Borderlands 3 Latest Update Adds CROSS-PLAY & Huge Buffs To A Lot of Weapons! (BL3 2020 Updates)

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“What s great buddy crazier backage borland s with some big news to go over over because the game as you may or may not know has just launched on as a matter of fact gearbox is even running a 50 discount for all the versions of the game. Including the deluxe and the super deluxe editions. So really awesome stuff especially for those who have been holding off for a year at this point. But for everybody else who is still playing on the epic games launcher you ve probably encountered this if you upgrade it to the latest patch that dropped a few moments ago.

So this is pc cross play that is gonna work between steam and happy game store. And it s pretty straightforward all you have to do is to press. Continue and on the second prompt it s going to ask you to input another username since this is gonna be all provided by the shift functionality so enable that again go in and you re pretty much set. You don t have to do anything outside of this anyway on a second note.

I also want to come for yesterday s patch that brought in a ton of buffs for a lot of weapons so what it did is i ve tested all of these weapons. This is exactly how much that damage increase was in percentages and trying to make an idea of how much the damage of roll impacts especially on mayhem. 4. So that is why in this video.

I m going to go over all of the list of changes over here as always if you enjoyed this video a thumbs up on it would be super awesome. But i m gonna start things off with the boomer and in this case it got a straight out weapon damage increase from my calculations of about 27 from 391 times to to 496 times 2. But it s also applied to the elemental damage from 483 to 625 though in this case. It was 29.

So within the margin of error. But one thing that also changed with the boomer which i didn t expect was the fact that the anointed effect that increases bonus radiation damage also got an increase from 65 to a hundred and fifteen percent and i m not entirely sure why it s the exact same weapon. And i couldn t find any of these changes listed in the patch notes so not entirely sure what s up with that but do expect similar changes to your weapons. In this case.

The boomer tested on mayhem. 4. On my amara. But without actually using any items.

Just weapons themselves behaved. Quite well i might say it might not be the best weapon for mayhem. 4. But it did pretty well against most of the trash mobs.

They didn t behave that well against sheldon enemies for obvious reasons. But whenever they were like flash enemies or if the shields were down it managed to pretty much destroy everything in seconds. So a pretty nice increase not the biggest of them all by any definition. But it s a nice increase nonetheless the second one is the garcia shotgun this one drops from chunk stomp in the floor.

Nor. Basin. And this has a high rate increase as well as the number of projectiles that it shoots and have also been increased in. My case the fire rate went from.

30 to 43. And the projectiles from x..

8. 2. X. 12.

And i will say this the damage increase is definitely noticeable. It s not like a weapon increase or anything. But the fact that it shoots faster and there is more projectiles. It s definitely quite significant.

I would even say that this is quite a viable weapon for mayhem for not sure exactly if it was up until now since i wasn t using it that much out of miami. 3. But it does behave really well even better than the previous ones and it s definitely one of the best buffs. I ve seen so far from the weapons on today s list.

So really awesome one it definitely you know kind of gives me an incentive to go in and play the garcia once more since it s one of the shotguns that i like the most the hellfire smg is the next one this one drops from the jammer monk. Why in the voracious canopy and there s two box that this weapon. Got the first one is the weapon damage in my case from 272 to 640. Which is an almost 70 damage increase over there and the second bath was for the damage over time of around a hundred and fifty three percent from 856 fire damage per second to more than 2000.

Which is a pretty substantial damage amount over there and pre baked. But i wouldn t say that this weapon became any more viable for mayhem. Forth. It still felt kind of weak.

Though that might have been because of my build. So i m not entirely sure if this is gonna be that much more viable than it s been and maybe a more substantial buff would be required because even in this case. It s still under performs quite a bit even though it s one of my favorites. You know weapons especially when it was usable on mayhem.

3. But for me i m 4i. I don t think it s gonna be any more usable even despite all of these buffs and crank me down. If i m mistaken with this one let me know if you re using any different bills that make it useful because in my case.

I couldn t make it that much more useful than it s been before nonetheless at number four. We have the hyper focus also smg and this one drops from the power troopers in atlas. Hq and this one got a pretty sizable increase. And it s also much more useful right now even on mayhem.

4. So the point that i was quite surprised by just how much more useful. It is so the weapon damage has been increased according to the patch notes about 75 increase overall from 384 in my case to 7 to 673 sorry for that. But yeah.

The stats were here were pretty awesome there there was a pretty nice increase. But i also saw the stat changes on the actual card from minus 20 damage to plus..

40. For some reason that one kind of fits within the 75 increase and also the elemental damage increased by another roughly 75 as as it was the case with the bullet damage. But i will say the hyper focus behaved really well against most of the trash mobs not really sure how it s gonna behave against it almost boss enemies. But as long as they re going against big groups this behaves really well on mayhem.

4. Moving on to number 5 we have the link this is a job from the anointed alpha enemy in the anvil region and this is just a straight out increased weapon damage of about 90 percent from my calculation almost double from how it was in the past. But it s still not the best out there it still like suffers from like everything that most of the with auto tracking software as in um. If you use the auto tracking you re not gonna be able to hit those weak points.

Which means that it s going to be a significant drop in vps. But if you are aiming for weak points. If you don t use the tracking capabilities. It behaves really well i m not gonna lie it does tends to overwhelm the enemies.

