Anthem Storm: Everything You NEED to Know! All Abilities In-depth Look! #Anthem

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“Fellow freelancers johnny five alive here in today s anthem video. We re gonna be be showcasing all of the storm javelin abilities. What they do how they look what combo well with and what kind of builds you can create with the storm. So if you re new to the game and thinking about jumping into a storm javelin.

This is the video for you so stay tuned. And let s get into it all right so before we jump in i want to make a disclaimer that all the skills and abilities you are about to see are from my time with the vip demo. All abilities could be subject to change so damage numbers and balance should be expected but generally speaking. I believe the usage of these abilities and their animations should remain roughly the same for launch.

So let s get into it the fantasy of the storm is that of the space wizard using science and magic this space wizard is able to conjure the three primary helmets. Fire lightning and ice into powerful spells to lay devastation to the battlefield. There are a few things that make this javelin unique which tie into a spellcaster fantasy first very notable attribute is his ability to hover almost infinitely not fly. But hover his overheating for flying is similar to all the other javelins.

But when he switches to hover mode. His overheat charges at a turtle s pace. Allowing him to rain down destruction from the sky for a very long time while you may think this will expose him to damage the storm gets a secondary shield wall in hover mode making him a little less vulnerable while hovering. But don t think you are hovering god that can just float above a massive battle as you will be dropped like a fly quickly.

It s best to hover near high cover or above ground near your shield wall or rangers. Bulwark point for added defense. The storm also has a unique dash in that it is not a dash. But instead a unique teleport blink ability allowing him to phase around in the blink of an eye.

Dodging incoming attacks of all the other javelins the storms abilities set also requires him to be spending majority of his time casting rather than shooting. In fact. This javelin will almost never use weaponry at all especially with a large load out of end game. Components.

Reducing cooldown times on abilities. This is an effect that complete opposite class of the rager who s shooting weapons nearly 95 of the top. So. If gunplay isn t your style and you love elemental magic.

Then this javelin is for you the storms abilities are broken down into two sections. Blast. Seals and focus seals. Don t worry i will be showing off all these abilities.

How they look at what they do in a couple of minutes first it s important to note that some of these abilities are primers and others are detonators primers are able to coat the victim and status effect of the abilities element tight for example ice storm will coat the enemy in ice. Should also know that priming will not work against shielded targets. Which is displayed by a blue bar over the enemy s head break that and you can prime away detonators are best used on prime targets as they will give you a visual combo. When executed properly you could detonate off allies priming ability or set yourself up with a build allowing you to prime and detonate your own combos.

All javelins receive their own unique effect. When detonating or combo leaned off of primed targets. The storm special combo effects spreads. The element prime effect to nearby enemies.

Which means if you pry in one target with ice detonate. It the ice effect will spread to nearby enemies freezing them all this in fact makes the storm. The best support class for priming targets for allies to combo lava. I feel.

This is a discussion in and of itself that i would love to get a lot deeper into as i see many people miss conceiving the storm as a glass cannon when in fact his detonating combo abilities are actually the weakest of all for javelin this doesn t mean he can t do good damage. It simply means if played well on a team and focusing on priming or spreading priming with his combo spreading effect he allows other classes to be even deadlier at wiping out targets. The storm is a team player javelin you set them up they knock them down a key player storm will quickly become everybody s best friend. Let s just be sure not to let this become the thankless job like healers and warcraft.

So be sure to high five your storms for letting you obliterate your opposition like all javelins. The storm also has a melee ability fiery strike the storm disappears and teleports into its enemy with a fiery hadouken like punch a very satisfying ability if i do say so myself. While this is a fire attack. It also is a detonator so you will not be spreading fire to enemies you hit.

But rather the element type they are primed with as we discussed earlier the storm spreads effects to nearby enemies with his detonator and this melee attack is in fact that so quickly freeze. An enemy in the center of a crowd blinkin with your fiery finisher and watch everything around turn to ice setting up your allies with a massive combo opportunity..

