10 EPIC Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Mods You MUST Try 2020

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“19. Was an okay as year for videogames. Sure maybe we can t name too too many games that stood out among the crowd. But there were definitely some notable one of the few notable releases of the year was star wars.

Jedi fallen order. It has been widely acclaimed by critics and fans as one of the greatest star wars gaming experiences offered to us the attention to details the overall storyline involvement of the characters they ve all been carried out very well. But if you re like me you know that s not enough what s the point of playing a game. If you can t change the character outfits their weapons and the overall visuals you know what i m talking about mods today.

We re gonna check out 10 epic star wars jedi fall in order mods make sure to check the description. Where you can find all of the links to the mods that we re gonna discuss and just a reminder about our new giveaway. We re giving away the new ipad pro or imac pro. The choice is yours all you have to do is.

Watch the full video leave a like comment. The secret keyword in the video and make sure you re subscribed. It s that simple okay starting with number 10. The joker mod.

What s the point of mods existing in the first place if they don t do something crazy or weird right like a mod that turns calc estes into the joker from batman. I mean imagine that well this is exactly what this mod does well the mod isn t entirely accurate in the terms of facial features. I guess. It s good enough a better job could have been done on scars.

But if you re tired of good old. Cal and want to roll with a character that has a nicer smile. You have your good friend. The joker now imagine taking down.

Jedi hunters being the joker best crossover of gaming history. If you ask me unfortunately this mod does not include the joker s uber cool vader. But that s okay this mod is cool enough anyway number. 9.

The lightsaber color editor mod you like a board of the limited amount of lightsabers available in fallen order. And i don t blame you because i am too this is where the lightsaber color editor mod comes in true to the name of the mod. It s a user friendly tool with which you can modify the color of your lightsaber..


It also offers custom lightsaber sounds as well an added option now allows you to change the lightsaber color of inquisitor enemies. As well do note. The differences between blade color and glow color. When choosing a particular color for your lightsaber blade color is the inner color of the blade itself in a brighter blade color will make the blade look.

Thicker glow color is the outer glow of the lightsaber. It s quite easy to fine tune the color settings and achieve the desired color for your saber number. 8. The black cores mod.

Okay maybe you re lazy and you don t want to tinker around with the colors of your lightsaber. Maybe you just want cool preset colors. That you would like to pick and have in your game. There s a solution for that too the black kors mod will do that for you pretty easy to assume that this mod offers lightsabers to have a black core you have a few different options in term of the outer color.

You want to choose blue red cyan or magenta to name a few you can also carry a dark saber with this mod. The outer white glow. Really complements the dark inner glow it looks really cool. When you re wielding.

One of these light sabers and spinning them around in your hand while taking down one trooper after another number seven the blind jedi anyone who knows the slightest bit about calc estes. Probably also knows how much our jedi knight has suffered throughout his life. He lived in seclusion for much of his life. All the while being constantly stalked by the jedi hunters.

The blind jedi mod turns the entirety of cal s eyes a deep white this gives us the impression that count is blind inside the game not literally. Though i mean your screen doesn t turn black when you play with cow. No that would be a bit too much it s a visual effect. And it looks pretty neat.

If you ask me sure the mod doesn t do much other than just that but our hero does look pretty ghoulish kind of reminds me of the undertaker now that i think of it number six jedi cal. This mod is a must have for every fan of cal castus. This mod is the true fusion of two different looks of jedi cal. The mod presents an adult.

Cal wearing. The jedi outfit of his younger days. His brown robe somehow complements his hair..


Really well not really sure if that was a coincidental thing or something that was well planned by the mod creator either way. I like it to say the least the two different looks have been mixed very well together. It surely serves as a true testament to the warrior. That cal has grown into his younger self number five young.

Cal custis. If you re not much of a fan of the previouse mod and prefer cal entirely in his younger days. Then you d probably prefer this mod this mod lets you play as cal from the times of clone protocol 66. Clone protocol 66 or order 66 in short was a top secret mission undertaken by the grand army of the republic and identified.

All jedi s including cal of course as traitors and subject to summary execution by the republic. However his master jarrow t. pol sacrificed himself to save his apprentice. It was after that when cal went into hiding from the jedi masters.

This mod surely reflects how innocent looking cal was in his younger days. Number. 4. Real black outfits and poncho s.

As much as one may hate sis. There s no denying that they are epic ways than one much more awesome than jedi s from a lot of angles. And if you ask me sits definitely have cooler outfits. If you want to fight for the greater good of jedi s.

But at the same time want to look as fly as a sith. Then this mod is for you this mod gives you plenty of black outfits to wear. I m not talking about any shade of black it s completely pitch black the mod gives you eight different outfits to choose from and all of them look pretty good. It s actually quite hard to choose from a particular one if you ask me you ll be as confused as a teen girl trying to choose a dress for her prom night number three galen marik s hero armor.

