Division 2 Dark Zone Changes Explained – Multiple Zones, Occupied State & More!

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“Guys taylor here or as a more known as ralia. I m a division game game content creator and have been for the past couple of years. I ve been a great opportunity to start covering the division on the rx gaming channel. So you ll be hearing a lot more from me in the future so in today s video.

We re gonna be talking about multiple dark zones within the division to the story behind them. And how they re gonna play out different to each other so if you do enjoy this video a like would go a long way as well as if you have any questions. Please be sure to leave them down below. And i ll try and answer as many as possible also be sure to enter the brand new giveaway this month it s a limited edition super smash bros ultimate nintendo switch and the link for that one will be down in the description so like i said.

We re gonna be talking about the multiple dark zones within the division. Too but before i do jump into them separately. I m just gonna speak about them as a whole so each dark zone in the division. 2 is gonna have its own intro mission.

The dark zones will be introduced to you without any other enemy players within your instance you can of course do these intro missions as a group but like i said that s gonna be no enemy players trying to gun you down. You ll be guided to different safe houses. As well as checkpoints and landmarks along with that there ll also be a chance to extract on your own without any players coming up and stealing your hard earned leave and once that s completed..


The dark zone will then turn into that shared space that we already know and love so first up let s talk about dark zone east now of course. It s pretty self explanatory. But this is gonna be in the eastern part of the map and within this dark zone. We re gonna be able to explore many landmarks.

But just one of them to name would be the capital train station. Now dark zone east is dominated with long lines of sight. And very open combat. The military originally set up shop here when the green poison hit.

But due to a major disaster. They couldn t really hold down the fort so before you go into this landmark. You definitely want to make sure you re equipped for it preferably taken in marksman rifles or sniper rifles and using cover to move in advance on your targets. So roughly we know what dz east is going to contain but what about dark zones south well dark zones south is down by the waterfront.

It s overgrown with vegetation and this one is going to contain lots close combat. This is where the sick were originally directed to but due to flooding and other disasters within the area this place quickly turned into a dark zone. This dark zone from y experience definitely suited the smg category a little bit more..


But again. You re gonna need to take cover into consideration. So that s two dark zones. But in the division 2.

We ve actually got three of them the final dark zone area. We re gonna be talking about today is dz west. Now. This is georgetown.

A suburban area lots of alleyways gardens things like that it s gonna involve a lot of medium range combat dz west was actually a testing ground for a new compound that government created called dc. 62. This compound was created to destroy the green poison. And that s why they brought it to dz west.

Unfortunately things didn t go to plan and thus creating dark zone west. And that brings me back to the intro missions for each dark zone. You re gonna learn more about dc 62..


When you take on these intro missions for each of the three dark zones. So we ve briefly covered each dark zone. What they re gonna hold and how they re gonna play out and a little bit of the narrative behind each of them. But there is one last thing that being something called the occupied dark zone.

Now once one of the three dark zones. Becomes. Occupied. All rules will be scrapped friendly fire will be switched back on there s gonna be no normalization.

And that s gonna be no way to identify whether that player s rogue or whether they re just looting and haven t had any interaction with any rogue activities whatsoever this dark zone is completely different to what you ve played in the last game. And it would be completely different to what you play in the new one it s wild and it s intense it s gonna be the perfect place for you to really make sure you re getting the best out of your build any optimization you do to your build definitely gonna count what s dominating the occupied dark zone. So they have a guy s a brief overview of the three dark zones. We re gonna be exploring in the division.

Hopefully you enjoyed this video and if you do let me know in the comments below. We ve got a lot of division 2 content heading your way so make sure you stay tuned thanks for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed the video..


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