Dow Jones Industrials Bear Fund ETF Strategy DOG DXD SDOW

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“You for watching this is richard with wisdom investor comm. We re gonna look at at our bear fund trade for the dow jones industrials dia. Okay let s take look at the dia here. We had the employment report has had some good numbers on the employment report.

Got a real nice pop up here is a five minute chart about 40 minutes into the trading. You want to give the first 30 minutes or so 45 minutes a chance to see where the market goes. Let all the amateurs. So to speak let the market kind of find its place here after the initial buys so we re seeing a dia moving higher.

And seeing a little bit of a sell off look at the 5 minute chart on the bank of america gapped up it s coming back down. You know i had health. So it looks like it might be playing into what we were anticipating goldman sachs is wanting to come down 3m and apple. It came up and looked like it s hitting an area of resistance spy doing that pretty much the same thing here we re getting a point.


It s testing this previous high qqq s had some pretty good strength here and the technology shares so it s popped up a little higher let s go back to the spy. Just seeing what some of the techs are doing we ve got apple as we showed that we got microsoft is looking some string amazon and jpmorgan gapping up showing some weakness here. After the initial. Let s look at the s.

Dow. We talked about using the s. Dow here three times fun for less aggressive. If i was going to be a little life s too aggressive the do g.

Dog is one time so it s not this is a three times that s dow so it moves three times. The market it can go down three times. The market and the dxd goes to x. So the we want to be careful.


We re not trying to catch a falling knife. That this just can if you bought right here this continued further down and so my what i m going to do on this. I m going to let this kind of work its way around and let this sift through here. See what s going to happen to go back over our dot dia here.

We may find support right in this area here. We can always come back higher. So. What i would be inclined to do is is if we started to move back over eighteen.

Twelve. Then i would that s where i would buy my s down. And the chart for the dx d. Would be the same thing kind of higher the day because later in the day.


Additional buyers could come in or and we could always sink lower. So that s that s where i would look at this myself. And give the markets. A chance to come back up here instead of trying to catch a falling knife in this situation.

Here are the international markets had some good news. So we re dealing with that it s it may take a day or two to really sift this out there was some change of leadership in an international market. So that may mundi. We could even see how the market does later today.

End of the day could also be a good point here to just to us to see if market pushes higher or if we we find resistance. So this point. I d be a little inclined to just wait. And even monday could be some buying coming into the market too for the end of the month.


Buying first of the month buying from 401ks and retirement plans etc. So that would be my strategy here here s a 30 minute chart o dia as its popped up here it s still has it broken up above this point here. But definitely want to be careful. The best strategy overall with the bear funds would be if we get a strong gap down the the bear funds can be real tricky.

Because it typically they it moves quickly in a matter of a few days. It s not long term investment and being in the est o for the long term. They eventually they tend to move down. So there needs to be some momentum and these when you buy that s why i m suggesting i m gonna wait let it start moving up higher before i do anything in the s dough okay that s our report you can find us at wisdom investor com.

” ..

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