Borderlands 3 All 14 Boss Legendaries & How To Get Them (Which Are The Best?)

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“Then there are two things that are in abundance in borderlands bosses and legendary gear. Gear. Unfortunately getting all of the legendaries or at least the ones. That you want a bit tricky.

Because the majority of stuff well drops you could be killing bosses doing side quests circular slaughter even just digging through rubble and you may find a legendary but it becomes very difficult to get the ones that you want because there s almost 200 legendary s in the game. But one thing that not a lot of people really know actually is that each of the 15 bosses for the most part at least drop a unique legendary that you can only get from them there are a few exceptions. But in this video. We re going to go over all of the bosses in the main story from start to finish just as a psa of course.

It s gonna be story spoilers. Because of that go over the unique legendary that each of them drop talk about whether it s good or not and generally is the farm worth your time hey sorry to interrupt randomly. I may sound a little bit different. I recorded this video before i went away to philadelphia.

But of course. There was a hotfix that did change the strength of some of these weapons in the comments. I ve wrote down a full list of all of the stuff. That s different from the video to what i m saying.

I m not gonna read it the audio or anything like that so just general stuff like the king and queens call is a little bit weaker than it shows on screen. The storm sniper rifle. Is a little bit better the rampage in troy. Don t 100 drop their legendaries all of the time anymore and they suffer bits and pieces like the lead spring could have been a little bit stronger and stuff like i said.

I ll go through all of them in the comments below. But just so you know some of this audio was just gonna be wrong at this point sorry about that very little i can do in a scenario. But back to the video a huge shout out to tony dml. And also ezreal fat man.

Xxl and light shadow lx that compiled all of the legendary drops that allowed me just to salt cross reference. What gear is unique to each of the bosses you can check the full spreadsheets in the description below. But let s go over each of the bosses in the story starting with mouthpiece shiv right at the start the game does a drop anything unique so you don t need to worry about him. But of course once you get to the holy broadcasting center.

You all come across mouthpiece you ve seen it on screen. And he actually drops two weapons. We re not gonna be talking about the blue uniques at all or any form of epics. It s just the legendaries and he drops to mind killer will shallow gameplay of the mind killer on in the background as well as the other guns as we go freedom.

I did want to mention as a psa though try to ignore the damage to something to do point out the ones at light level 27 guns as a person level 50. But just solve ignore the damage that they do it depends on the mayhem. Modes and the modifiers as well. But i would recommend that you get this weapon or at least farm.

It a little bit not because the weapon itself is amazing. It s sort of middle of the pack. It s not as good as the hell walker. Which was the other shotgun that i was using because it s not an elemental shotgun.

It doesn t provide too much. But it has a decent magazine size and it does a fair amount of damage too if you want some a physical. This is pretty good to be fair it doesn t really do too much exciting so it s my other thing to get and maybe pot on the wall. I said it s the first legendary that you should come across in the game not to mention that the area is amazing.

I love that i love fighting mouthpiece. So i definitely go farm. It it s a nice experience at least especially on the higher mayhem levels. We leave pandora for the time being don t worry were heading back and we move on to giga mines.

Which you can find in the meridian metroplex. Most of you know where it is you ve done the story. He still drops a legendary smg that you can t get anywhere. Else the smart gun xxl.

It does corrosive damage and as you fry. It it turns. It s a little robot brain centuries to run around do a little bit of damage..


But the impact of the actual gun itself isn t great it isn t amazing it s fine for what it is if you want a nice chilled corrosive weapon to run especially early game when you don t have a lot of legendaries yourself you can get this. But you can t get it in other forms of elements. Which i think sucks and the damage is fairly tame. If you want a really good.

Corrosive weapon. Oh. It s a pretty good place to start. It s a tdr.

It s nice doesn t require too much and the farm for giga mind is definitely recommended he of course drops. This weapon. You can t get it anywhere else. That s the point of this video you know.

