Audacity Lesson 6 – Increase and Decrease Volume

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“Back to another audacity tutorial in this video. I ll show you how to increase increase or decrease. The volume of a imported music file or sound file or of file that you ve recorded as an audio that you ve captured or recorded yourself so to get started i m just going to drag and drop in an actual audio file. We ll do this one of this jazz guitar just left click and drag it in and then we see the audio file here if we click we can play and listen to what it sounds like and audio add so if we want to increase the the volume of this we ve learned in the past.

We can just increase the gain over here and this will actually affect the final output. We can also just turn like the volume up on our computer. Which is what this knob up here is doing if we change it up here. It changes just the output volume of our computer.

So that s actually not that s gonna help us hear it better but just know that s not going to change the final output of this file and also when we change over here. We see the wave doesn t change at all so if we want to change the way the wave looks like actually amplify the the wave. What we need to do is go up to effects and go to amplify and when we just do it just like this. It s not gonna let us do anything.

Because it says you have no selection. So by default audacity doesn t assume that we want to just amplify the entire audio file. It wants us to choose so we could say just amplify this portion if we left click and drag and highlight..


We can highlight a certain part of it or we can press ctrl a to select all another way to select all is to go up to select and click all so let s select all we can go select none we can select by track. We only have one track right now. But let s go select. All and now that everything selected we can go back to effects and go to amplify and now it brings up this window here so audio levels are measured in decibels this db.

And so this is this is gonna amplify. It by seven decibels right now if we had this set to zero. There d be no amplification. So the zero is kind of the neutral point right.

Now if i say okay nothing happens everything looks the same it s not any louder or any softer. But control a to select everything again if we go to effects amplify and if we have it above zero. It s going to amplify it make it louder. If we have it below zero in the negative.

It s going to make it softer quieter. So let s come up to list. It was here by default like i ve said a seven basically..


It was i think to almost its height like the highest. It could possibly amplify it until it starts clipping the audio. Remember clipping is when the wave goes above the very top above this 100. So if we go any high.

We can click ok now. But if we go any higher than this it s gonna get grayed out and we can t click ok unless we check this box here it says allow clipping. But so let s just come down we ll come down to about maybe right here and we ll click ok and then we see our wave it gets larger and we can actually play and it s a louder volume. Now we can see up in our activity.

Up here that it s louder. If we wanted to undo that and maybe we want to change it we used to control z to undo or we can use these undo and redo buttons up here. Let s select everything again and this time. Let s try to make it softer.

So we go to effects amplify and then we ll change it let s go down to maybe that same extreme maybe i can negative. 5 or 6. And we ll go okay so now it s kind of much much more quiet and soft so this is actually adjusting the way..


That s actually modifying the actual sound. The wave that makes up the sound and either making it louder or softer. So that s a quick introduction and this is actually the direction to using effects in general. So we ll do this the same way if we want to apply you can read through some of the some of these other effects and we ll be jumping through a lot of them in the next tutorials.

But just remember you have to have everything selected and i guess let s just try that for now if we want to have just this one portion of the song this part right here. If we want to make just this loud. We can just have this selected like we do and then go to effects amplify and then we can make it loud. And that s actually let s bring it clear up here and let s go allow clipping so this is going to phi this incredibly loud.

So loud that it actually comes above the total at the top of this like the of the part that we can see so we go okay and now look how that s just crazy. That s gonna be loud and ugly. I ll do the anti so it s not too out for us so you can see it s distorted. It s clipped that s louder than we would want and something i want to show if we were to highlight this now and we re like oh.

It s the if we want to undo that change we should click undo. But if we want to do it the wrong way we go back to amplify and be like let s take it back down to try and correct it but now look what happens if we do that and then we re like oh. That s too small and then we go to effect amplify again to try and change..


It what we re gonna see is if we look at this wave now look how look at it it s like all just flat and ugly. So if we zoom in here here. We can just select. It and i click this button here.

So it seems into the total selection. So it s just look. It s completely square now. It s a lot different than it was before because we ve messed around with it and we amplified it and then put it down so.

If ever you wanted to make changes the way to to reverse an amplification is just to do the undo not to come back in here and lower the level or raise the level after the fact does that make sense so if i want to get this back to how it was originally i just push back and back and back until we get back to the original hopefully found this video informative that s using amplification go ahead and play with that we can also use it on our own recorded audio. And yeah. That s basically using the amplification effect go ahead and like comment subscribe and i ll see you in the next video. ” .


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