeps. Something that will help you on your journey. A thorough search will behoove you so say i held of low rule. Okay well might i might i try out this oh i got it no what fire bauer.

It s awesome man yeah. I am link of hyrule and i will destroy everyone who gets in my way. I will destroy i will destroy you all right let s go find this thing yes. I will destroy everyone with a giant strength.

I will crush you and i got this thing and i will use my giant bombs to destroy. My giant bombs will crush your soul go. Yay. Okay.

Nerdist hey. Little guy. Oh crap. Ah.

It s worth it. Though. It s worth it i had to i had to go for it i had to it was too tempting now i gotta go all the way back around okay. We re back yeah seriously.

Yeah. Why do you do that why are you look up. Okay. There.

Yeah. Oh light and i m talking some more all right out into lorule. Again character sega. No didn t look back stake back really stay back.

Mr. Paces stay back. Why do you do that link that s so annoying there get away from me. I have a giant fire rod that will destroy my name is link links link imus maximus and what wrong thing no sorry.

I just killed to be i do not mean to do that here hold on a sec. I want to check it out this cave. See what kind of secrets. If b.

Holds like this oh. Maybe her heart piece. Yeah. I love when that happens camera and go back let s see here going back to do there we go.


I was looking for okay. It s dark. What i picking there we go for any georgia s i can light. I got a roofie out.

I think that s the very first one i ve ever got that uh okay there we go that will help would be nice. If i could light some there we go it d be nice if i could buy some torches not gonna lie. But you know this is low rule land of darkness. There s a treasure chest here with five.

We got some giant eyeball bats there s a key hmm. Yeah. I can t see anything. It s so dark arkan here.

Let me find let me find okay. There s the key thing. Okay just let me just let me use. So.

Let me be able to light stuff fire that was not where i was trying to go hangman sure another door to go through let me look let me look. And see yeah. That was that no i can t keep going maybe. There s something over here hmm get rid of the snakes uh bats bats.

What the heck okay. I have a plan might just be crazy enough to work. Yeah uh hurt. Me never mind.

It was actually crazy enough to be opposite of working recipes switch or something around here somewhere hmm. I am just stumped look. I killed. All the monsters isn t that what you wanted oh duh.

I figured it out duh. I keep forgetting i have that wall merging ability okay. Let s try this one. More time careful.

Hello data. There my goodness you got the small key. Now is some kind of fun surprises. We can find over here.

You know. It s always fun to open up a a walked door. Oh how are you guys again yeah. Flame on fire fire fire fire.

It s fun just to scream fire for no reason. I mean for a reason. But like you know i can only imagine people outside my room that can like hear me what is he doing he s screaming fire to himself yeah. It s fun cool you know that means i mean some snakes are gonna fall right here.


I just love that i just love it my favorite oh man. She s named scott pons. One. More right here.

Good. Good go up the stairs hmm. Oh. Okay don t do that is this what i think.

It is oh. This is totally what i think it is yes. That said. It is i found it and i got the master boom.

Let s go upgrade the um. The sword where am. I going am. I going back to here.

I need to oh no i can teleport. It s fine. I come out here let s go yeah fly bird flight wait i don t want to go there you re getting tired man you should come my ground bring a potion. I recommend the yellow stuff.

Yeah. That s great there it is oh my crap. I found one i found one catch it catch it i got the golden bean. I put it in my butt.

Oh. You got a golden b. It shines. So bright and beautiful still be careful.

I see what you did there sweet. I did it awesome awesome. They re like hurry save your game. Look at that golden b.

Mmm okay. Umm. Where s the here. I don t want to run to the blacksmith go just go hey you re confused head the fortune teller.

He knows all actually i probably will go to the fortune teller for these other guys okay here we go let s do it let s do it hey here i am. I finally found some motivation and we don t have any of the master or without that i can t power up your sword. No sir huh wha whoa you have master or with the master or i can strengthen your sword. How about it yes.

Please oi come out now let s get the temper in this guy sword. Give me. A hand okay let s do it my arms are itching too smart sniffing okay. I talked to a good game.


But now it s time for me to back it up okay here we go hmm. There we have her the master suls now it is maximum strength this is a true hero s weapon. What do you think told you i was number one this year is the mightiest stored. There is you re gonna be unstoppable.

Now kid. Awesome yeah look at it that it s a fine piece of work. A fine piece of working lead. Yeah look at this thing.

Yeah. Yeah. Look at me all right cool sweet. Wait that still takes two hits.

What i m not okay well yes better not as cool as i thought. But you know school alright. Let s teleport back to the real world it breaks through shields are you kidding me that was awesome. Oh you guys are okay.

Where is this that is let s go. It s fine. I m i am fine to have that girl yell crazy hey you came from my closet. You were you looking at my unmentionables crap no i wasn t going away from me okay so that s freaking poor poor squeaking animal.

Hey mister. Oh be still my beating heart is this oh my it is the golden be thank you she s very bewitching don t you think that golden glow that sweet note of honey that lingers in the air and so riga queen of bees she is perfect you have outdone yourself so please take this as a thanks booth you got a bee badge. Now those pesky bees won t pester you oh sweetie yeah. That s the bee badge as long as you have it with you of wrong guy.

That s the b badge as long as you have it with you bees will be friendly no more stings of course you know what that means you can find me. Even more bees. It should be a breeze keep up the good work visible way aren t you gonna give me money you didn t give me any money freak uh. I need money i don t need your badges.

My buddy told me that the next one you give him he gives you like 300 rupees. Yeah. That s what i thought all right cool let s go ahead and teleport over here did you get those area glasses from the fortune. Teller.

They let you see ghosts neat and creepy. But mostly neat cool. All right. That s gonna do a folks.

Oh. Thanks for watching don t forget to subscribe leave your comments below and we will see you next time with some more legend of zelda a link between worlds. ” ..


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