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“Buddies welcome to the decks where we cover trivia and battle strategy for a different different pokemon each week. I m koka kells and i m chef alex it s to see you all today. But it s even better to smell all of you all over the world you know what how can you smell them across time and space. Oh.

I can t but i know someone who can i m not sure i want to know who don t i don t really get why any one sense of smell would need to be that good just to help make dessert. What did you make one up again. What pokemon makes desserts and has that awesome of a nose nostril chef. You leave nostril chef out of this.

Okay. It s a good idea. No. It s slurpuff.

Oh. God what slurpuff s that derpy little half dog half cupcake pokemon from jen six. So my favorite fairies look at this dumb. Little hat.

Claire puffs..

Name is a mix of slurp and puff likely in reference to a cream fluffer profiterole. Which is supported by its japanese name pairing. Which mixes the word cream with the japanese onomatopoeia for licking pero. Pero.

Silly. Yet delicious resemblance to desserts aside. His lolling tongue nose paws and ears. Things seem to indicate some connection to popular french dog breeds like the bichon frise or the poodle.

Which also ties him to his super french kalos region home yeah. Except that pokedex entries have described slurpuff sense of smell as a hundred million times out of a human that s a thousand times more sensitive than a bloodhound and they can smell a trail that s twelve days old. I know right human olfactory sensors are about the size of a postage stamp and a bloodhounds are the size of a handkerchief. So that would mean slurpuff s would be the size of a blanket with sides a hundred and nine feet long.

How like really oh yeah. And if dogs can see with their noses. Slurpuff can know everything that happened in the past month in a single location with perfect detail. Why would he need that to help out in a kitchen.

It s just too much we will never truly understand well i think that s because while it does have some canine elements..

Slurpuff is primarily based on pastries. After all its species name is the meringue pokemon. Oh. Yeah.

Hey meringues are pretty simple to make oh new and ridiculous segment time. I call. It pokey foods. Sweet.

Oh. Haha meringues. Are a deliciously fluffy old style dessert and all you need to make. It is four eggs in two and a quarter cups of sugar firstly pre heat your oven to 200 degrees fahrenheit.

That s 95 celsius and prepare a baking sheet by coating it with butter and flour. So nothing sticks next. Separate the egg whites from the yolks you can discard them or use them for something else all we need here is the whites use an electric mixer to whip the egg whites until they re foamy while slowly sprinkling in sugar you gotta eyeball. It but once it starts looking stiff and satiny.

It s time to stop toss this into a bag and pipe it out onto the baking sheet..

If you want to be fancy you find a pastry bag with a star tip otherwise just snip the corner off whatever bag you ve got put the baking sheet in the and slip a wooden spoon in the door to keep it from fully closing and bake for three hours it s gonna take all day. But it s worth it once they re dried. They rule you can eat rings by itself. But you can also use it to top cupcakes.

Which are known as fairy cakes. Oh. My god berry type you can also add fruit toppings or chocolate chips to them or use food coloring to make them pink like slurpuff s doofy hat and add a little cherry on top boo okay oh my gosh if anyone actually makes these cute slurpuff meringue cupcakes please send us pics i ll pass out or your opponents will if we learn how to use slurpuff. Properly with a little gen.

6. Battle. Strategy. Mmm pokemon slurpuff may look cute.

But as battle strategies. All about getting buff and attacking everyone for major damage. Grab. An adamant one it s super trained in attack and speed start off by next in your attack with belly drum and give yourself.

Four hp e ds..

To make sure that it ll activate your citrus berry and heal back up using up your item will also activate slip ups hidden ability unburden which doubles its speed and helps it beat out most choice scarf users from there use strong attacks like return and stab player up to sweet sweet sweet if you re a wish in the last lock for when you feel like your opponent s gonna switch trust. Me this set can be devastating of course. That s not the only way to greatness slurpuff. So as always here a few random thoughts.

Where prep can also use aromatherapy instead of wish would support your team and also helps you deal with those debilitating burns substitute is also a great option for eliminating some of the guesswork and protecting you from sucker punch users. Return and finally call mine. Slurpuff with dragon hisses earth and flamethrower is also totally solid unburden and citrus fairy would still totally work and that s it slurpuff the cupcake dog with the best nose in literally. The entire known universe.

I like the little boop subscribe. If you haven t already and if you have something to add or you d like to suggest a pokemon for us to do next time leave that in the comments below and if you want to support we do here head over to patreoncom. Scishow and video game err. Which there s all kinds of great incentives in exchange for whatever you can give who knows maybe you two can have your name scroll over our end credits.

I m killin and i m chef alex tune in next week for another cute little episode of index how like really how get that in their tail cupcake dog what nothing exactly you re like a ukraine. It s not the real it s not the real. I m just faking it duper training attack and speed like slurpuff you ” ..


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