Changing your Pirate, Using the Pirate Appearance Potion !

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“Can finally get rid of pirate chicken legs that i have hey ya misses. He he here and it is time for us to finally get rid of our pirate tip leg day. Why why does my pirate look like she skipped leg day every day for a year. And i ve got a lot of hours in this character.

So i definitely am. So super thankful that rare added this thank you thank you thank you rare. I mean i couldn t thank you enough for already giving us an amazing game to play. But this this is just ten times this just adds this just adds alright guys let s see what we can do alright.

So bright after you get the potion. It is a hundred and forty nine coins as we showed previously after you close out of your game. And then reload into it you will get this awesome awesome picture showing up on your screen. A pirate appearance potion your pirate appearance potion is available you may use it now and select new appearance for your pirate or or you can hold it for later would you like to change your pirates appearance.

Yes. Yes..

We are doing it now alright and here we are back at the entrance. Whenever you first are playing see beeps. This is what comes up so our prior potion brought us back here and we get to find out which pirate. We want all right so let me start checking out these pirates.

Most of them are dudes this actually looks that almost identical to the pirate. That i have now also one thing that i really wish that rare would add can you just maybe break down. These options so that i m only seeing the female pirates. If i want to be a female pirate or only seeing the male pirates.

If i want to be a male pirate. Just cuz you know i don t want to be a dude. I ve never wanted to be a dude. It s okay if you want to be a dude and you weren t and you re not a dude.

That s cool no judgment maybe it would make everybody s life just a little bit easier in the game. We are paying for this well..

I don t like any of these so i m gonna go down here to create new pirates and click on it or you can click peach down. I m not sure what it is on the xbox. We re gonna page dad again oh goodness her teeth. She has no teeth okay she looks pretty badass.

We are going to go ahead and favorite her because i still want to see what other pirates they have to add butts to favorite you can click on the one or you can just click on the favorite there. What that is going to do is unlock our pirate choice in so. When we click on this create new pirates button. Our favorited pirate will stay alright.

So. If you decide that you don t a favorite up certain pirate. Anymore you can easily undo that favorite and just click the unfavorite or hit the one just to remove that option. I think i ve played against this pirate before this pirate build.

I think i ve played with someone that has this exact same pirate. Have you i ve noticed that rare is really good about keeping the characters different..

So if you see any pirates that you ve played eyes let me know in the comments. I d be really curious to see how many of them are duplicated. I don t think that there s a lie it could give a pretty wide. So alright once you have eight favorited pirates.

Now you might not need to even favorite. Eight pirates you might just keep going and just follow the sun find your perfect pirate and you re like well. That s it i don t need to do this anymore. So i m finally found eight pirates that i kind of like i m also hitting that kind of realization that maybe i ll like none and none of the pirates have like they like unless you have like a thicker pirate.

None of these pirates have actually been going to any day also one thing to remember is that if you don t like the hairstyle iris you can customize alright. I think i m gonna go with this pirate. She looks i don t know something in her eyes. She kind of looks like sneaky and sneaky.

I like it i very rarely play see your friends occasionally i will but i m much more of a fighter so let s do this shall we now that we ve picked her pirate. You re just gonna go down here to select you gotta go somewhere you can t hit exit and return later..

Which is really really nice so here we go we are selecting pirates selected are you sure you want to consume your potion yes. Yes. We are we are very sure we would like to consume our potion and that is my new badass pirate and as we can see she is you know she s a little bit more built than my last pirate which i appreciate all right now one thing. I did notice for your vanity stuff you do have to reattach all of your emotes.

All of your makeup your everything that you had on your pirate. You are gonna have to reattach all of that but i m kind of okay with that i understand i guess that when you get rid of that particular pirate. You are getting rid of everything and as you can see i still have still have all of my reputation up i am still pirate legend i am. Still also working on athena s fortune.

Do not judge do not judge me all right and with that we have our brand new amazing pirate and i think she is way better than my previous pirate. But that s okay so guys i hope to see you out on the seas so that i can steal your treasure because like i said do not don t send me an alliance. I m just like i can t like that not a thing alright guys have a great one and we will see you next time music music you ” ..


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Changing your Pirate, Using the Pirate Appearance Potion !

Are you thinking about changing your pirate up, but can t decide ? Here is an easy step by step, showing you what happens !!

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