Again another great way the storm can support his allies with some serious crowd control elemental storm ultimate the storm charges up fully heals himself becomes invulnerable to attacks then a circle indicator appears allowing him to cast one of each element type. Which also prime drop lightning fire and ice and press. One more time to detonate all three effects for a combo. That s right the storm is the only javelin with a priming ultimate and if done quickly enough.

It s also a detonator so even if you re running a priming support build you still have cabo opportunities between using your melee attack. And your ultimate so no need to ever feel left out on the combo fun goodness the ultimate feels really good and fitting for the storm in the sense. That you were raining down elemental mayhem from the skies and for quite some time. Too.

I do however hope to see the developers add in modifiers or alternate ultimate abilities as i would love to see an ice only blizzard version of the ultimate to pair well with my storm and glacier spear loadout turning me into an ice based mage here s to hoping support systems all javelins have a third ability button. Which falls under the support systems each get only two to choose from the storm has quickening field. This creates a stationary circular aura that when hovering or standing inside will increase this storm or allies cooldown recharge rate by 20 allowing the javelin inside to cast abilities more frequently while awesome. I wouldn t necessarily use this with just any ability set as some skills you may not feel the benefit.

As much the storm has multiple abilities that have several charges which each charge shares separate cooldowns such as frost shards for example run a pair of abilities like this and you should be able to constantly rain down hell on your enemies. Without any downtime or waiting while inside of your quickening field wind. Wall creates. A wall of wind at a set position that blocks projectiles.

This is very similar to the rangers bulwark point but instead of a sphere. It is a wall it can also only be deployed on the ground. But it is quite tall so the storm is still able to hover behind it without any troubles. This is a great support ability as you can block choke points.

Protect allies and it is easily visible for allies. A spot if they are in danger and need to retreat to cover it can also be deployed in front of a downed ally to allow you to repair them without any risk of falling yourself. Just one more ability making this storm a team player ok time to get into the fun stuff. Let s showcase and talk about all the abilities.

Let s start off by looking at the elemental effects. This javelin has access to first major thing to point out here. The storm is the only javelin that doesn t have access to blast impact or venom abilities. However he easily compensates with the most elemental abilities of all javelins combined if you re including his ultimate he has 4 lightning abilities.

5 ice abilities and 5 fire abilities. It s also important to note that he has the most priming abilities of all javelins with 6 thus truly making him an elemental storm and team player for combos. So now that you have a better understanding of the storm s elemental fury. Let s take a closer look at these abilities.

Starting with the blast. Seals. First up is lightning strike. Calls down a bolt of electric energy on a target location and is a combo detonator.

This ability is a large area of effect. Lightning detonator great for doing damage for two groups of clustered enemies and lightning is also great for ripping through shielded enemies. As well one thing to know. Here.

This is unfortunately. The only detonator in the blast seal bracket. Which doesn t give the storm. A whole lot of room to play around with comboing off of focus seals.

And what s even more unfortunate. There are no focus seals that aoe prime which would have made for a great a oh we trash clearing build this isn t all that bad however remember the storm can spread effects with his detonator meaning you could freeze one enemy in a pack lightning strike. The middle and spread the ice effect to everyone nearby while also doing massive lightning damage. Simultaneously this ability naturally pairs well with shock first a lightening primer giving you pure lightening build out.

However i found it to be the weakest when compared to fire and ice builds. So while this ability is fun impactful and pretty to look at and not the most devastating. It still has its uses and i wouldn t count this one out ice storm delivers bursts of frost on a target that build up to an icy explosion and this ability. Prime s i find this one has a very interesting mechanic.

You must hold down the ability button. And watch..

A series of ice blasts nuke the target. If held long enough until the bar turns yellow a final strong ice explosion is unleashed at any point you let go. However. The ability is wasted and put back on cooldown so be sure to use it in times of opportunity.

Otherwise you may have a half casted. Sloppy attack when you find yourself running for cover. It s also worth mentioning that this ability will not prime instantly either from my testing. It appears to have various rates of priming depending on the enemy hit stronger armored units.

Such as turrets and hulks require a full volley and the final blast to freeze. Where smaller trash units may only need two or three volleys to freeze. Allowing you to switch to a new target freezing multiple enemies. With one full volley.

