Disburse and Disperse – Disburse Meaning – Disperse Examples – Disburse Defined

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“There students in this video. Today. I wanted to look at two verbs that sound sound very similar disperse and disburse. But the meaning is very different to disperse means scatter in different directions.

Whereas to disperse with a b means to spend money particularly to spend money from a fund for a particular purpose. So to disperse to separate. The police told the crowd to disperse the sun disperse the fog. So here to disperse to make disappear by going into different places or the wind dispersed the crowd however to disburse to spend money so i believe.

Mr. Trump delayed disbursing with a big disbursing aid to the ukraine in order to gain some political leverage in his campaign. So disburse spend the noun of disburse is disbursement if you get if you need to pay a lawyer and you get his bill ani..


You will see the money that he has charged for his time. And then another amount for disbursements amounts of money that he has had to pay out for licenses or for registration or for different things for what you wanted to do so. If you buy a house. The lawyer does some work transferring the documents.

But then you need to pay the stamp duty you need to pay the registry fee and those will be in his column of disbursements notice to disperse is a neutral word neutral formality you could use it in an informal conversation you could use it in the most formal to disburse with a. B this is a much more formal. Word i give this 7. 75.

Informality disbursements. This is a very formal phrase that s why you find it on the lawyers bill okay so to disperse to separate to also to hand out there were people at the mouth of the tube station dispersing leaflets distributing yeah. And i m certain the company that paid for those leaflets had to disburse a significant amount of money um..


For example. A news station. A radio program could disperse the news. The spray aspray disperses.

A liquid into tiny little droplets okay um. But to disburse spending cash. The company failed to disburse salaries on time once again. So let s look at the origin of this word to disburse because.

It s interesting. It comes from old french. Dis boss..


Say okay um boss or birth month. This is related to the word purse. So dis in different different ways down um and notice in french. The morse is the stock exchange.

So it s talking about money yeah your money goes down. But in all a team we have the word bursa. Which is i think it s a sac of liquid over a tendon. A bag of liquid over a tendon to keep it mmm moving yes.

So that it can move within its place. Disperse. Well the dis um..


And what s the person well maybe you could comment on what notice as well both to disperse and to disburse disburse disburse disperse. But disburse disperse listen to the difference they re both regular verbs okay. So there s no problem on that front. But disperse neutral you can use it anywhere disperse a very formal verb.

Okay so to disperse spend money to disperse to separate the spread out don t confuse the two if you enjoyed the video give it a rating subscribe to my channel. And i ll see you soon bye for now disperse this verse. ” ..


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