CAUGHT STEALING The Outer Worlds Gameplay / Walkthrough

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” s the thing about growing old your eyes start to fail elsewise. I would have have seen you for the snake that you are chop you into pieces and roasted on a spit. This is all your doing you offering to cross read off huh this some sort of twisted reparation for what you ve done are you just looking for a chance to sow some chaos. If adelaide s found a way to feed her people and cure the plague.

And she deserves this office more than i do i won t stand in her way my god he s gonna leave without murder. I just wanna beat his fucking ass though oh my god oh my god oh my god god oh my god dude located above the where s his room at above is it in here holy shit. Thanks for the armor bitch. What do you have in here a plasma rifle some fucking shears steel b hler what the fuck laughter fuck oh god disgusting i don t know what s gonna happen to this place now what have we done shit.

I m tired again i keep delaying this by just fucking drinking energy drinks after energy drinks. It s the only way to delay my huh. My sleeps cycle. Once i can land the ship over there.

I think it ll be a little bit better for me instead of there s a ship. It s just like in the middle of nowhere right now dude. I did it i killed him can i have this as well sweet thanks. I needed that anyway look at that the snakes come back.

I will beat your ass. Too all right you have a peculiar comfort with violence killing off my garden gunning down reed thompson. Suppose. It s time our flock made our way back to edgewater.

We need to tend to what remains of the town and carry on with our lives as best. We may your vague your favor you know injuring us with one hand helping us with the other here. I m giving you something to leave us be it s a ransom you understand not a reward. The watch what the fuck a watch.

I made a mess of things guess i m trying to set it right no you re telling me you did all this just to put me in charge of edgewater. Yes. You are some kind of twisted. Yes might turn that old cannery into a garden got ourselves a whole cemetery bursting with bodies.

I need some time to gather my personals long walk back to edgewater got a considerable burden to carry take care. Yeah. I did it all just to fuck with you guys everything i did just to fuck with you guys i fucked with you guys and then i helped you guys you guys don t even know you don t even know what to make of me like machine gun day. Fuck 320 dude.

That s the same as this one hmm try that baby out woo wee. So i can steal from all you guys now right. I mean i got i got what i needed you guys got what you needed kind of and i can return to my ship now beautiful wow look at that i kid god i manipulated everybody involved and now i m just gonna fucking loot their shit. Hey you guys heading back good good job.

You guys you guys deserve this home and just remember i gave you this home. I gave you your old home back. It was me. I am a hero.

I am taking these apples as well because you know nothing s probably gonna ever grow around these fucking parts again so i might as well just take the last of these apples well. I can oh even more of them look. They don t see me fuck it oh my god 23 of them. Oh.

That s too many there s too many apples holy shit. Oh. My god 40 apples they re so good. Though that you fucking give you 200.

It says 156 out of 170 how am i i should be good. I don t know why it said that i pretty much pretty much stole everything else that i can get my hands on wait something inside here surely there s some stuff that i can steal and he wait what s the reputation that now oh my gosh they re still nervous. But it s still saying that i m neutral. I fucked them over then i helped them and then it all equaled out in the end.

Oh. My god i didn t know you were here..

I didn t know you were here. I m so sorry. I didn t know you were here. Oh shit nothing.

I wasn t doing anything nothing at all. The fuck are you doing in here get the fuck out did she leave oh my god is she gonna sit here dude. I just straight up fucking lied to her face that she did nothing about it after stealing from her she bolted over to what are you doing all right back to the ship and finally i can repair it my god what fucking chaos. We ve caused captain i have detected that edgewater s power supply is now optimal.

I applaud your willingness to invest your time in the local community. I said i m gonna do for you captain do you know how to install a power regulator. Fuck. Now did music step.

One pick up your power regulator step to approach the terminal located in our engine room step. 3 insert power regulator step. 4. Celebrate our engine room is located behind you across the cargo bay of the ladders fuck.

