April 3 Red Dead Online Daily Challenges & Madam Nazar Location – Complete RDR2 Daily Challenges

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“Everyone my name is gamer cori and welcome back to another red dead online video video now in today s video. We are going to be going over a three things the first one being where you guys can go ahead. And find madame kazar location for today and then the next thing that we re gonna go ahead and talk about is all the different collection sets. Including what cycles.

They are so you guys go into finala collectibles and sell them to madame nazar and then last. But not least. We re gonna go over in extensive detail all of the daily challenges so that you guys can make as much gold as possible so a lot of money and a lot of gold potential here in today s video before we actually get into the video itself. I just wanna.

Let you guys do know that i stream monday wednesdays and fridays monday and wednesdays are basically a 4 00 to 6 00 pm. Eastern standard time and then a friday evenings is going to be 9 00 to 11 00 centra eastern standard time so just so you guys know and then i do stream other days if possible and i m gonna be streaming this weekend as well so you guys want to make sure that you guys are gonna subscribe to the channel and with bail notifications turned on or you guys can visit my website. Which is gamer. Cory comm or follow me over on twitter.

So that you guys know exactly. When i do go live. Even on my regular non regular scheduled programming. So anyway.

Let s because i just wanted to let you guys know about that just in case. You want to join us on the live stream outside ooh play author games here on the channel. Anyway. Let s go ahead.

And start with madame de czars location right off the bat. So you guys are well prepared. And she did not move today. She is still located in grizzly s east and here is her location right here so hopefully that does help you guys out kind of between moonstone pond and oak raised one.

But if that s the only thing that you guys did come here for today. They don t forget to like comment and subscribe down below. It would help me out a lot and is greatly appreciated and a thumbs up does mean a lot to me as it probably helped you guys out it could potentially how about somebody else as well. So let s go to break down.

What the cycles are for today. And basically that s gonna be all the different collection sets that are available through a madame asar and you can make over 4000. Each and every single day by collecting all of these collectibles. Which is pretty amazing now personally i like to start with either the coins or the lost jewelry.

However. You will need the metal detector and also the field shovel in order to collect all these so if you guys are a lower rank or just don t have enough funds for it then by all means do some of the other ones. But coins is going to be cycle. Number five and the lost jewelry will be a part of cycle.

Number three also a part of cycle number three today is going to be the bird eggs. The antique alcohol bottles and all of the tarot cards so there s a lot of stuff a part of cycle number three and if you guys don t know what i mean all you have to do is type in whatever thing you re looking for either on my channel or new tube. So let s say coins cycle. Five.

And it s gonna get you the video that you re looking for so you guys can go and find whatever collection set you re specifically looking for so you guys can make a lot of money you re gonna read that online now the other ones include american wildflowers are gonna be a part of cycle number four and then we have arrowheads and family heirlooms. Which are gonna be a part of cycle. One and that is pretty much all the different collection sets that are available as of right now now i m gonna show you guys a couple different spots on the map just in case you guys want to do the bright weight belt collection sets. And they re actually all kind of in a semi close range.


So this first one right here. Which is just outside of the sand. And let me go ahead and zoom in on it. It s going to be an earring this location right here will be the josephine pearl earring.

And it s gonna be underneath a bridge as we re going into sand. Me the next. One is going to be up north a little bit by emerald station. And this one right here is going to be the necklace location.

And that necklace is the blakely miniature and necklace. So basically just pretty much straight east of the fast travel location and then the last one is going to be the family heirloom and that s gonna be a downs ranch right here. It s gonna be inside of the building. So make sure you guys are actually going inside of it.

And then you will find it inside of there so there you go. That is the three different locations for all of the different braithwaite belle collectible sets. If you guys do have any questions regarding any of the collection sets please let me know down in the comment section. Because i d love to be able to help you guys out so you guys can make as much money as possible you re gonna read that online right so time to move on to the gold portion of it now that is going to be consisting of the daily challenges and honestly doing the daily challenges is one of the best ways of generating gold in red debt online.

Now there is up to 11 gold bar possibilities each and every single day. But there are a couple of requirements that are needed in order to actually do that number one you have to be at a 21 day streak. I ve been completing at least one daily challenge here in red and online and the other thing that you re gonna want to do is make sure that you have purchased all four of the roles that are currently available here in red online and be at least a rank 10 in each of those roles in order to get access to 12 daily role challenges. Which is six up to six gold bars.

Every single day. Which is pretty awesome now the other thing that is a potential of getting more gold bars. Is anything. That s free roam.

