10 Things Fortnite Did To Keep Players From Playing Apex Legends

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“Is still the most popular video game in the world in fact. It s become become more than just a video game. It s a social platform. Where people can chill and winning isn t even the main goal that being said there battle royale throne is being threatened by apex legends.

Which has forced epic games to resort to some desperate measures to make sure their players don t jump ship to the next best thing. The ping system is one of the most important features in apex legends using it you could point out where you want to go. And where enemies are as well as where weapons and items may be the let players know they can pick them up holding the ping button could even give you a more detailed information about your surroundings. And what you re doing by letting your teammates know enemies have been there that you re gonna loot a specific area and much more it s a pretty awesome feature in the game.

And what we like most about it is that it makes it possible to play the game. And communicate with your teammates without even having to get on the mic. Let s be honest in a game of fortnight you need to have a mic and communicate verbally if you want to be successful and win yourself some games it s just that simple that being said some of us are shy and more reserved. So we don t feel like talking to randoms even though we re unable to see the person on the other end sometimes.

We re still shy. And that s completely fine for tonight s severely lack the ability to communicate with your teammates. If you don t have a mic. So we re not surprised at all by that one season ain t rolled around so did their very own ping system.

While the ping system in for tonight isn t nearly as polished as the one in apex legends. It s a welcome addition that gives those of us who prefer to stay off the mic. A voice. Now you could ping things to indicate where you want to go.

And ask players if they want weapons just like in apex legends. It s funny how epic games waited until a becks legends was released before they introduced it into their game. They definitely knew what they were doing that s for sure another interesting feature in apex legends that sets it apart from fortnight is the ability to respawn teammates after they ve been eliminated. When a teammate is completely eliminated.

They re not out of the game for good all you have to do is run over to their death box pick up their banner and bring it to one of the many respawn beacons. You can find all over the map you could respond to down teammates at once. But respawn beacons can only be used once so you have to go to a completely different one if it s already been used by your team or another team not too long after apex legends was released epic games conducted. And asked me anything also known as an ama on reddit in this am a one player asked if they ve considered adding.

A similar respawn mechanic to the game. And they actually gave us a pretty interesting answer epik responded. We ve been considering this mechanic for a while and have been exploring it so they ve been looking into it for a while they say ok. It s possible they were or maybe.

It s possible that they re only looking into it because apex legends did it first. Yeah. We think we ll go with the ladder on this one to add on to all this speculation. There s something interesting going on for for knight players watching replays in replay mode.

You can find something interesting at each and every named location in for knight. You can t find any of these trucks in the battle royale itself. But they come out to play in replay mode on top of the truck is a hologram of a player. Which reminded us of the hologram you can find on the top of the respawn beacons in apex legends.

The only difference is that fortnight hologram is a player and the apex legends hologram is a dropship. But other than that it s very similar this all got us thinking. That maybe. These trucks are going to be used to respawn fallen teammates in for tonight.

It d be an interesting addition that definitely make players watch their squad instead of leaving the second they re eliminated. Which is something many are quick to do in february shortly. After the launch of apex legends epic games..


Surprised. Everyone with the announcement that they had the opportunity to earn a free battle pass for season 8. This is something fortnight had never done before. But we definitely weren t complaining free stuff is free stuff after all it s a universally loved thing their motto was save your vbox this one s on us why thank you epic how were you able to get your hands on this free battle pass well you had to complete 13 specific overtime challenges all over the season 7 map.

The lama sir made an awesome guide to help players complete all the challenges and if it wasn t for him. He would have had to actually purchase the battle pass with our own money and there s no way that was gonna happen just kidding. We 100 would have still got the battle pass anyways the battle fast normally retails for around nine hundred and fifty bucks or about ten real bucks as we like to call them so technically epic game saved us from spending an extra ten dollars on for tonight. Which is something they really didn t have to do like every battle past the season.

Eight one has one hundred two years full of skins back flings harvesting tools gliders emotes wraps. Sprays and pets yep. That s a lot of things now that it s here. We could say it s pretty good for a free one the tier one hundred loop skin it s a bit disappointing compared to the other ones.

We ve seen but the rest of them are as solid as they come the pili banana skin is absolutely hilarious and we have no idea what epic. We re thinking when making it but we love it anyways. It s definitely our favorite skin in the entire game. While we love everything about the battle paths.

We have to admit that the timing is a bit odd. It seems like it was a smart decision on their part to keep players loyal and prevent them from playing too much apex because they have fortnight challenges to finish it shows that they have something to fear in the battle. Royale competitor have you ever looked up something random on the internet like a replica of the infinity gauntlet and all of a sudden every ad. You see is trying to sell you that item.

It s one of the weirdest things out there and makes it feel like you re being stopped on the internet. But epic games kind of did the same thing in fact we say they took things to the next level for this one. Which is really saying something probably the most aggressive and hilarious move they made to prevent their players from hopping on the apex legends train. Is that they paid to have targeted ads for fortnight appear on google search pages.

