Chappelow Presents The Addams Family

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“Applause music. Music. Music. Music.

Music. Music music. Oh music. Music music.

And. I was was some of our beloved. Ancestors. How do we do this they re great.

Yes. Brother. Cousin. Time to wake up.

There. Music applause music music music music applause music applause music music music applause music applause until next year michael over there says back to you just better keep and i m in love that s right music applause music applause music applause music rocket serious to you so many questions about love what do you think about it is there anything more important music music applause music right welcome. In full sun. Your tiny reflexes huh.

Then move it something so amazing. The most precious gift. There is more good a vicious than cold is that messing leaked on friendship but newark very old good issues with hawks learn them the better piece one say it s going to do this it s okay yes. But lucas is a boy in there yes.

Once day has a friend with a boy music applause well yes. What s that you re grown ups. Don t that stirs it before i know it music music music for dinner tonight. Yes right wrong the same time sometimes i just want to kiss until it s dead music applause music applause music applause music applause music music music wow music music music oh music music haters right.

It is the boy. Yet. But i don t think this is too big it hurts i m to be out of the world. If you put up your money.

Now stop having to tell her that dinner is canceled gnorga closer for the father s for cancer. And it s after 25 years of marriage. You can t do this one thing for me. I just don t okay family need about tonight with everyone.

Here s the schedule first food advertisers like hi. Nice to meet you and then they want to see. The house and then we can have dinner at 8 00. And they can be back the hotel by night through wednesday.

If your father has something to tell you actually run amok your mother and i have second thoughts about this dinner daddy. I am your only daughter and your eldest child. And you can t do this one thing for me. I just don t know what thank you teddy so it seems.


I ve been voted did it is dinner another day. Oh god please i m not the game. Can t we. All just act normal.

Please. Music music. Music music music. Oh music part.

I wo. N t where we are this is where actor song. And there she was with the crossbow of course. We shouldn t be here of mothership for the sun.

A new this is the only one music music applause music music music applause music applause music applause music music wow welcome to an extremely don t have gomes ferreira anna. At your service. Allow me to present my wife like to weather. Weather or my to do the gun on life morticia.

Applause music. Sorry admit. That s my love oh. Thanks.

I miss the woods anita somewhere. They don t need to know that you don t worry wednesday has a cousin who swallowed his tongue. Thank you mother what are you wearing a dress. I don t know what happened you know i m just being normal okay you wear bright colors bright colors are people with no inner life.

And no imagination. Oh. It s a lovely just wednesday. Yellow is the color of the morning sun yellow.

The color of yumminess fun. Why not show the world the love right then understand yellow is the color yellow. What up everybody. It s adam.

When faith brother music. I music music did you get the powers. Oh yes. And the lovely home.

As well. Where would you find them. I wrote. It no yes.

When i m depressed or feeling blessed a poem will get off my chest. They take they come to me and they take no time they just run out and always ride maybe we should see someone about that and they re always about the one thing. So you have and everyone needs health care what music music here richard hall built cousin huh girl from baden baden oh. He s not looking over her shoulder oh no that s her head.


She has two heads. You know what they say oh is that you ready. Oh yes. I stirred my warehouse.

It s so romantic. We promise to toe each other everything everything worse boy. It sure doesn t work that way in our most how does it work well. What s good for the gander is a nice quiet and i told all my secrets.

Oh heck what great moves how us i m shocked what kind of manager to read keep secrets. A long one music music maybe a writer or a medical examiner. A medical examiner. Why people s bodies see you or anyone else can we finally begin from you there s subscribe to this i ll get my material share this yummy applause music applause music music music that d be awesome music once it went to each other.

But if they don t be like me look on the bright side or i hope you went crazy when stairs. She s there in cigarettes. Pugsley stop sneaking around like that it s my house feel okay excuse me. While i kill my brother it hit my companion.

This is a puckster. We re your sisters. I m sorry whoops music applause music. Why don t you sue music music applause music music your sister.

What s this one apropos. Do you want to stay away from this thing. Live a little it brings out the dark side. What do you mean look.

What s missing mary poppins turns into medina music well stop the texting your middle book with my now about your sister. Time my dear isn t meat just solely on the merits. It s been at my stuff or river like often buried in the backyard music applause music applause. My husband music music music yes well no sir oh very funny once there was a man whether you don t know why beautiful a humble man.

