Assassin s Creed Odyssey – A Fresh Start

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“Music kassandra. It was never supposed to be like this decades ago. A group of of people gathered together to uphold a theory. Which they believed could control the universe.

The world functioned in equal parts order and disorder. But some fell lovingly into the wicked arms of chaos and the culture of cosmos was born they abused their power casting the greek world into eternal war. 1. You were created to stop destroying the cult.

You have done what i could not you are here. But this imbalance comes with a price my child for without chaos that is supreme order a loss of progression and freedom. But there is still hope hope in you how in the future you will bring we must fix the mistakes of the past use the staff prepare the rift in the universe. The world depends on you cassandra you need to be the hero.

Again so you ve seen it too then it s beautiful isn t it what are you doing here you killed..

The last member of the cast wealth just about what it s true. I was their leader. But only for a moment it seemed when your brother came along it changed everything we were aiming for i thought remus was on your side not in the way. We hoped as you know he s impossible to control.

He worked his way to the helm and then he held even more sway than i did you agreed with them the fucking cult. The powers that be in the greek world weren t doing things the right way the cult just wanted a clean slate by way of corruption dirty rock me they killed people in a ward. They made themselves fueling war was one of the methods yes. But it was controlled and here suddenly.

It wasn t and then i didn t like what we were doing any more luck. So you were after us not you your bloodline people like leia needs us like you have always posed a threat then we met a new surprise. Me you were nothing like the moss. Why not just use me i was in the palm of your hand.

You made me optimistic that you could help me bring down the cult that had become so corrupt..

And you did i ll be at annoying telling me your occultist took guts. You know what i do to cultists espacio. I didn t want to lie to you anymore. Now that they re gone we can work together.

I think we d make a good match. Don t you i just don t understand what about this pyramid. How does it work. Why does the cult have it i ve been trying to figure out all of that myself it has much of a mystery to you as it is to me this pyramid has been worshipped by the cult for decades and we have used it to replace the oracle of delphi.

The most trusted person in all the greek world using the people s reliance on a pantheon of dead gods would help to reshape humanity in our favor. The pyramid holds a mysterious power to see into time. But only certain people can activate it people like dimas and the ones in your bloodline. But you ve seen something too.

I don t know how or why..

But it did show me something what did you see i saw you in the vision. You destroyed the pyramid and you destroyed the cult. I saw what would come after after the cup. We will be replaced by a new kind of order control under the reign of a philosopher king there will be a movement away from the old god towards rational society built in a kingdom by the people for the people and i must find someone to lead them.

But i couldn t achieve any of this with the cops and their chaotic regime. So i let them carry out their plans and let the time of the cult of cosmos come to an end on its own weight this. Very kris no i wanted to protect him so i kept him in the dark. He would have had his own opinions.

But he was never supposed to die that is the truth you ve made questionable choices. But i think that was the right one you know him all he did was worry about the state of the greek world if i told him it would have ruined his own what happens now we shift focus we steer toward a new republic and one supreme rule a dream i ll make reality. But it is still a dream. One that isn t realistic abandon what you know and just imagine forget democracy.

No more blue and red just citizens working for a greater good..

This is crazy it won t work espacio it didn t work it s not crazy. It s enlightened once people are nothing to get wind of this they ll come to know they ve wanted it all along. Even you i m not sure you ve spent your whole life thinking for yourself let go what i plan will require you to trust me come with me. This suture is not a dream.

I can t let you do this you ve caused so much damage you destroyed. The greek world. You ve proven you have no understanding of what we re doing i misjudged you so did i i can weather any storm. ” .


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