But he does drop a lot of world drops. Too so if you don t want to farm. The likes of truant or grave warden. Then this is a really good farm to be fair.

So i d recommend that for the first two you probably already knew that you probably grinded out those bosses and work that out however once we get into these next. Few bosses. This is where there s a lot of misconceptions first of all captain truant on a fetus as much as i love him. Doesn t drop any uniques to him he does drop a lot of well drop.

Still so he s great for farming. If you could be asked basically. But he doesn t drop anything specifics and we re gonna pass over him and move on to cut a ghoul ball again this is one way of seen in a couple of places. That he s he drops the hex grenade and as far as i can tell that s not necessarily true he does though drop the tsunami.

Which is another smg when i recommend farming for this weapon. The weapon itself not really the tsunami is had not exciting. It is a mallee one weapon. So it has that really odd an awful will end up time to start firing.

Which makes it very slow and unresponsive in that regard. But it does fire out an assortment of elements as you re seen on screen. That s kind of its unique perk. But it doesn t mean you don t have any control of what element that you re firing out at any time making it a bit of a novelty more than anything i wouldn t really recommend good to try and fun this weapon.

Unless you re a collect and you want them all weak out to goa again. It s a pretty good boss bump if you fancy it and just want to vary up a little bit. It s really easy to get to them as well as the elevator. All the way down to where he is actually works as opposed to the mission.

Where you have to go long way around so that is a big plus if you re on a farm categor ball going to atlas hq. We ve caused half the final showdown with categor and this is a bus where he doesn t actually have a unique. But kind it does his main drop is the storm. Which is a sniper rifle.

This is also a world drop. But accorded to ezreal on their spreadsheet. There s a higher increased rate of this dropping from category jr. If you want to the unique perk to this weapon is that it doesn t really fire up normal bullets instead it fires out these big electric clouds that do damage against upon astir and thereby if they have a lot of shields.

Then this weapon isn t too bad. This was a level 20 version of the storm. I had like i said this could drop from anywhere. But it has more of a chance of dropping off categor dunya.

I did try and farm cats go a junior for a bit and i could have done it for a bit longer. But the boss battle is incredibly frustrating to try and do it quickly. He s jumping around constantly regen in his shield. It just makes it awful to sort of fight against and i got really fed up and stopped.

But going off all of the spreadsheets and people talking about the storm. It seems that consistently dis does drop from cats go dunya. But it can t drop around the world so my honest advice is to just hope you get it in the world..


Unless you really really want this weapon. It has some form of merits. But i don t think it s amazing so i wouldn t recommend farming category junior at all but the parecon is pretty cool it s just another mali one weapon with a charge uptime and there s better options out there finally as we close up promethea. We ve course run into the run pager that drops the cauda miser.

It s one of those drops that seems to happen every single time that you kill him for everybody. So it s not too difficult to kill him to pick honor. But the question is is it worth it at level 50. The quadra miser whilst.

It s a really beautiful gun. It has this effect where it fires out in free waves. The first beam radiation then corrosive then fire and it does a good amount of damage. But i think heavy weapons as a whole a kinda behind everybody else if you want that big explosive damaged and qua demise.

It isn t a bad show especially if you re in various elements thrown in there but of the legendary heavy weapons like the hive just tend to be on average a little bit better of course. The thing about this is no matter how many times you do the rampage your boss they will 100 drop this so you don t really need to worry about farming. It too long to get it just might be worth doing. That boss.

Once at level 50. Getting a level 50 version and then having it handy. So that s a good thing. You don t need to spend too long farm in it moving on to eden.

6. Yes. Even the warden boss right at the end of the anvil drops his own unique legendary which is two freeman and if you didn t notice. This of course is a half life reference.

And it s also a very cool atlas rocket launcher the right man in the wrong. Place can make all the difference in the world. It s a pretty good saying. And this is a really cool heavy weapon that i actually thought was a lot better than i first anticipated it s the one that was shown in one of the very early trailers for borderlands free.