Quite a bit. But for everything else above that it kind of falls off. And it s not something that i would constantly use on mayhem for again. Anyway.

The next. One is gonna be the nemesis and honestly. A weapon that i kind of like the way it works. I was hoping that this would behave much better against the load of bots in the handsome jackpot dlc.

Especially now that it got an all around 60 damage increase four bullets and the elemental effect on it. But for some reason. I just couldn t get it worked to the level. I was expecting it to work like even the 60 damage increase wasn t enough to make it truly feel like it got buffed since it took an eternity for me to just go in and kill one single order.

But what this weapon saw probably something that i m going to continue to not use on anything above mayhem. 3. At this point. The next.

One is gonna be the nimble jack. One that drops from handsome jacky in sky well 27 actually one of my favourite shotguns since it is kind of fun to just hop around and kinetic advantage of that increased accuracy. But it did get a weapon damage increase of approximately 45. And there s also the added 100 bonus critical damage on its cards.

Too. So i did test this around. It s it s good. It s actually pretty good on me and for nothing that i would go against a boss or anything.

But it s really fun to aim those headshots and now with a hugely increased damage. It s really easy to take down a bunch of enemies at the same time especially since it kind of tends to recreate that damage into all the enemies..

Too so a really nice weapon over here always had fun with it so i m glad that it actually got buffed. It s kind of useful for mayhem. For though. There is one other shotgun on today s list that outperforms this by quite a significant margin.

Anyway. The next one is the this one drops from the anointed alpha in the anvil. It s from my calculation. God s an increase of about 35 for the model that i have and the card also reads 49 weapon damage so it seems pretty sweet it does look like it got a pretty significant buff.

I would have loved if it had a little bit more. But it does sound like it could be useful for a number of bills out there even on mayhem. 4. And the next.

One is gonna be the one pump chomp this one drops from one punch in electro city underground region. But this is like one of the most powerful shotguns in the game. This has always been one of the most powerful shotguns. The game and it got an overall 20 bullet damage increase.

Which is also consistent with the stats on the weapon damage so it does sound like it s now way more useful than before and i did play around with this on mayhem. 4. It feels powerful it feels very good especially when i m you kind of get those the crits going on and you don t have to reload. The only one bullet that you have so it gets really fun very damaging.

Even against the most toughest enemies and especially so when you can go in and shoots multiple bullets without actually reloading so really awesome weapon. Glad that the increase was there as well the next one is roizen stones a dropped from princess tarantella in the splitter lands. This one got a nice buff as a matter of fact both for weapon damage. And for the elemental damage of about 53 to 55 percent.

Which definitely makes it viable on mayhem for even on its own. It definitely behaved really well against most of the enemies. Including the ones with shields. Including loader bot.

Pretty much against anything that i put it up it definitely behaves really nicely and when i mixed in a bunch of abilities or debuff song enemies and we behaved even better i m probably like not top tier or anything. But it does seem pretty awesome and definitely something that i would probably be using on mayhem. 4. If i were to have fun with these types of weapons the next three weapons.

Which are the sub are disc axle and the tank man s shield for some reason then show any you know change on their respective cards. Even though. I did test this properly both before the hotfix was applied after so i m not entirely sure why that was the case. But this is the review for all of them.

So the saw bar this one saw an increase in weapon damage as well as adjusted. The timing of when the three projectiles split to be sooner..

But even despite all of this buff over here. I would still call this weapon situational. Even more so on something like mayhem or since those. The projectiles have to be kind of you know properly adjusted you have to be at the proper distance from the enemies to take advantage of all of the three explosions happening and all the three split explosions happening.

So. This is something that i would still not use at all because of its functionality. But it does have a pretty decent damage. It had pretty decent damage on mayhem for even in the past so now it s a little bit more desirable.

But i m not entirely sure if it s mechanic makes it that much better the next. One is the sketch hill this one got an extra projectile damage again not entirely sure how much that is. But it does feel like one of the more powerful weapons on today s list. I m especially those extra projectiles that happen once you i m kind of not reload.

But kind of like and the bursts of fire. They do feel very powerful they tend to pretty much wreck enemies on mayhem. 4. It doesn t matter if it s like tougher ones or trash mobs.

It ranks through everything so yeah go ahead check it out it s something that i had quite a ton of fun with and it drops from scratch in the ascension bluff. If you want to go ahead and take it the last. One is gonna be tanks man shield they dropped from captain tron in athena s to my surprise. This this behaved really well even before.

But now it it seems to have been buffed by quite a bit so and the maximum damage cap on it has been increased by 200. A meanwhile. The increased percent damage. Wordid per.

Kill. Um has also been increased. Though it didn t show exactly how much that is the patch notes doesn t reveal that but this was a pretty good sniper rifle. Even before this buff for example.

If you were combining it with something like most it would definitely behave really well you could definitely stack a ton of damage with this per kill. So yeah the cap has been increased and it s now even bigger. And you also get a more more percentage damage awarded for each individual killed. So it should definitely be much better on on my m4 anyway.

This is it with the latest news. This is it with the latest changes. I m looking forward for whatever gearbox has next for the game. As always if you want to see more borderlands here on this channel make sure you comment like and subscribe and i m gonna see you guys in the next one ” .


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Borderlands 3 Latest Update Adds CROSS-PLAY u0026 Huge Buffs To A Lot of Weapons! (BL3 2020 Updates)
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