When you write apex or apex legends. Yeah. They actually did that we re being 100 serious. We never lie to you guys we love you all just too much it was first reported by fortnight intel.

A popular fortnight fan site and they re even calling epic games out on their pettiness and we don t blame them you could say it was smart business move by epic games. But we honestly think it was a waste of money because it s pointless and reeks of desperation seriously you could smell the desperation from here and it smells like what is that pork chops. I don t know anyway everyone and their mom knows about fortnight. So there s no need to remind us that the game is still around thank you it s like looking for a dallas cowboys jersey online.

But every ad is for philadelphia eagles gear. It s literally the exact opposite of what you re looking for and not really a great look for epic games not at all for tonight is still dominating the battle royale scene. So does epic games really have to resort to this level of pettiness to try and keep their gamers away from apex legends. Yeah.

They re definitely scared of their competition. Real scared. And if we re being honest. They should be leveling up and fortnight s starts off as an easy process.

But since you need more and more xp to reach that next level you could reach a point. Where it all seems like you re not even moving up. You re just stuck in a state of limbo. Waiting to get sent to fortnight heaven.

For the casual player. There s so much grinding to level up whether it s by completing challenges or just getting as many elimination and wins as possible it could really get difficult at times. But do you know what would really make things easier a double xp event or 2 or 3 or well..


You get the picture epic games. Doesn t have these double xp events. Nearly as often as some other games like call of duty. But since it s such a rare occurrence you have to take full advantage of it epic games.

Ran a double xp weekend in fortnight from february 15th of february 17th for the share of the love valentine s day event. It was also coincidentally just over a week after the release of a vax legends. But we ll give this one a pass because hey. It was valentine s day weekend after all they just wanted to share the love for valentine s day.

And we were all for it. The thing is we got another double xp weekend. One week later that ran from february 22nd february 24th. The first time sure it could be a coincidence.

But the second time just one week later that was definitely done to make sure players are spending their weekends playing fortnight instead of a pax legends. Who is also right near the end of season 7. Doe okay so there s a valid explanation for why epic games had to double xp weekend s in a single month. But we just think it s interesting timing really interesting timing huh.

We ll say it s half that they wanted players to have an incentive to complete those challenges before the end of the season and half because it kept players away from apex legends. Yeah. That sounds about right one thing. Four night loves to do is hold tournaments.

There have been plenty of skirmishes in each season well real life seasons since the game has launched and they continue to be bigger than the next pros from all over the world compete in their region and battle it out for that sweet sweet prize money these tournaments have come with plenty of controversy as well but overall they re easy to watch and for tonight. Always streams them on their official youtube and twitch channels. So anyone can access them just a few weeks after the launch of apex legends. Another one of these tournaments was announced.

But this one was bigger than anyone they ve had so far this would be an event that gathers all the best four night players from around the world pitting them against each other for the most prize money epic games has ever given out cha ching. There are no region specific brackets. This tournament was only for the best in the world with a 100 million dollar grand prize on the line. It d be known as the fortnight world cup.

The fortnight world cup is going to be a series of battle royale events set to take place each week. Throughout 2019 and will give players lots and lots of money the qualifying rounds are scheduled to begin on april 13th. And the finals will be held in new york city just by getting to the. Finals you ll earn yourself 50000.

Bucks. That s an entire salary you could earn just by being good at a video game man. We love esports in case. You haven t noticed epic games.

Is putting a lot of money into the first ever four night world cup. It s like they re trying to tell streamers and prose to keep their hands off apex legends. Because there s money to be made in fortnight. Now that is a smart business move.

While all eyes are on for tonight. Battle royale save the world also exists. It doesn t get much love. But trust us.

It s an actual thing while we re huge for tonight battle royale fans. We ve honestly never played it until recently that being said the february sale was too enticing to pass up on so we decided you know what let s just jump on the save the world train before epic games. Cannes the mode to focus solely on fortnight..


Which is one of the rumors floating around hey. It was a really good deal and we never said. We were the most patient bunch. So we decided to snatch it out before it was too late not many gamers could do that but we have incredible willpower well chocolates.

The only thing we can t resist. But other than that we have great willpower players could punch this support a creator code in after they spent some vbox and for every 10000. B. Bucks collectively spent by everyone in the community using the code.

The creator will get a payout of five dollars. Because it sound like a lot of cash but considering the amount of v bucks fortnight players spend everyday in the item shop these creators are getting a lot more than just 5 dollars every day. We re talking thousands of dollars. Which is far from chump change.

That s for sure in febuary as part of the share the love event epic games decided to well share the love by quadrupling. The bey outs from the supporter creator program to go along with their double xp event. Yeah. They were really feeling the love around valentine s day.