I need to like put my engineering up a little bit more. I m gonna have to work that up next time i level up this fucking fatigue as well i might as well just go to sleep as well i keep fucking. I keep putting it off with the energy drinks and stuff. But it s just not gonna work there we go we have power.

I stole this power and stuff open now or do we at the way know it still sealed what can i do for you captain all systems are operating within acceptable parameters. I m prepared to bring the unreliable into low altitude orbit this should prove an adequate test of our flight capabilities. Oh shit all right we ll wait hold on i don t want to fucking leave just yeah. If we have to go to a fucking.

There s still i still didn t go to the community center fuck. I don t know if it s gonna leave this fucking the whole area considering i guess. It s just this it looks like it s just this on the map. So i just might as well do this first don t forget.

The priest guy. Oh yeah. Yeah. I gotta bring him with i don t want to leave him.

He he s just gonna end up dying. Anyway. What s up here what the fuck is this what is this whoa a volcano dude. I m dead.

The fuck was even the point of that this is just a like this is just like a notable area. The focus on this fucker. This guy get over here. I thought i d killed all these guys who the fuck are you bitch.

Oh who shooting him hey you come here oh come here now come here well your honor come here applause. See what s in he oh a lot of people in here. That s right laughter. Come out you get a chance to shoot music got a keycard off of that guy that s pretty much all of them alright.

I just vol one. I just stealing everybody s apple juice. Everybody fucking had an apple juice on their desk. That guy alive that guy is alive.

All the shit. There s a guy in there its barb from that side. Oh wait maybe i can just hack. It i need a hack 30.

Goddamnit are you fucking kidding. Me do i have an outfit that could put my hacking up to 30..

Where s my hat guy right now it s a 26 because of the stupid dude. This armor gives me alright that all i needed to do with it now. I can put my armor back huh. Oh.

Music you re fucking dead. People. Everywhere. God.

I have 44 fucking health like things how the fuck do i have that much health. Forty one of these and forty three of these easy all right i got your made to saying. What is that not their stun baton. There s another guy walking around where the fuck did he go i ll be his ass.

There he is right they who say first i m gonna fucking take all these bread noodles and all the food. I m a rob this place of all of its food finally finally has shit in it my god a glorious fucking kitchen that actually has food in it oh that s back outside it s just this last asshole. So do i have anything cool that i could use to beat the shit out of him anything different how about the revolver revolver huh. Where are you at hey okay.

The revolvers not that good. But then again. It s also because i probably just don t have a lot built built into like you know that category. I got a hammer now.

Oh. My god oh i just go hammer wasn t all that good evening. All right so there was one more book. Where is the last book and then we can turn in for these last two.

And we should be good clear out this whole. Goddamn area. Oh fuck music. Hey.

I don t understand what the fuck. Oh. I should actually sell my junk. Here.

While i m at it. What. The fuck. Oh.

Wow. A tactical shotgun. A level. 8.

Is anyone looking right now dude. Look. At all this shotgun. Oh.

Damn. It s pretty badass shotgun is it around the corner in here. Oh fuck. Ernest.

What s up dude. Look. I need this item. Made it yet.

Oh okay. I mean he doesn t even care..

It s fine. It s all good. I would have had to kill him being eating nothing. But salt.

Oh hey you wanna mingle go try the cantina motherfucker. I m fuckin giving. You the stupid minute don t keep us waiting have it decided. I hired you the nature of your employment requires you to deliver in my hand some genuine and priscilla.

Oh. My god it belongs to the authorities are you out of your mind you re just gonna hand that over to reyes you know she s just gonna give that medicine to someone younger and stronger and prettier. Yeah. I m sorry no i m just kidding man to me.

I m just a sweet life. Giving nostrum. The first it s always the best what does together all the bits. I had around the domicile it ain t as much as you deserve.

But it s all i got ooh ooh. You got a secret secrets aren t free you d really spread me out for what a couple extra bits here take it then thank you music i appreciate that thank you very much all right uh. What was it that i needed to like level up. I guess the hacking or no.