This ability naturally pairs well with glacial spear. Which is a nice detonator giving you a pure frost built due to its pulse like rapid fire feel it also pairs well with burning or detonator and your support skill quickening field. This combination allows you to send out rapid amounts of fire and ice flame. Bursts creates a fiery explosion on target location this ability is neither a primer or a detonator.

I really enjoy the feel of this ability as it comes equipped with five charges on separate cooldowns. I mean you could deliver one small blast of very often or hold. It down and unleash five massive blasts rapidly while still gaining charges back quickly. If you need another one to finish something off if you ve seen any of my other javelin overviews.

You will notice a good amount of the non primer non detonator abilities. Do not seem that appealing. However this one i have to say feels really strong for clearing trash. And even does well when all five blasts are unleashed on a larger targets.

Because it is fire it ll still do damage over time and also bonus damage to armored units. While still being amazing for damaging packs of trash overall this feels like a very solid ability and because the multi charge cooldown. It works fantastic with your quickening field support skill ice blast. Hurl.

Several large chunks of ice and is an ice primer this ability essentially feels like a shotgun short to mid range spread and freezes targets in place. A bit odd for the storm. I would say as he is not exactly the best close combat fighter. However this one is ice and essentially freezes everything in place or shred shielded units.

This allows the storm to follow up with a fiery strike melee attack and quickly teleport out when paired with frost shards another ice primer the storm is suddenly a legitimate close combat ice warrior as everything he strikes with his melee will trigger his special combo effect spreading ice to even more targets essentially turning him into the melee shatter combo ice. King. This is ridiculously fun and viable other than this one particular build. Though i don t really see ice boss working.

All that well with the other focus seals as again close range isn t exactly. The greatest for the storm living flame creates a beam of living fire that seeks enemies even through walls and is a primer. What s not clearly explained in the description is that it s sort of bounces around enemy to enemy setting damage over time fire priming status to them all it also appears to fizzle out the longer. It travels meaning.

If you throw it across the map at a turret. It doesn t seem that effective at all as it may fizzle out entirely or at best. Only have one impact. I found this ability actually works best when fired at a group of enemies from close range allowing it to get the max amount of bounces and blaze effects.

Which oddly enough sounds like it would work really well with that melee build. I spoke about when covering the last ability ice blast you could alternate from living flame and frost shards creating various fire and ice combo effects off of your melee ability i still think the sun locking capabilities of ice only melee would be better for surviving a melee build though have you said that limi flame is naturally paired well with burning orb fire detonator as you prime fire and detonate with fire thus creating a pure fire bill if you re looking to make a shooter from storm who focuses on gunplay primarily having this living flame primer and glacial spear detonator is actually a really good self hambo as both of these are cast instantly allowing you to throw them out and return back to firing guns. Giving you a similar play style to that of the range of javelin. Okay.

That s all the blast. Shields. Let s take a closer look at the focus. Seals.

Starting. With frost shards..

Shoots. A stream of target. Seeking. Ice shards.

This. Ability is a primer comes. Equipped with ten shards all on separate cooldowns thus allowing the storm to always have some sort of rapid ice freezing effect readily available at all times. Which is another ability that works amazingly well with quickening field support skill.

And as mentioned earlier works. Amazing with ice blast to create a chain. Freezing melee ice. King.

Combo build. I personally really enjoy these little icicles while not devastating or best. I can t eat a gock over they re great for freezing up enemies and supporting teammates with combo opportunities. While also working great to set up your own combo.

Using your melee attack. The one downside is there s only one blast. Sealed detonator. Which is the lightning strike a oe and i don t really feel these are the best pairing combo effect.

But there s still an option. I personally think ice storm and frost shards both being primers is the best way to play as a combo king team support role you will freeze and prime everything for your allies to do devastating damage. You will still have an option to drop down with your melee shatter and spread the effects to even more enemies making. You that much better at priming further.

If using this ability with another primer be sure to tell your allies to run pure detonators you won t regret it burning orb throes rapid bolts of fire or choose to charge up for a more powerful exploding fireball and this ability is a detonator. I find this one really interesting and versatile. It comes equipped with 10 charges all in separate cooldowns. Allowing you to rapidly spam and generate more constantly when charging up for that big fireball.

