Can You Afford Living in New York City?

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“Now music new york city is one of the most expensive cities in the nation. Nation. The rent the food activities. All excessively overpriced or are they so.

According to new york city isn t even in the top ten. Most expensive cities in the world but according to me it s pretty still darn expensive also when i walked up my stairs onto the rooftop. I guess they just painted the floor white and the sun was coming down so hard i opened up the door. I was just blinded.

I thought i just opened up the door to heaven. But it was just too my in my seat same difference you guys welcome back to the channel and back to new york city. It is a beautiful hot summer feeling day here on memorial day weekend and the question for today s video is can you afford living in new york city and my answer is i think so music maybe. I could be a rock star playing songs on my guitar.

I don t have to be somewhere any usual that place has been my new every single day coffee shop someone was just handing out free coffee flyers on my block. And i went to go check it out i actually got to meet the owner who s from australia. And i found out that australia is actually the coffee capital of the world. Which explains why they have such delicious coffee.

But yes can you afford new york city and i say yes because the norm here. I d say is rather expensive and relatively high. But there are ways to spend less money and be on a budget. There are a lot of things here that are for cheap one bedroom our studio in middle america.

That would cost over three thousand dollars here in manhattan and according to the internet average studio with the doorman in manhattan goes for about two thousand three hundred and sixty seven dollars per month than a one bedroom with the doorman is about three thousand four hundred and twenty eight dollars per month. But there are ways around that when i first moved here about almost exactly two years ago. I moved to one of the cheaper parts of lower manhattan. Which is chinatown and instead of getting a one bedroom or studio.


I had seven roommates. I still really need to make a video about that and share the story about living in chinatown with seven roommates. Because it s an interesting one one of the great things about living in new york is even the neighborhood that i live in the east village. There s so much to explore i have never even noticed this store called video games new york and it has the big mario and sonic.

I think it s time to this store is awesome they have games and systems that i think trace back to before. I was even born this is why i music personally don t play many video games. I have a lot of respect for esports players and people who do but back in the day. I was a pretty badass super smash bros player not gonna lie so for my subscribers you know this this is my apartment here in the east village.

But for those of you just click on the video. And it s your first time here welcome and i live here with my best friend who s also a fellow youtuber living bobby and this is our living busy apartment. The bedrooms are rather small. But we got it because we love the spacious living room.

I mean for at least for manhattan. This is spacious. But an apartment like this typically goes for around a little over three thousand dollars in this neighborhood. This is a very popular neighborhood where a lot of people want to live.

But i actually found this apartment on craigslist. So we re going right through the landlord directly and there s no broker fee. Which is typically 15. So it s a pretty good deal we got very lucky.

This is the first apartment. I looked at and we just took it i was like this is a good deal. Let s go for it so we ve been here since january. So.


Almost six months and have been loving it so my advice if you re looking for an apartment new york city try and go directly through the landlord or the owner of the building. So you don t have to pay that 15. This is something that i totally fallen victim to which is never buying groceries and cooking at home. But honestly.

It s not even much cheaper to go grocery shop and cook yourself than to just go out and eat or order. Seamless that is because if you go to one of the smaller boutique grocery stores or if you go to the chain dag. It s called and then also whole foods. It s actually very expensive to go grocery shopping here more expensive than anywhere else in the nation.

As i read online. But there are a few trader joe s or you can do it i used to do. Which is go down to chinatown and go to the grocery stores. There because you can get the cheapest food in all of new york city.

There so if you are moving here on a budget. Then i recommend that and wow. This sunlight is amazing music alright guys next let s talk about transportation for the subway for one month. I believe it s 150 per month or you can get city bike for a hundred dollars for the year so by bike or by skateboard is definitely my favorite way to get around this city since it s cheaper and also you get to be outside and exploring when you re on the subway.

It s usually gross and not as fun. How does not a big selling person this i m talking about guys if i was on this bike riding to my destination. I would not have seen the world s largest rock candy statue. Very glad i saw that back on the way music so i just admitted to my destination.

I m here at eric conover house and everyone eric today s video is actually a video similar to what you did it s on can you afford new york city. And i know you did the cost of living in new york city. I did a comparison of showing how you can live in the city one way spending like a ton of money and then the same day over again. They kinda like a ground hogs day with how you can save money and how the choices you make can determine how much you spend here that s exactly what i was saying how the norm here.


I think is relatively high. But there are ways to live. Cheap you can have seven roommates like my first apartment did and you know there s different ways and how you grocery shop in chinatown. Instead of going out to eat.

I think it s good because even like when i first moved to the city. I remember just like a budget every single thing that guy i think it was like 1500. Maybe like 300 was like my dad per month. Speaking of that like that s how i found you was from his apartment.

Tiny apartment tour. And i was typing in like apartments in new york city found his videos and here we are now on his roof. Exactly very cool like a few if you do have the dream to move here like you can make it happen yep and say money. It s true.

It s true and then you get a dope apartment with a rooftop like this overlooking manhattan. So we re just out here. Enjoying and lounging and trying to think why some calls are light. And some are dark.

You know just letting our mind wander comment down below. Why the clouds are dark applause music music three two one so guys. This is chris chris is going to be my helper. I guess you could say in turn since you are getting college credit for this right.

Yeah. Yep and i want to explain how we met because i do respect it chris has been watching the videos for what like a year. Now you said. Yeah.


My follow other like youtube creatives in new york city. As well like casey sarah craig. All those guys when you came up in the related page. I ll give this a shot and i watched and i was like immediately captivated by it especially the personality just like how you communicate with these strangers on the street.

So i was like wow. This like it s really cool so you know through stuff like 10k. So you basically opal dan over a year. Like to be a man in contact like through dm s and then he just randomly emailed me like hey bret i would love to intern through this summer and i was like okay maybe you know i ve gotten that a lot like a lot of people have hit me up to intern.

But they don t really follow up and you were persistent in a respectful way you were some so you just like kept saying like hey. Like what do you think about that and he moved out here from florida and is now living in the city. And it s gonna be helping out for the summer. So whenever i need someone help shooting and everything like i m always hiring.

My friend will um or other people so it ll be nice to have someone who s meant to be doing this and you know gonna be getting a great experience. So cheers to that yes. Sir celebratory bubble tea here. We don t we don t pop champagne.

We pop bubble tea pop up with you all the time and guys the other exciting news. I wanted to update you on is i got this very exciting opportunity that involves making a travel series and leaving the country and this is the first time. I m meeting chris this is his first day on the job. And he s gonna be coming on this trip with me that s a pretty sweet internship.

I got lucky yeah he did persistence is key if you want something get out there and get it and until next time remember to get out and get busy. And i ll see you guys tomorrow music applause music you ” ..

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