Event related showdown horse. Races anything that you guys do with the bounty hunter is additional gold that you guys can actually put in your pocket. So you can actually earn more than 11 gold bars. But it s a loving gold bars just from completing the daily challenges now not all of them are completable every single day and i get that but i would say consistently if for myself.

I probably get anywhere between 3. And 6 gold bars. Every single day which that would take a long time in showdown to get that because you only get in point six gold worth per event. So you re looking at roughly seven six to seven showdowns to get one gold bar and they take about ten minutes apiece to complete so you guys can do the math and figure out how long it would take you guys in order to get all of them now at the beginning of each of my episodes.

I go over what i believe are the easiest ones because there s always one daily challenge that s super easy to complete. And it will take you less time to complete that daily challenge than it does for you guys to actually log in to read that online and sometimes there s actually more. But there s any word that i would say anywhere from like one to four later actually easy in just the daily general category. There s a lot that are actually really easy in the daily roll category.

But if you guys aren t able to rank 20. Then your daily challenges could be different than mine. But they re always the same for everybody for the daily general challenges was what everybody has access to no matter regardless if you ve ever purchased another rule or not so let s go and get started again. I don t look at these so i have no idea.

What these guys are so let s take a look. I d see what do you do that s the one is he actually going to be i would actually probably say that tobacco. Smoked or chewed is probably going to be the easiest one out of all of them that i noticed just i have a quick glance. So that s the one that i would focus on all you have to actually do is either go and purchase it from a general store or what you can do is open up your inventory here make your way over to your cigarettes right there and then you just basically do this five times you re gonna improve your deadeye core you re gonna lose a little bit of stamina so just kind of be aware of that so let s take a look.


What the other ones are for today. This one s actually really easy coatsy s and succulent fish now you can get succulent succulent fish from either getting either the sela trout or the sockeye salmon which you can get them both right along the dakota river bank. There you can get both of them just right there so right here around this bend. This bend right.

Here is gonna be sockeye salmon and then around basically from limpin ii. Which is the burnt down building birth village. There and this area is gonna be steelhead trout and then all around this river bottom you guys are gonna find oregano thyme and mint. Which is the seasoning that you re gonna need in order to combine the two and they need to speak her way up to valentine basically right or this or this stranger dangerous mission.

This guy travels around each time that you do something for him. So don t worry that s probably you might not have it on your screen. But if you go to this location right here. There s the campfire that you guys can actually use without being bothered at least by npcs anyway players that s a different story.

But it s relatively all close together. And it s really easy to complete so you have to do a little bit of fishing today anyway. Another really easy. One is traveling a distance by a coach or wagon of 50 to 80.

So when you re in valentine or when you re just kind of chillin here on the side of the road. Just wait for a wagon to go by and whatever wagon you guys find obtain it you know confiscate. It and take it for a little bit of a joyride above that 50 to 80 and then that s all you guys need to do pretty simple. There s actually a lot of like pvp related.

So we have some place top three of the score in free roam events. So if you re not good at free roam. Events. Or pvp.

This. One s gonna be relatively hard because free roam events only happen every so often so dad everybody s gonna be obviously in the top three you know it s not like you can play showdown back to back to back to back because of free roam. Events. You can only do them so.

Many now these two could potentially go together. If you re good at pvp and you re good at making. Sure that you guys get player headshots. So that s a good possibility put down everybody s gonna get the top three.

So that s one of my be hard to focus on for today. Again this one is also pvp. We got one player kill from hip three player headshots. I personally if i m going after headshots.

I use painted black that s just me that s my deadeye card that i prefer to use and then hip is obviously making sure that you re not aiming. And you just pull the trigger and hope for the best obviously probably the easiest way to do this one is explosive rounds. But you just have to get one hip shot kill compared to the other ones. Where you have to get three headshots so it s not that hard.

But if you want to get better at pvp today might be a really good opportunity to do that just because of what daily challenges you are presented with and then last. But not least is small bird carcass collected you can go after the crows. Which you can find a ton down in ross geller fort. Which is way down in by tumbleweed way down towards the west right up.


Here you can find actually a lot of crows in this area. You can actually find a lot of curls just right outside of rhodes. As well kind of by the the southfield flats right here and maddock pond. Although wise you guys can go after like orioles cardinals blue jays sparrows wax wings whatever whatever those little birds are that you guys can get your hands on get your hands on them you can find a ton actually right around emerald station area in this area or you guys can find a lot over here in the great plains and obviously the best place.