Said your desire and wish you music applause music music full disclosure. I told to use how much look who s talking how much turn the hot wet. I ve got shingles. What don t touch me music.

I just peed you should put it down years ago. All right yeah daddy wednesday your turn. The chalice news. Where s thomas music music.

I feel so i feel so dead on black inside my face boy that doesn t even rhyme are you okay well as you can see my wife is it can show shown in your way. I want to say i m trying to enjoy myself you i raised my son to date a girl whose families of martin creek dr omar ethan buck lemon falls park follow his heart that s crazy what s wrong with crazy crazy is under minute you use be crazy about me. Let me get this straight your son your only son is in love with someone who s safe. After a day of your beat.

And run our search will work with eggs rosco. Enjoy your game is that it makes yes. That was 30 before odd music. Okay.


Adam starts right you people are insane. You ve got a house. Where there shouldn t be a house. A zombie or a lover and again music.

Foolish water music. What doesn t matter lucas and i love each other and we re getting married. What music there you are secret six most marriages present delicious problem what happens now can this be repaired. But if we all leave in 30 minutes.

He ll make a depressed. These are upside down. That s a habit applause music type of that been acute of it that we checked not tapes from each other my sweet right. Only what they would share about the boy.

And you don t want to worry the most you dare tell me because i m such a terrible you re a wonderful mother things i get i give up my dreams to the city of this fairway. I wanted to travel i want to see paris. I d never get to see the sewers of paris and now it will never happen so that toilet doesn t it alone. It s four button.

There s no cat food and broken dreamers. That s what happens to mothers looking worse. She came for the weekend. The week s turned into months it s 12 years later and she s still up there living in our attic.

My mother. I thought she was your mother no there is me you like music applause music applause music applause music music music carter get it death is just music applause music applause applause music applause music music applause music applause music applause music applause music applause music music applause music music applause music music laughter music music applause. What if they don t eat. It.

What do you think you re going down lady way. It s explorer do you want me to get married. There s not going to be any marriage. Know why he fails what a bridget promise and outright hate him well.

It s only something to go on. He says and then he lets me go i love. And why doesn t he love. Me you just said new haven here.

Which is it now you ve got it love conquers. All even comfort you are you dorable come on you can stay the choice. My whole life. Nice you should be a writer have you met my daughter this is the best ever don t mess it up yes.

Look. I can t stand the idea of not leaving with you. But it s a group could put her lover always suits back. You will see tristan romeo listen under whole school.

What s your point. Music. Music. Music.


Applause. Music applause. Oh music music music. Oh music music applause music music.

It s no i guess. I got to us music. Applause music. Applause.

Is applause music music music applause music music music me too music applause music. Applause music music applause music music applause music applause one more secret. She throws me out what can i do mike darkly. My only one i ll make it up to you you want to see the wall.

Done you are foolish. I ve shown you do it a bit berkeley hotel got that music music music. But it was magnificent desirable in the ball. Many years ago when you wanted to turn me we can t do your part or dude.

And they said wonderful. Let s go tell your mother and look at you say how you say no to ask the market basic questions and wreck the whole thing. My mother s commissary church turtle. And she s got nothing more stressful and one thing is huge isn t it wonderful music applause music music music music applause music applause music applause music music.

I m calling all faculty and witness music hurry up is right there too accurate all of y all. Anything why i promise to for everything a proper and honestly for that that i don t you change your lives. However. Agree thank you tell your friends of wood about don t worry gently step forward exhale what about every mother doctor.

Dear. I m sorry mother. I need to ask you something yes maybe blessing of course we have miniature attentive everybody i have a full of this bugger i m taking my beautiful wife paris sewers. There s a package one day sarah nice.

What are you doing baby brother you re all so smart. You think it out all right let s see you will baby an illusion sister. So you still have her pony up. But i never got to drink it because i passed it to my mother and i drank it in life.

Really yeah. Which made me follow my family all over you and i reach deep deep into my soul. No matter your turn is selfish reason. You took a simple dinner party into the night from power.

It couldn t be more proud hustlin. You re an artist you rearrange slight bit stuff. And it all came out even you re the best brother in the world. So you re still going to torture me of course dumbest anywho love triumphs at last my beloved ancestors you re free to return.

We re not losing a daughter. Forgive three penalties welcome to the family are you happy my darling music music music applause music applause music. ” ..


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