We ve been so caught up with so many of the mods of calc estes that it s safe to say we ve forgotten about the other protagonists of the franchise notably characters of the other hemisphere thus. It s and when you speak of the s . It s definitely one of the first ones that will pop up in your mind is none. Other than galen marek.

This ruthless assassin is the next character to be featured in this mod. One might think we ve forgotten about the star killer just like he forgot about his past. But no not really this mod..


Features a fully decked out galen marik s hero armor from the force unleashed to the details on the outfit are absolutely stunning and are quite accurate in terms of colors. There s noticeable wear on the belt. Which just adds to the realism of the entire outfit along with the regular outfit. Plus.

There s also a synth variant. Included as well number two skywalker restate fx. The true hdr mod. Many among us don t really care about the outfit and face skins of these lightsaber color changes.

Maybe. We just want better. Visuals. Yeah.

It might be a newly released game. And sure. It has great graphics to begin with. But it doesn t hurt to ask for more am.

I right this mode introduces hdr into the game. What is hdr you ask in simpler words. This offers better contrast and an even wider range of colors in store. For you thanks to an hdr mode.

Such as this the entire gaming experience becomes more realistic and immersive due to it this reshape mod is breathtaking to sum up the experience in one word. If you re running even a standard monitor. Then you ll surely notice the massive difference before and after running this mod now for number one the inquisitor kal uniform alt textures mod. It s finally time to introduce to you the mod that takes the gold medal in our top 10 today.

If you think we haven t featured enough cowl mods on this list. Then boy do we have something in store. For you here s another cal castis mod for you on the house. The mod offers a full model swap and lets you play as inquisitor.

Cal custis. In the game. You can create custom alternative textures..


And also make cal wear poncho s through this mod. If you so choose the outfits. Included in this mod are amazing my personal favorite is the black inquisitor outfit located in the default slot of the mud. The white inquisitor uniform saved in slot.

4. Is pretty neat as well unfortunately. There were more than 10 quality mods existing in the game right now and not all are supposed to make it to the list. That s why we re picking out a few as some bonus mentioned.

These mods are not in any way less enjoyable than the others. They just missed out by an amazing point or two bonus number one sith shock troops mod who doesn t want to mess around with the troopers right this mod offers a mild trooper overhaul and provides a retexture for the sith purge troopers all the scout troopers are turned into a shock trooper variant. The commanders are donning a full pauldron red outfit. Honestly they look so fly in that red getup bonus number two faster startup in configuration tweaks mod let s all admit.

The fact that the game takes up too much time when we re starting it up. We all just want to jump into the action. This mod not only helps you save precious time. But also comes with a few adjustments for graphical settings like disabling.

The motion blur that isn t awesome. I honestly don t know what is bonus number three jedi fallen order skin pack mod. This mod is all about pimping out calc estes. This mod offers a new and improved face for kal improved.

Hair. And eye colors are also there. But the best part is that cal gets super cool arm and neck tattoos. This calc estes is straight out of the hood to complement your look outfit changes are on the cards as well t shirts with dragons and snakes ponchos with skulls and dragons you name it and the mod has it it s barely been half a year since the release of jedi fallen order.

Yet it s overwhelming to see the pace at which mod creators are releasing mods in order to integrate into the game and enhance the gaming experience of star wars fans surely it s impressive how detailed and creative some of the mods are given the short time since release and the fact that more and more players are joining the game. It s no surprise that the number of mods coming out will only skyrocket. What we ll be getting in these mods can only be answered in due time anyways thanks for watching. This is fenix signing out i hope you ve enjoyed it check out the video on screen at the moment but until next time may the force be with you music.

” ..

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10 EPIC Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Mods You MUST Try 2020

If you are looking for some of the best jedi fallen order mods in 2020 then you need to watch this video! Today we are going to go over some of the best mods in the jedi fallen order game, some of you may have played this before and have seen some of these mods, but I know that you haven t seen all of these!

Star wars jedi fallen order is a great game that has some great reviews, but sometimes you just want to replay the game with some mods in place to help you out! If you are into the costumes, the power increase, the boss battles or anything in between this mod list is going to make you enjoy the star wars jedi fallen order game THAT MUCH MORE!



Make sure you check out these star wars jedi fallen order mods from these links below:

#10: The Joker Mod

#9: Lightsaber Color Editor Mod

#8: The Black Cores Mod

#7: The Blind Jedi

#6: Jedi Cal Mod

#5: Young Cal Kestis

#4: Real Black Outfits and Ponchos

#3: Galen Marek s Hero Armor

#2: Skywalker Reshade FX- True HDR Mod

#1: The Inquisitor Cal Uniform Plus Alt Textures Mod

Sith Shock Troops Mod:

Faster Startup and Config Tweaks Mod:

Jedi Fallen Order Skin Pack Mod:

Thanks for watching! I hope you have enjoyed the video and love these star wars jedi fallen order mods!

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