Where you re aiming the missile curses you re seen on screen. And also as you ll see a little bit later into this gameplay you have a pretty strong fiery and you can fire out a consistent barrage of all of these the damage is pretty good i d say it s one of the better heavy weapons that you can get but like i mentioned for the quarter miser. Heavy weapons as a whole much like snipers. A candid behind on the likes of shotguns pistols and assault rifles.

I would recommend getting it it took me a couple of girls to find it. But it s a really cool weapon and i actually really like the atlas guns in this game. I think they re all really good billy the united also drops a unique but much like cat cigar jr. It is a well drop.

But is more likely to drop fighting billy than anybody else. But you have a higher chance versus annointed then a bit of time trying to fire. But didn t end up getting a updated lead sprinkler so i was running around with a level 21. One hence why it wasn t doing much damage in the gameplay.

But it s a pretty cool effect. It s just a shame that again it s not elemental to be fair. It is jacob. So that s kind of expected.

But you do have this nice aoe spot damage going on with his part of its perk. St. Splish splash. It s okay again there s pretty good assault rifles out there in comparison.

I would recommend over this one. But if you re like jacobs weapons. And you like doing a little bit more a weed damage. There s a strong chance that you ll end up getting this somewhere on eden.

6. Or specifically against any anointed target. But like i mentioned bility anointed has a much higher chance of dropping it if you want it to specifically farm for it..


But it s okay as a weapon itself. There s better options moving to the voracious canopy and genevieve. She drops her own shield the messy breakup. The effect that you get is that you are accompanied by a little drone like you seen on the screen that will fire enemy s deal in a cinema damage when your shield breaks.

Another drone appears come into your aid. It s pretty cool the shield health for me was pretty decent. And i also thought that the drones added a little bit to i could imagine. It was a in running your own sense at all than having two drones running around with you it s pretty cool.

I don t know if it s anything more than a gimmick to be fair. But i think that this is one that s definitely worth farming just to have it because it s pretty cool nice little thing to use if you wanted to it took me quite a while to fun of genevieve. But she isn t a difficult boss to farm. It s just again getting all the way to the end of the ship in order to farmer just bring a shock weapon for the shield and a corrosive weapon for the armor.

And you re golden. That s not the only shield that you re able to get on eden. 6. The next fight that you have is aralia in the black barrel cellars and she drops the frozen heart shield.

The shield from aralia took me the longest to farm. I spent about half an hour trying to get it offer i think even a bit longer and i wouldn t really recommend it unless you re trying to complete all of the legendaries like i am. It s really not that good it felt inconsistent with how much it worked for those that don t know the effect is on screen. You have a cryonova dealing damage.

When your shield is broken. And you also gain favor cent of that damage returned as health. So it s quite good to survive. Some of the damage coming in but i don t know if there s a cool down on it it seems to be the case.

But it doesn t seem consistent with what it was doing if you re running a zane builds based around cryo. Then this might be the better option. But i think stuff like the roughrider gives you more options in a build this again just doesn t provide enough that i would realistically recommend it in other cases unless. There s one specific build that i m not thinking off at the moment finally you have the vault monster.

The rewards that drops to legendary s actually the grave and the what but any case. These are the two that you can get from this and of course grave wad is amazing for farm and if you want will drop legendaries to will start with the first part of this name grave. Which is the legendary artifact where you have increased melee weapon and splash damage based on how low your health is this works really well with mo s. When you have the build it s all about reducing your health to a certain amount.

But gaining shields instead. So the grave pairs up really nicely with that there is the deathless artifact. Which i think is a little bit better for her. But if you don t have that this is a good backup option or any build really that reduces your health.

There s a lot of synergy that could be made with them. And then you have to shield the wards. Which is the same but for shields. Now the issue is a lot of stuff that reduces your shields as shields themselves like rough rider.

