All 3 Expedition Site BACKPACK TROPHY Locations! – The Division 2

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“Back to the division 2. In this video. We are going through all three of of the expedition site branches and i m going to show you the location of backpack trophy. We re starting with kennedy library and we re going to start each one from the echo location.

Where you go back and do the different investigations. We re going to activate it i m just going to pick a random one i m not actually doing the investigations. We just need to open it up so this is kennedy library and what you want to do is head towards the octagon so straight through the front doors let the middle doors. Because you have doors to the left and the right run.

All the way down to the end and you ll make it into the octagon as you can see above the door. And then what you want to do is look for the panel. Which is up there so from the doors. Where you come in over here straight over to the other side.

We re going to head upstairs. We re going to shoot this panel and that s going to open the door so we ll run all the way around and once we re inside this room on this table here. I think is in this exact location here you ll see a button prompt to search you search. It and you ll be awarded the first backpack trophy.

Which is the baby barrel..

It s absolutely the one i already have equipped so if we quickly go into photo mode. You can see it hangs in there my hive gets in the way of everything. But it s just a tiny little barrel nothing too exciting. But that s the first backpack trophy.

And what i m going to do through this video is also show you map locations. So once you re in kenley library. Here is the beginning part. This is where you go through so.

The echo room straight down the hallway. You have to shoot the panel. But it s in the very far part like completely opposite to where you begin. The expedition branch for number two and number three.

I don t actually have personally and so these are going to be new for me as well. But number two we re at kenley metro station. And what we need to do is begin the expedition. So we re going to open this then if we progress down to the echo.

I m not sure if we even have to start an echo..

Yet we re going to need to so if we activate this i m just going to pick the first one again might as well just do the left hand side ones each time. But then as you get to the bottom of the escalators you have the echo right in front of us you want to go right and along this corridor. Here. We re going all the way to the end then we re going to go down here to the left in this door.

So literally down the steps at the far end take. The door on the left follow it all the way around and then when you get to the bottom. And you re going to start seeing these like generator things or whatever they are on the wall go left. And you ll see mushrooms all over the place and then literally in this next room you ll see search in the corner.

We are going to search and that is the mushroom friend backpack trophy. This one is actually pretty cool. He s got a little face on him and that is number two of free starting with the entrance to kenley. Metro station.

Here you go down the stairs or the escalators whatever. It was before it was all abandoned and you have the echo here. Now this one s a bit hard as a pin point on the map. Just because it s downstairs like it s underground and zooming in and having a look you still can t pinpoint a location.

But that s exactly where it is on the map..

I don t think the map. Coordinates like what i m showing you right now. I don t think. It s too important.

But i ll still show you for the final one just because it doesn t take long to get to their locations. It should be fairly simple to follow. But if you do need help from the map. Then this is where to go and then kenley student union.

This is the third and final backpack trophy as far as i m aware i ve completed. The expedition. I ve got the diamondback rifle. You can actually see i have it equipped.

I don t think there s any hidden areas or anything like that outside of these free branches. So i m going to say that this is the third and final upon entering the building. We are going to head round to the echo as always if we activate it we begin one of the investigations and then literally from the echo. You ll see the stairs.

I ve aside you just go straight forward you re pretty much trying to make your way around to the far back right of the expedition site..

So you ll see the coffee shop. We re going to head over in this direction go through this door here and then literally where the walls green. You go through this door on the right and over here in the corner. If we search we have found the throwback tommy backpack trophy so if i quickly equip it we re gonna have a look and these just a little teddy bear just sitting there chillin on our backpacks.

So they re nothing too special. But they re cool to have and i don t know what it means. But it says that the expeditions will close in 6 days. 11 hours at the time of me recording this so i don t know if new things are going to open up i don t know if the like stuff is gonna reset.

If things are going to be different i literally don t have a clue at the moment starting at the very beginning of kenley student union. The echo is in this room here so the second area and you one s ahead to the northeast looking at it this direction this way. It s the far northeast room in the corner on the sofa. And that s where the teddy backpack trophy is but for now that s going to do it i hope this guide helped you guys out let me know what you think of the backpack trophies in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed the video thank you for watching music. ” ..

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All 3 Expedition Site BACKPACK TROPHY Locations! – The Division 2

Welcome back to The Division 2. In this video we re taking a look at the locations for all 3 backpack trophies in the expedition site. We have Kenly Library, Kenly Metro Station and Kenly Student Union. I ve included timestamps to make it easier for you and also map locations although I m not sure they ll help too much. I like these trophies, they re definitely better than the classified assignment ones in my opinion. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I hope you enjoy the video 😀


1, Kenly Library: Baby Barrel – 0:10
2, Kenly Metro Station: Mushroom Friend – 2:04
3, Kenly Student Union: Throwback Tommy – 4:12

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