Destiny 2 – How to get Austringer (Legendary Hand Cannon)

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“Back to this week of video games to another destiny. 2 video in this video. Video. I m going to show you how to get austria a legendary hand cannon destiny.

2. So australia is a hand cannon. That was introduced during the season of opulence and it s a heavy hitting primary is decent in crucible. It s pretty easy to grind for two with the chance of opulence upgraded.

So the following is a guide for how to get austria. Austria is one of the weapons you can farm from a menagerie and together with beloved. The legendary sniper rifle. It can make up a useful load down in pvp.

So it s not the fastest of the hand guys out there at 140 rpm. However with the right roles this deserves a place in your primary weapon inventory going into pvp with you like quick play competitive or you re planning on going into the upcoming trials of osiris..

So first of all you re going to want to get this weapon and to do this you can need to do three things when i upgrade the choice of opulence to ruin compatibility and this will allow you to get green rooms. And specifically you re looking for a rune of desire so next up you want to swap the rune of design into the top slot. And then you want to slot a red room into the left slot and finally you want to run the menagerie and open up the chest to the end so. If you haven t gone through the invitation quest to get the choice.

Then you want to check out a guide for that here to upgrade the chance you gonna need imperials and you can either find these from menagerie runs or you can open the chest. And the far. John nessus. And that s gonna cost 5k glimmer each time so it is quite expensive so rune compatibility.

2. Can be found at the bottom left hand side of the screen you want to go and find your chance in your inventory. Hover over it and inspect it and then you want to find rune and compatibility down there on the left hand side. Spend your imperials and you wanna upgrade.

The chalice once it s been upgraded. You re gonna need to find the rooms..

If you don t have them already to get the rooms you can pick up something called a rune finder from werner on the barge and then you want to consume it before going into an activity and this will help you pick up new rooms for example. I ran a few games of gamblin and and that gave me the rooms. I needed you can also get ruins from opening the chest and the bar. John necess.

Although that s probably gonna be the most costly method of getting rooms. My advice here would be to run some activities you like and the rooms should naturally drop. So you can run strikes crucible or gambit to get this done. Once you ve got a green room and a red room.

You want to slot them into the right place or the green room. Those at the top and the red room goes on the left the final step here is to run. The menagerie and you can pretty much go into this blind. It s a six person match.

Main activity. So run through the phases of the menagerie taking a longer the best dps weapons that you ve got i tend to use something like izanagi s burden for dps on bosses and recluse for clearing out lower health enemies make the final boss go to the chest opening up and you ll get a brand new austrian..

Once you get this gun head into pvp and start dishing. It to make palace. Proud so austria is an adaptive french kinetic hand cannon. It s at 140 rpm.

It s got 11 in the magazine. It s got base stats of a for impact meaning. It s gonna hit guardians hard in pvp. The base range in this weapon is 51.

So if you can get range pokes or range barrel in this gun. That s we re really gonna help you out it s also got 64 for stability. So it s not gonna jump around too much in your hands. Soak and rock with opening shock.

Rampage. Range finder outlaw triple tap and more and the great road on this one is range finder outlaw..

Although rampage and outlaw would be really really good too. Then let me know down in the comments. What you think of austria. And how does this compare to other lindsay hand cannons like spare rations quaker vigil or jack queen king.

And what s your preferred hand cannon going into pvp and which roles did you get well that s it for this guide on how to get australian destiny. And thank you so much for watching for more destiny content like this hit that subscribe button down below subscribe to this we can video games. If you want to be notified the next time upload then hit that bell button to join the community check out the discord link in the description and you can follow me on twitter. Twi vg podcast.

If you enjoyed this video or found it useful then liking and sharing the video you can really help me out. Otherwise you can check out these. Other videos on the channel thanks again. I ll see you soon ” .


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This is a guide for how to get Austringer, a legendary hand cannon in Destiny 2 introduced during the Season of Opulence. You can get this gun by farming the Menagerie and you need a green and red rune for the Chalice. This video also walks you through how to upgrade the chalice of opulence to rune compatibility II to allow you to farm for the Austringer.

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