So it s very difficult to make synergy happen with the wards. It s just really good if you re running around like me like an utter pop ager always die and always been fairly low on health so if that s you you can make a lot of use out of running both the grave and the ward together to do additional damage melee damage the like you can do quite a lot there so these aren t bad options. But if you ve been farming grave ward. Quite a lot like most people have been there s a strong chance that you have both of these already this is when we go back to pandora pain and terror and the agonizer 9000.

Don t actually drop a legendary at all they just drop a epic rocket launcher the agonizer 1500 which fires the free saw blaze as you know but troy calypso week and though he drops because much like the rampage of boss. He drops it all of the time. I think the double penetrating occultist. The only way you can control people is to lie to them you seen the gun on screen.

It does a lot of damage it s of course instead the area so it s really good against flesh. But the projectile is slow you don t have a lot of ammo in your gun. And you can sort of see on screen. There s just better pistol options that you could be running around with i m pretty sure that every single time that you kill tried this drops.

So that s good. So you don t need to worry about farming him too much as a boss. He s not as bad as he was on the first girl he does get a lot easier and he does have phases way becomes immune..


So it s fair to say i didn t spend too much time farming. Legendary s off of troy. Don t know if it s a necro to fail. I just wanted to say that general tron.

Doesn t drop anything either much. Like his brother feels bad man. I hope the general haunt in the halloween event drops more than us too. But now we of course finish retiring so there has two drops both of them incredibly good kings.

Call ant queens coal. Let s go over kings call first tyron. There s a pretty decent farm to be fair and mayhem free. When you re fighting her really easy to get to her you have an ammo machine right outside the door as well.

So you could just keep fighting over and over again. Without worrying too. Much you re not having to climb across the map like you are with category ball or whatever. But she drops the king and queens coal king s call life is ours we live it our way you can get this in assortment of elements.

I think everything about these guns are the same. Though you can see a mod screen being compared step of the same damage. They have the same perk. Critical hits return three bullets to your magazine and ricochets free bullets.

At the nearest enemy causes synergized. Really well with flack with fadeaway constantly cretin does a lot of damage against bosses. This is the best unique legendary that you can get from bosses. I think so definitely get farm and tie reading to get either one of them in fact you kind of want to be getting one of each the elements i think just to have in your bag.

I think i have one that s fire radiation as you re seeing on screen. But also shock so having nurse free elements i think for the most part is going to do me really well so invest in that again she s really not that hard to fight and she drops all sorts of different legendary so i recommend that for sure if i had to put them in an order from best to worst. I would definitely set a king and queens call out of best weapons that you could farm from tyreme calypso at the end next up. I d say freeman is really good to be farming off of the warden.

It s a really cool weapon to mess about with blow that i d say a cultist whilst. It s slow and a bit cumbersome. It is also very strong below that we have the mind killer. The first legendary that you get off mouthpiece below that we have the storm gun whilst is slow.

It is molly one and a bit of a bitch to get hold of it has a good effect against anything with shields followed up by the smart gun. Ex excel it depends if you need a corrosive weapon on off the lead sprinkler. Which is still okay. The koala miser.

Which there s better options for and lastly. The tsunami was just again a bit of a pain to get and not really worth the time invested in regards to shield. Says. Only free.

Brave is the best from grave ward. Messy. Breakdown is good from genevieve and frozen heart. Unless you re building a specific bill isn t really worth your time from aralia.

And there s only one artifact that you can get that is from grave ward that s the ward so probably worth getting. But again you re more likely farm in grave ward at this point anyway. But i hope you enjoyed this video like an subscribe and let me know below. If you would like me to go over all of the ram ups all of the other quests all of the other areas that you can get legendary s that you re not showing yet.

I m gonna wait to philadelphia for a couple of days so i can t do that video straightaway. But i ll do my best to get it done as soon as i get home thanks for watching take care see you soon ” ..

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