Best Guardian spirit in Nioh? Awesome stats for Non infinite living weapon builds.

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“Guy takes my shit all day. I m just want everybody doing all of it it anyways. I m doing a video today on spirit guardians and i m actually going to be one probably the best one in the game in my opinion. If you re not using incident.

Living weapon search. You re the sun delight with brenda still what the kid he doing damage heart and no like my name s linda steadily jagged ecosystem a hands and sweat all day so i did a bunch of testing today on different guardian spirits and i wanted to see. Which one had probably the best powers. And i tested a whole lot of different ones especially ones.

I didn t use very often and i found one that was absolutely amazing and everything that i tested and that would be tianjin kujaku and i don t even know what to say after testing this specific guardian spirit. Today. I am just shocked at how amazing. It is and it s the one step.

The bonus from amrita absorption. The stance based that makes it so amazing..

If you re in high stance. You get an increase attack. Buff. Midstance is a defense buff and in low stance.

A key regeneration buff and these are absolutely amazing. And if you use a extraction talisman. You can get all three very simply and they have incredible sets. They are absolutely incredible um.

So just got to show you just a little bit just a quick test of how this is and this is on new game. Doing the giant toad. I love doing the giant toad test. But so i wanted to start off and just show you that you can get all three.

Very simply if you use that extraction talisman. Then just hit them once in each one of these stances you get the buff from one and the bus by itself the attack buff is almost 60..

It s almost a 60 increase for the attack. But the defense buff is not really that big of a deal. But the key regeneration buffs. Is it is a sacred water.

That s basically what it is and look how quickly that was over with just done just done. And i found out that this stacks multiplicatively with the other attack bonuses in the game. Now. If you watch it in my other videos you ll know that power pills and carnage.

Talismans do not stack one will override the next one if you cast them in a row. This one sex and it doesn t stack additively. It stacks multiplicatively. So by the time that you cast the carnage talisman on top of this bus.

It is a 200 damage increase 200 that is absolutely insane. I can t even begin to tell you how crazy that number was whenever i found it out..

And you know it has so many benefits and i know there are a lot of people out there using a you know infinite living weapon build. And that s amazing. And you know that s great for you know amrit of farming. But this one this one s just really fun and it takes a little bit of skill.

If you re trying to get all those buffs and keep them all up at the same time. But the thing is is even if you do like even. If you re not getting them up you re going to kill bosses whomever. Really quickly the best thing about this is when you re running through the level.

There are going to be enough enemies for the standard attack buffs to stay up and it is basically a 60 increase from from my numbers. And it will stay up basically the entire time as long as you re killing people the buff lasts. It lasts for a pretty long time it will refresh every time you get more and ridah. So basically through the entire level.

You will have a standing 60 increase to your attack power. Now..

This is probably in my opinion. The best guardian spirit in the game. I can t even think of another one that that even comes close like some spirits are great for attack. Some are great for defense and some are great for key regeneration and this one is great for everything.

Even if you wanted to use it in an infinite living weapon build you can because the recovery on it is an a rating. So this this specific guardian has it all it is is by far. My favorite now out of all of them and after doing this testing. The numbers.

They just they add up to making it probably the best one in the game. That s really going to do it for the video today. If you liked it hit that like button subscribe if you re new and i will see you on the next one music you ” ..


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Today I wanted to test Tengen Kujaku, who in my opinion is the best guardian spirit in Nioh. What makes Tengen Kujaku the best guardian spirit in Nioh? Stats! For general increases to attack power, defense, and ki regeneration, Tengen Kujaku delivers more than any other guardian.

The reason this is so much better than other guardians is because of a certain passive stat in this spirit guardians arsenal. Bonus from amrita absorption basically gives you a buff depending on the stance you are in while receiving amrita.

High stance – Attack buff (in my tests it was around 60%)
Mid stance – Defense buff
Low stance – Ki Regeneration Buff (similar to sacred water)

These buffs alone can beat out some of the most offensive, defensive, and ki based guardians you can choose, but together they make Tengen Kujaku in a league of his own.

When paired with the carnage talisman the attack buff stacks to be over a 200% attack power increase! This is an absolutely absurd amount, and makes this spirit guardian easily the best in Nioh outside of infinite living weapon builds.

If you like my best guardian spirit in Nioh, awesome stats for non infinite living weapon builds video hit the like button and subscribe if you are new. I am going to put the description to my Onmyo and jutsu testing video below in case anyone wants to see the stat comparisons.

Today I want to talk about Onmyo magic power and Ninjutsu power points and how effective they are on increasing buffs and debuffs. Also I wanted everyone to know that after today in the 1.04 and 1.05 Nioh patch all players will receive the Gold Nioh Armor! Nothing too special about the armor other than all pieces have extra gold percentages and they have some decent set bonuses.

Getting into my testing, in my last video I tested the Power pill, carnage talisman, steel talisman, and weakness talisman. What I found was that it seems some enemies have resistances to the power-pill and Carnage talisman and would be a buff of one of two values. The steel talsiman and weakness talisman under-performed and this lead to some people asking me if Onmyo magic power points or Ninjutsu power points increased the amount of the buff.

To do my testing I used a book of reincarnation to clear my points. After I started on level 30 on Onmyo and Dexterity and tested the Power pill, carnage talisman, weakness talisman, devigorate talisman, and steel talisman. I continued to test every ten levels until I reached level 60.

This is what I found:

Power Pill- Increased damage from 21% at level 30 to 27% at level 60. 2% increase per ten levels.

Carnage talisman- Received no added benefit no matter the amount of points i put in. Stayed at 82% or 107% damage.

Steel talisman- A 6% damage reduction at level 30 and a .3% increase per level.

Weakness talisman- 13% increased damage flat.

Devigorate talisman- 55% damage reduction with a .3% increase every ten levels.

If you like my how do Onmyo and Jutsu points affect buffs in Nioh plus patch 1.05 Gold Nioh armor video hit the like button and subscribe if you are new.

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