It consumes. 5. Charges. Meaning you can fully charge.

Two big. Fireballs or spam out. 10. Little.

Fireballs or throw. A big fireball and pepper a few small ones to finish off the target. This gives the ability tons of flexibility and yet another one that plays amazingly well with quickening field support skill as mentioned earlier. This naturally pairs.

Well with living flame for a pure fire built. But personally i think it works best with ice storm as both have peppering cast style to them and both work really well with quickening field turning you into a machine gun of fire and ice shock burst fires an electric orb capable of bouncing off walls and seeking targets this ability is lightning primer. I never actually realized this thing bounced off walls until just now so unfortunately. I don t think i have any footage to show that off seems useful while hiding and cover recharging your shields.

But i don t think. It s very practical past that particular use because this ability is lightning. It will do bonus damage to shielded targets. And when detonated causes area of effect damage.

Which means it pairs great with lightning strike to create a pure lightning build that can shred shielded targets and trash. But when compared to the pure fire and ice builds this one feels the weakest shock burst just does a measly amount of damage to anything not shielded. I didn t really enjoy this ability all that much and it doesn t have a whole lot of combo potential unfortunately glacial spear fires a powerful blast of icy energy and is a detonator ability as mentioned in the description. It fires.

A powerful blast of ice well it doesn t freeze enemies due to it not being a primer it just does an insane amount of damage oddly enough even to armoured units and completely tears through any shields instantly this is naturally paired well with ice storm primer to give you the pure ice mage build out and in my opinion is the strongest single element pair of the three as ice storm prime freezes enemies in place and glacial spear will obliterate it with a combo being that you are a storm. The ice effect will spread to anyone near the combo setting..

You and your allies up for more combo potential. At this point. You could easily alternate between freezing combo and fiery strike. Melee.

Anything still frozen back out. And start again. With another freeze. Combo.

Easily. The best self sufficient. Storm. Loadout.

And still has some team combo potential as mentioned earlier. It also pairs well with living flame. As if you want to throw your skills quickly and use your long downtime to fire guns. It ll make you similar to the ranger in play style last.

But not least arc burst fires. A lightning bolt that arcs to two nearby targets after impact this ability is neither a primer or a detonator. This one requires a little bit of a charge up time and in fact feels identical to the rangers pulse blast. As mentioned in the description it arcs too to nearby enemies the unfortunate thing about this the ability feels really weak against single targets and majority of the time you will be firing at single targets as the ai in this game is good at spreading out.

It does however feel to be doing more single target damage than shock bursts. But shock versus a primer after all it is lightning. So it does rip through shielded targets. And if they are grouped up you will rip through multiple shields.

But again that s a rare occasion therefore i feel this ability gets the backbench for me if it were up to me this would be a primer and the shock burst would have been the big mega lightning hitter at least that way i think both of these lightning skills would get more of a use as of right. Now. I think lightning element is feeling a bit weak on the storm compared to fire and ice so to wrap things up guys. I think the storm has the most build opportunities of all for javelins.

However its quantity and not entirely quality. There are two builds. I see being really good for solo and a priming build for team play the rest seem to be less fun filler builds. It s good having options.

Though so the storm comes out on top with lots of fun options. But at the end of the day. I feel the storm will excel best as a support primer for team combos as he seems to have the lowest damage output of all four javelins. But he creates the most powerful team combo damage therefore played cooperatively.

I think a storm can really take a team to the next level boom. There you have it everyone that s a complete breakdown of the storm. If you found this video. Helpful.

Informative or entertaining in any way. Please be sure to smash that like button and subscribe for more anthem videos. If you guys want to learn more about the other javelins. I will have links in the description to them and you can also find them on my channel also please come join us on discord.

So you can have an alliance of players to play with at release link is also in the description alright. Fellow freelancers. If you enjoyed this show please check out my patreon page to support it further. And that s gonna do it for me.

Here today. Thank you guys so much for watching. And i will see you in the next video bye now ” ..


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Anthem Storm: Everything You NEED to Know! All Abilities In-depth Look!
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