It was engineering engineering for sure alright last one last one music no fuck can t believe it i didn t fucking come down. Yet figured they would like like after a little bit. They would all move in they re just fucking staying up. There night after night.

Oh try it try it orthrus applause. Oh. That s right big boy whoa. Oh.

My god what is all this shit that you had on you mister acid. Oh. It s like a fucking mini boss right there what the fuck it s somewhat shit. It s fucking.

The red lights are still on and shit. Why are you guys still here move out go back home. What are you doing get the fuck out of here. I m glad adelaide s coming back to town with us with reid gone.

We re gonna need her leadership. No kidding really well which one all of them asshole look at that building a computing machine. Out of spectrum. Potatoes.

A primer. I m just glad it survived all these years to hold data pads be still. My beating heart. Oh i almost forgot your payment.

Oh yeah. Yeah. Got more oh no well don t keep me in suspense. Ai.

N t that just ironical. If i d worked a little longer back at the cannery. I might have found this myself. That s a complete set all three parts.

I m gonna be the greatest engineer halcyon ever seen. I ve been saving something for you just a little contraption..

I found should fit right into your outfit. Electro charged surface. I ll fuck is that stuns and damages. Melee.

Attackers. Are you fucking. Kidding. Me.

I like this one. Fucking change. One of my melee weapons into an acid fucking. Oh.

Oh we re done. That s all the fucking quests that i ve had unlocked unless. There s more holy shit. I m leaving this fucking place.

Let s get the fuck out of here welcome back captain all systems are now operating within acceptable parameters shall i take our ship into orbit oh fuck you know what i fucking forgot that fucking dirtbag god damn it i forgot that fucking idiot. I forgot the companion fuck me he was i don t want this thing what up bud. If you ve come to ask forgiveness for reed thompson s murder. I m afraid osi theology has little to say on the matter are you not gonna come with me now because of what i did i was told.

It was a stranger come to town. I see no other strangers about but the workers of edgewater may not be the most reliable witnesses. I didn t kill him i didn t kill him. Oh my god look at that fucking dumb fucking thing oh the greens are people what it s true and that works the results are edible.

I was under the impression nothing could be grown hereabouts you got oh my god dum dum dum. Oh. My god i didn t check. I m no vegetarian cannibal.

Oh. No you re clearly a better class of you have a superior grasp of well you re different. It s chairs. The spark of life is flat the mortal form is but uh nana mated matter comprised of the same elements as the rest of the universe.

Weenies for the comfort of the living. Not the benefit of the dead. While just tasteful. I would judge.

Ms. Mcdevitt s actions beneficial to the greater good in greater good. It s all about the greater good more dumb fucking responses close enough. I m sure you have many issues taxing your limited resources you can safely place.

This one. Out of mind. Wow. Okay.

All right. I ve never seen you before. And there s been no paperwork indicating a transfer half the time it s wrong. But a new worker without paperwork unheard of also you lack the distinctive worker gaze usually either a deadening behind the eyes or in some rare cases a wild dog.

Oh. My god i m no animal and i don t like being insulted by you oh i merely meant to say that you re not beaten down by you know what forget it you have my sincerest apologies that s right that s right that s right. He s not gonna come with me now music. ” .


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It s time to get started with our playthrough of The Outer Worlds ! It s going to get real hairy real fast because this gameplay is on the hardest difficulty ( supernova )… oh god. The skills have been allocated and it s coming up all CHAD so get ready for some high IQ Dialogue options with some maxed out lies, intimidate and persuade.

I m really just trying to hit every keyword possible here so bare with me. This supernova Outer Worlds gameplay walkthrough is being played on PC , you can get The Outer Worlds on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and also even the Nintendo Switch! This game s got it all! Character Creation, Dialogue Options, Skill Trees, All Campaign Missions, Cinematics, and more!

CAUGHT STEALING The Outer Worlds SuperNova Gameplay / Walkthrough

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