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” s up everybody wanted to show you a quick little video on how to find find one of these secret hunter masks. You got a star solve these little riddles spawn. The hunter you kill the hunter. And i believe you get like a key that gives a mask.

I haven t got one yet so my friends gonna show me how to do it. Where we are here on this map is what zone is this this is mmm downtown east. And it s between 12th street. Northwest and 13th street northwest in between east street northwest and f.


It s east street. Not east e f. Street. Northwest right here in this block.

This is the building right here as you can see there s an american flag couple of them hanging on the side of the building and here you lead the way i haven t found these yet. But people been talking about them. And i definitely want to make videos on how to find each one well let s see what we gotta do oh. There s a deer oops alright.

So i m not exactly sure what the riddle was what s what s the riddle say..

It says aim high and end low aim high and end low. And if you look up here. There is target s there s one there there there. And there looks like four targets and you gotta shoot them all you start high.

We re gonna go with that one then that one then that one and there we go. And there is you should be coming out there is the hunter. These guys are dangerous so be careful my first time fighting one other than in the story mode of the the game hmm and i m pretty under geared. I just got here to world cheer for i m not doing any crazy amounts of damage and that turret is no joke.

Oh we hack the turret oh god these things are no joke..

I forgot they can hack. So i wouldn t put it turret out like oh. He s almost dead no nice. I would not put a turret.

There like i did i forgot that the hunters can hack your um your skills. So he s gonna drop something. And there. It is a demon mask as well as a key and i believe there was an exploit with those keys and they will be fixed by the time you actually get this video as far as i know i m not exactly sure what the exploit was well let s check that mask out where are you here.

We go masks..

This is the one pretty cool let s see here i m not gonna personally wear it because it s not nearly as fast or violent. As my um character normally is he looks a lot better this way. But um yeah there it is hopefully guys found this useful if you didn t already know how to do it you don t have to have anything to to start it you just need to come to this area again here. It is on the map full zoom out here and right in there so i m gonna make videos on all the locations of all these masks.

So don t forget to subscribe and check back for more division videos. Thanks guys you can check me out live twitch tv slash inigo montoya. ” ..


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This is how to unlock the Demon Mask

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