The best time of day to do that is during the day so if like. 6 00 it s like 5. O. clock pm so 6 am to 5 pm.

And you should be golden alright. I think that was all of the daily general challenges. Let s just kind of go through them real quick to make sure yep that is all of them perfect. Let s go to move on to the daily rule challenges.

Which again i m a ranked 20. So these might be a little bit different than they are for you so just be well aware of that so if you guys have any questions regarding any other old challenges and please let me know down in the comments section. So i can help you guys out. But completed.

One special moonshine. You don t even have to actually complete it you just have to start it. But if you have moonshine at your facility. You don t have to sell first before you can start the next batch and then you can go ahead and start that the special one is going to be the are garita flower.

The creek plum or the caribbean rum. That would be considered the special one you have to dance for two minutes two different times. That s easy just hold on a button and dance. It for the band and you have to play with the band for two minutes.

So these ones are all really easy. So that is up to an easy one and a half gold bars tip for taking like eight minutes of time to do all those unless you have to sell your previous worked on moonshine. Which is always possible the next one is the trader roll we have three camps dues even as long as we actually have purchased the stewpot then you can just go there. And eat the bass quality stew and that s gonna be just fine.

Otherwise. If you don t own it try to get yourself into a posse with somebody that owns it and then you can eat theirs. And that s just fine or somebody can actually craft whatever recipe they want and you re just fine with that too you have to have three deadly predator skins and carcasses donated. I should have i knew i should have skinned those wolf s when i was in this area earlier.

I ve been kind of hanging around in this area anyway. Because i was actually up buy a brand new wine and drop doing yesterday s daily challenges and i was attacked two different times by three sets of wolf s darn it and knew i should have skimmed them oh well. But that s what you want to do otherwise you guys can go alike after alligators. Cougars panthers.

Oh my you can even go after the bears if you would like as well. You do the black or the grizzly resupply mission completed with five minutes remaining spacek lee. Just do that as fast as possible and look. There s even salmon right here.

If you guys want to come up to a crazy round. I completely forgot that they were up here. Because i you really don t i ve wanted a actually kind of be up here for this video. Because i never really come up here.


So i thought that was kind of a unique area so arrowheads family heirlooms and lost jewelry. If you guys forgot what the sets are we have arrowheads at cycle. Number one today. We have family heirlooms at cycle.

Number one today and then we have the lost jewelry at cycle number three so again you just have to type in my channel or on youtube in general arrowhead cycle. One and that should help you guys out same with the other two the next ones are gonna be the bounty hunter roll. Which is the only rule that actually pays out in gold. Which is honestly pretty amazing so you can get your goal from completed in challenges.

But each and every single bounty board that you do complete you get more gold and it doesn t even matter. If you accidentally kill the target you re still gonna get something obviously you get more if you turn them in and bring them in alive. But so try to do that. But it really doesn t matter to bonnie s brought in from west.

Elizabeth. You have i m trying to get my map up. I don t know why it s there it goes you can either do a strawberry wallace station. Or you can do black water down here so there that s the only three that you guys have options for for doing the west elizabeth posters.

If you guys have a different area then just let me know and i can help you guys out if you have any questions otherwise just look around for the bounty. Board locations. And you should be just fine. One bounty hunt completed with five minutes or more remaining.

So basically do a bounty hunt. As fast. As you possibly can. And then three bonnie.

Heart. Targets. Hog tie with a reinforced lasso. So you can actually do two.

Or less. Did elizabeth make sure that you bring in one as fast as possible hawk tie. It with the reinforced lasso and if you have the bounty hunting role anyway. You should have the reinforced lasso.

It s one of the first things you should purchase with that rollin off you don t have the money then make sure you guys are participating in the collector role even if you don t have the collector rule. Yet you can still technically do some of the collecting you re just not gonna be able to do any digging or any of the metal detecting. But you can pick up all the gold of cards you can take up tamarick of wildflowers so when you do purchase. It then you can automatically have a few sets especially at the cards because you can get ten of each of those sets.

Which is pretty outstanding and make it pretty good killing as soon as you purchase that bone or that collector roll. So that is all the data challenges done set and complete. But if you guys have any questions regarding them then please leave a comment down below cuz. I can t answer any questions if you guys don t ask any but till next time youtube you guys keep doing what you re doing because you already doing it and you guys stay gaming you ” .


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April 3 Red Dead Online Daily Challenges u0026 Madam Nazar Location – Complete RDR2 Daily Challenges

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