Honestly. It was such a great decision by epic games. Has it made their content creators feel like they were more than just walking advertisements for their game. The supporter creator program is a nice touch by epic games that give some extra revenue to streamers grows and will anyone who has their own support a creator code players could punch this support a creator code in after they spend some vbox and for every 10000.

B. Bucks. Collectively spent using the code. The creator will get five dollars.

It doesn t sound like a lot at all but considering the amount of vbox spent every day in the item shop. These creators are getting a lot more than just five dollars every day in february. As part of the share the love event epic games decided to well share the love by quadrupling. The payouts from the support of creator program if you re good at math that means they got 20 for every 10000.

B. Bucks collectively spent using their code instead of five this gave four denied content creators more of an incentive to keep playing the game and resist the temptation to play apex legends. Honestly. It was a great decision by epic games nikhat players actually participating in the program again and got people talking about the supported creator program.

But it was clearly done to keep the wandering eyes of their content. Creators off of apex legends and on 4 night. It s business decisions like these that ll keep fortnight at the forefront of gaming fortnight is always pushing the boundaries. When it comes to live events and video games.

It s not just as simple as for the next. Few weeks. We ll have special challenges that give you unique rewards epic games. Is always trying to be as innovative as possible and aren t stopping at limited time events.

They want to do live events that happen in the middle of the battle royale. Something that really only happens in mmorpgs. If at all we saw it with the rocket launch with kevin journey and with the end of kevin s journey and the ice king covering the entire map and snow all of these events were awesome. But the rocket launch tends out from the bunch because it was the first one the thing is even live events aren t enough for epic games.

They wanted to be more innovative. So they hit up one of the most popular deejays in the world marshmallow and asked him if he could do a live concert in four night marshmallow and ninja are good friends and won the e3 2018 fortnight pro am tournament together so we re not surprised that two epic games reached out to the concert may have only lasted 10 minutes. But it was an absolute blast marshmallow was playing his biggest tracks to get the crowd going while 140 night players were jumping around and having the time of their digital lives..


If you thought the whole set was pre recorded then you d be completely wrong. Because marshmallow confirmed that he did everything live. We don t know how epic games pulled this off. But we think it s one of the most incredible things we ve seen in gaming.

Well maybe. It isn t as impressive as the transition from duty to 3d gaming. But it s a close second if for tonight. Really wants to keep its players away from apex legends.

Incredible live events and concerts need to continue to happen we absolutely love them and we re sure we re not the only ones. Who do well for knight has done some desperate things to stay ahead of apex legends. The fact that the matter is that for knight is still the most popular video game in the world all of the top streamers are playing it and there are still millions of players active worldwide sooner or later they were going to get competition. But this could all actually benefit for tonight.

Playing one game. Constantly is bound to get boring. After a while so these other games could give players a well deserved break from for night before jumping right back into it. There s nothing wrong with that the natural progression of for knight from season to season and those.

We the updates constantly keep the game fresh and interesting players will want to keep playing the game. Because it s ever changing and feels like an evolving game just look at the map and the gameplay from season one and compare it to now the difference is night and day. The thing is epic games has to hit the mark with these updates to keep players engaged and up to this point. They ve done just that with new challenges coming out every week.

There s always something to do in fortnight and that s what we love about it even when we ve already done them we could still get online with our friends and help them with their challenges. See there s literally always something to do this season. A map. We have right now is incredible as the camping rusher shows us.

We now have a jungle biome new locations. Like the volcano. Lazy. Lagoon.

Sunny. Steppes and the hot springs. Three of these locations are completely new. While lazy lagoon.

Replaced the underwhelming. Lazy lynx changes like these are what keep players coming back for more we re also undoubtedly going to get some awesome live events that ll shape the storyline for c. Today. Epic games is very creative with their story.

So we re sure it ll catch us all by surprise. Although we d love to see our boy kevin again. We miss devon. The long term feature for for knight is still very bright because it s honestly become more than a game at this point.

It s a hangout spot and those are some of the desperate things for knight did to try to keep its players from apex legends. Do you like what epic games is doing what battle royale game do you prefer and why let us know in the comments section below. And don t forget to subscribe to see br for more four night videos thanks for watching music. ” .


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Everything Epic Games Is Doing To Keep Us Playing Fortnite

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Fortnite is still the most popular video game in the world. In fact, it has become more than just a video game. It s a social platform where people could just chill and winning isn t even the main goal. That being said, their battle royale throne is being threatened by Apex Legends, which has forced Epic Games to resort to some desperate measures to make sure their players don t jump ship to the next best thing.

There s something that Fortnite just straight up took from Apex Legends and we re talking about the ping system. Yup, they just stole it from Apex and put it in their game, but it isn t the only thing they took from the game either. There s much more where that came from, so enjoy the video and don t forget to subscribe to CBR for more Fortnite content.


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